Monster Aprons from Fisk and Fern + a giveaway

I’ve featured the screenprinted paper & households goods company Fisk and Fern before on Indie Fixx (here). I 1st discovered them at an indie craft show in Baltimore and was drawn to their quirky illustrations. So, when Laura from Fisk and Fern sent me an email about her new monster aprons and offered one up for a giveaway, I jumped at the chance.

Their are 5 designs avalable—pancake monster, BACON monster, octo-pie, cupcake, and chubby monkey—and you could win your choice of one! These are also good for guys and girls.

Win a Fisk and Fern monster apron.

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Fisk and Fern monster apron design and why it’s your favorite.  I will choose one random commenter to win their choice. This giveaway will end Tuesday, July 27th at 11:59pm EST.

P.S. I’m still waiting to hear back from the INK + WIT poster winner. Please check your email if you entered!!!!


  1. this giveaway has ended. I will be posting the winner as soon as i receive a confirmation.

  2. Tough choice. I love Bacon b/c this little monster, like myself, has NO bacon shame. Bacon makes the lard (err…world) go round. Wrap it bacon and send it my way! PS-That Octo-pie must be carb-cutting! I’d have 7 pies and 1 free arm to dig in!

  3. So I guess I have to go with the Pancake Apron, because I make and eat a lot of pancakes! I always say that I think I could win at a Pancake eating contest! ha ha! I also really like the octopie too!! They are all super cute!!

  4. i love the monster with the pancake! which is appropriate because in the morning while cooking my pancakes, i look like a monster!!!!!!!

  5. I adore all of the designs; but my favorite apron
    is the Monkey/Banana design…I call my children
    little Monkeys and they would enjoy this apron on
    me! Great colors…Thanks, Cindi

  6. I *love* the bacon apron – it’s the perfect thing to wear when baking bacon brownies and bacon chocolate chip cookies for game night.

  7. I love the cupcake one because I am not allowed in the kitchen except to bake! I can’t cook at all heck I burn toast BUT I can bake. Besides food my fill your belly but sweets fill your soul with happiness 🙂

  8. These are all so cute, it’s hard to choose… I like octo-pie becuase I love sea animals ^^

  9. These are fantastic! My favorite is the Octo-pie! A great play on words and combines my love of scuba vacations with my love of baking pies ??? LOL – I don’t know . . . it just Speaks to me!

  10. My favorite design is octo-pie becuase I am an activist for sea animals, and they are my favorite sea creatures :] I’d like one in the kitchen with me

  11. Banana monkey! because I like cooking with a monkey on my chest. and I love a good steaming plate of pancakes in the morning. Who doesn’t?

  12. I love the octo-pie one, becuase I love those cute squishy little beasts ^-^ Plus, I am a baker and pie is my favorite pastry to make!

  13. All of those are so cute. But I’d have to say my favorites are octo-pie & chubby monkey, because when presented w/either of those treats, I definitely make that face 🙂

  14. The pancake one because some of my favorite memories of my younger years are cooking pancakes with my sisters because they were the only thing we could cook somewhat successfully.

  15. I really like the cupcake? cupcake! one — my friend just graduated from culinary school and I would be the best friend if I could surprise her with this prize! 🙂

    All of them are adorable though!

  16. These are so cute. I don’t wear an apron when I cook but I so would with one of these. I think I would have to choose the bacon monster. He’s too cute.

  17. ohhhh i love the pancake monster ot is adorable and it is making my favorite foood. so much for the cookie moster being my favorite. pancake monster is so much better!!!!!!!

  18. this is a really difficult one – i love them all :S

    A. the pancake monster – because I love the cheeky grin on the monsters face 😀

  19. I love the pancake monster apron! It is so adorable and I literally am a pancake monster myself with all the pancakes I eat! 😉

  20. my favorite is definitely the pancake monster! i adore pancakes, in particular, blueberry pancakes that are still a little gooey inside 😀 yummm.

    i’d love to wear one of these aprons to make up some of my favorite pancakes 🙂

  21. I need the pancake monster apron to help me remember to slow down and make pancakes on the weekends! 🙂 And that blue is sooo pretty!

  22. Wow! The pancake monster apron would be just PERFECT for my husband. He is a mess when he cooks but refuses to wear my “frilly” things. And pancakes are one of the main things he makes (from scratch, from memory, and the whole family is blissful for hours later). I hold him and his pancakes responsible for the extra weight I gained this last pregnancy!

  23. I love all these aprons! It was soo hard to decide on a favorite. Can I have two? I love the ‘pancake’ apron – it just fills me with joy and the giggles because its so adorable! I also love the octo-pie – because I am an octopus lover! They are one of the most AMAZING creatures on the planet! Did you know octopus die after laying their eggs? They spend the last few months of their life sheltering their eggs and then they die… so sad. So beautiful! – thanks for the opportunity to win such cute aprons!

  24. All of the designs are so cute! It’s hard to choose, but I love the Bacon Monster.

  25. I say the pancake flip one. Because for a start, i love pancakes. No doubts about that. Though my liking toward such has reached the optimum level, my skills in flipping pancakes has proven otherwise. Butter, oil and fragments of food stained my clothes and i’m just too lazy to run to the store to get myself an apron. 🙁 Thus, i feel that particular apron a lot similar to myself! 🙂

  26. I have to have the pancake monster! We eat pancakes all of the time. The kids LOVE them. They would love this.

  27. I like octo-pie best! Paul the German fortune telling Octopus is still in the news over here for predicting world cup wins! Spain is actually trying to trade with the German zoo where Paul the physic “Octo-pie” lives! They want to trade Paul for a shark! Hilarious! He’s a Spanish national hero! So yeah…if there is a football match winner predicting Octopus then surely there could be a pie baking one! Plus I always wear an apron in the kitchen and oh the amount of times I can tell the Paul story thanks to that apron! Ha!

  28. I love all of them but I have to go with bacon monster…bacon is just so good and my hubby & I always joke that anything is good if you just add bacon

  29. Being an island girl and loving all things sea-related I will go with the octo-pie apron, so cute!
    Thanks for organizing this giveaway.

  30. I like the bacon apron there-on
    the gentleman body-thron
    Upon my throat it will look swell
    so i can cook something well!

  31. I love the cup cake apron! I’m going to go to cooking school to become a Pastry chef and I think it’s so adorable. It would be a one of a kind type of apron to be wearing and I would love it 🙂

  32. I love the little octo-pie one! Its such an adorable pun done so beautifully. We’re moving into a new house with a great big kitchen, and I just couldn’t stand not having that little apron to bake in!

  33. cupcakes, cupcakes!!! I love cupcakes, oh in my new house I would love a new apron as I will be making loads of cupcakes in my own kitchen with lots of new utensils for the builders who will still be working away around the site!!! Oh these are fun, it would cheer the boys up to see me covered in baking stuff (I’m a messy cook) and a lovley funky apron. Oh pick me!!!!

  34. Oh my gosh! I would so love the Pancake Monster apron! My niece will only eat pancakes that I make, she won’t eat the ones her mom or grandparents make, just the ones her auntie (me!) makes. 🙂 So I would totally wear it while making them! 😉

  35. I love the Octo-pie. I’m infatuated with octopus and have declared this year the summer of pie! The two work beautifully together in my opinion.

  36. I love both the pancake and the bacon monster…but I make way more pancakes than bacon…and the little lines around the bacon reminds me of grease and freaks me out a little hahaha
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I love the bacon monster – mainly because my husband is a big ol’ bacon monster himself!

  38. I’ve been dying for a cute apron-and this would be PERFECT! I absolutely love the Bacon Monster… as I stopped being a 100% vegetarian after a taste of bacon a year ago! I’m now about an 80% vegetarian. 🙂

  39. cupcake cupcake!! loveit so funny, would match my kitchen and i think my baking would taste so much better wearing this!

  40. I LOVE the Octo-Pie!!! We’re def foodies in my house and my fiance and I love the move The Life Aquatic 😀

  41. Octo-pie is my favorite. Most definitely – because I love octos and pies.

  42. I love the pancake apron! I make pancakes for my kids almost every morning and I think they would love seeing mama in that!

  43. I love the cupcake one! My sisters and I bake often. We have even been throwing around ideas of opening a cupckae shop in New Jersey. We have visited so many, but haven’t yet found one around us! This would be an awesome addition to my kitchen and baking!

  44. Pancake Monster! My best friend and I go for pancakes almost every friday. She will be moving far away soon and I’d love to give this to her.

  45. Oh my gosh, those are too cute. I am just on my way out for a pancake breakfast so will have to say the pancake monster apron is the bestest one 🙂

  46. Definitely the bacon monster. He’s just soooooo happy to have bacon he’s dancing with it!

  47. I love them all, but I had to have the bacon, so I just purchase one. We go campling twice a year, and bacon is a major part of our trip. Since I purchased the bacon, I am entering for the pancake.

  48. <3 Fisk and Fern
    Everything there is awesomely cute.
    I love monsters and by far I think the best apron design here is the pancake monster. The expression is cute and coy and I love it.

  49. funny how many people are given the nickname “cupcake” – that is also my daughter’s nickname therefore, the cupcake apron would have to be my favorite apron design. Although any of the designs would quite fabulous on our cupcake!

  50. Everyone knows how much octopi love pie! This sweetie octo is looking especially gorgeous with her lovely lashes. I would feel so elegant serving up some pie with her.

  51. Pancake Monster. I could totally see my husband wearing that while making saturday morning pancakes, and it makes my heart happy 🙂

  52. Monsters ROCK! It’s hard to choose . . . but I think Pancake has a slight edge over Bacon, only because my weekend tradition is to make Swedish pancakes for my family! Too fun!

  53. Those aprons are fantastic. My favorite one is the Cupcake apron. Because in my world, one can never have enough cupcakes.

  54. Gotta love the bacon monster. Everything is better with bacon and the monster just looks so exuberant and happy.

  55. My favorite is definitely the Bacon one! My fiance and I are both vegetarian, and pigs are one of my favorite animals. I think wearing this apron would be so ironic! Pigs don’t love bacon! Thank you for the giveaway!

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