Win an Ink+Wit Foxy Friends poster!

foxy friends

To help me celebrate my new look, Tara Hogan of Ink+Wit has very generously offered up one of her Foxy Friends posters for a giveaway. It just seemed to go with the new logo, you know? πŸ˜‰

Win an Ink + Wit Foxy Friends poster.

Leave a comment on this post with why you think the fox is a good mascot for Indie Fixx.Β  I will choose one random commenter to win the poster. This giveaway will end Monday, July 12th at 11:59pm EST.

Plus, be sure to check out all the foxy friends goodies at Ink+Wit. I personally love the new collection and even made a purchase for myself and have a few things on the way to me as I type.

foxy friends poster


  1. I think the fox is a good mascot for Indie Fixx because Fox sounds like Fixx.
    I also think it would be good for a fox to be the mascot, because indie is short for independent and I think the animal, fox is a very independent rascal. (:

    Thanks for the contest!

  2. The fox is sneaky, and finds all the best stuff..kinda like you! The fox is also known for being sly, and clever. :]

  3. Well, you know, “The Indie Fixx Fox” just sort of rolls of your tongue, doesn’t it? I think that is definitely a good enough reason to make it your mascot. The “Indie Fixx Tortoise” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  4. love love lΓ³ve it! and love the new foxlogo! the fox is a great mascotte because its not only beautiful but stylish, intelligent, indie, humourous, creative and Γ³range!

  5. Crafty, clever, wise, with huge ears to better find and alert us of new crafty things!

  6. We are big “fox” fans in my house – have a den with kits every year right outside our window. And I have a red fox decal on my sweet new triathlon bike, AKA “Foxy Racing”

  7. The red fox is a perfect metaphor – living in diverse habitats worldwide – in cities, farmlands, mountains, desert areas etc. – they’re resourceful, flexible and intelligent – not to mention family oriented and oh so cute.

  8. The fox is cool and foxy is sleek and suave. It says sorthing about the company. Current, appealing, slick and hip in today’s world.

  9. The fox is good because he’s smart and savvy. If he’s a supporter of the store -then you’d be a smart shopper to be there too.

  10. Love the colors in your new banner – and I love ink+wit! One more foxy reason: A fox’s hearing is so sharp that he can hear a watch ticking 40 yards away. Yay google!

  11. “Grapes on the vine in bunches they clung, soon to be wine so run fox run!”

    Could not resist using my favorite fox quote :o) The fox is perfect because it usually snatches the prime treats before anyone else.

  12. A fox is a fantastic mascot because a fox is striking and takes your breath away.


  13. I think the logo works because of the play on words. Indie like a Fox is just cool. The old look was good as well but this one is an excellent update.

  14. A fox is a great mascot for Indie Fixx, not only because Indie Fixx rolls together well with Indie Fox, but also because foxes are known to be cunning, which is a good way to describe the variety of interesting, cute, clever (whatever you want to call them) postings on this blog! Plus, how can you go wrong with a cute image of a bushy tailed foxed?!

  15. A foxx is a great mascot for all things indie ’cause they are both under the radar. I like this little fella, he looks slick!

  16. Foxes are crafty, and so is Indie Fixx! And they’re just plain awesome, also like Indie Fixx πŸ™‚

  17. OOH CUTE! The whole reason I looked at the Indie email this time around was BECAUSE it’s foxy! I just knew you would have some cute little foxy guy sprucing up your pages. They are so in right now, and being the intelligent creature that they are, how could you NOT choose a fox theme? Cute, sly, always in the know and perpetually silly and fun, the fox is a sure sign of good times and happiness.
    Great choice for your new theme!
    Cheers and love.

  18. I think the fox is adorable! Also Indie Fix readers are crafty and clever like a fox… haha okay I realize that was a little sappy… but it is true right?

  19. Foxes are believed to have magical powers. Who doesn’t wish they had magical powers? Plus they are cute. And cool. My dog Simon sort of looks like a fox/dingo and I love him. Plus, I’ve seen them in my back yard. You’ve always had a fox in your logo so they’ve become synonymous for me. You picked the right animal for you.

  20. Great Mascot. The Fox is smart, a bit sneaky and very beautiful. I love the Animal A-Z poster.

  21. Foxes are awesome. What better reason than that? I also like the cute play on words … Fix, fox, kit. Very sweet and clever.

  22. how cute is this! I would love to add to my fox print collection! You guys keep doing what your doing!

  23. Fox is a rare creature and i think your site is an exception and the most stand-out yet modest among the rest. Fox is rare, so does yours!

  24. well, crafty like a fox, that’s one reason……also, fixx fox is fun to say ;p

  25. LOVING the new look! and come on.. fox is the new owl. been saying it for a while now. thanks for the opportunity to win!

  26. I think a fox is a perfect mascot because foxes are beautiful and unique, but never helplessly cute like bunnies. Instead, foxes get themselves out of tough situations and are multitalented and can never be underestimated!

  27. The fox would be great as a mascot because he’s smart (and sly), and super stylish like IndieFixx.
    thanks for the chance to win,

  28. I have always immagined the FOXY FOX to go along with INDY FIX. It’s kinda like salt & pepper, bread& butter, pork chops & applesauce. Stuff like that. Anyway love the new logo and the new site.

  29. Well my blog is ‘one red fox’ what can I say,
    I have a very soft spot for all things red and foxy!!! Pllleeeeaaaaassseeee let me win it! PS great new design.

  30. I would love to frame this sucker and stick it on my desk at work! How much fun! So inspiring and creative…

    Ad for the fox being a mascot. Come on, now! Out of the animal kingdom.. not only does the fox have that style (that INDIE style!), but it’s totally one of those unique, graceful animals that everyone finds adorable. Perfect!

  31. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog??

    errrr. orange goes with everything specially blue AND foxes are obviously is uber clever.

  32. As some about have send, foxes are known as being crafty. Plus just totally cute.

  33. Foxes are survivors, they run around barely seen or heard until suddenly they are caught in the headlights. Wham, instead of running … they pause and stare as if to say ‘Yes I am awesome’.
    I glad I shone my light in the indie fixx (aka fox) direction, as you have shown me heaps of AWESOME designs, inspirations and are simply awe-inspiring.

    LONG LIVE THE FIXX .. I mean fox!!

  34. How cute! I’ve always loved foxes because they’re so smart and sneaky! Plus, my best friend growing up had a big red bushy ponytail and they remind me of her…she was pretty sneaky too. Great choice for a mascot!

  35. Because foxes are crafty and superb animals πŸ™‚ A perfect mascot for such a wonderful site such as Indie Fixx!

  36. Love it! Our corgis looked like fox cubs when they were small… I have a soft spot for all things cute and foxy! There should be more orange mascots. πŸ˜‰

  37. Oh I’m such a sucker for orange and blue together! Both your site and the poster πŸ™‚ So why is a fox a good mascot – well because they’re independent and clever. Plus they’re orange with stylish touches of white and have a lovely bushy tail. Ok, so the bushy tail probably doesn’t mean much in relation to you or your blog but they are rather gorgeous πŸ™‚

  38. The fox is adorable! It’s also super fashionable and quite sassy. It’s happy and follows his happiness to wherever it takes him! Even though the fox used to have a kind of negative connotation, it’s turning around for them, just like indiefixx is bringing back older styles, modernizing them and widening their appeal. Woohoo for indiefixx spreading the love :] and hurrah for the fox as the new mascot!

  39. He’s so crafty and so clever, loves a new endeavor, will take it on wherever and work with whomever…as long he’s creating forever!!!!

    That fox is great!!

  40. hmmm…I think the fox is a good mascot because he’s crafty, cool without being too cutesy–everything I think your indiefixx readers want to be!

  41. I think Foxes are rare and very pretty..just like IndieFixx’s finds that are featured:)

  42. The fox is a great mascot because it’s so keen and adorable, just like this website! Love it.

  43. Well, the obvious is Fixx and Fox are similar words. The Fixx Foxx? love it! πŸ™‚

  44. I love foxes… they are clever and fun to watch… like your blog!

    I also love foxes because my dog looks like one (minus the tail… she doesn’t have one)

    yay foxes!

  45. The Foxx is the bect mascot for Indie Fixx because he does his own thing, gets around town (he can be urban or rural) and everyone knows foxes are ‘crafty’ (geddit!)

  46. foxes are my favorite woodland animal. they’re rugged and sleek all at the same time. they can be sly or shy but either way, they make me feel foxy! πŸ˜‰

  47. That fox has that wicked Indie feel! Plus hes crafty, which is awesome, just like indiefixx! Crafty fox = Crafty business!

  48. I’ve read somewhere that foxes symbolize guides in the spirit world in some cultures, so maybe the Indie Fixx fox can be like a guide in the world of hand made goodies. πŸ™‚

  49. The FOX is so resourceful! He sleeps in his homemade den, eats whatever he can find, and he is so darn cute. He belongs with Indie Fixx.

    Really love the poster and can totally see it in my office πŸ™‚

  50. The fox is a great mascot for Indie fixx for these reasons:
    1) Foxes are smart. Really smart.
    2) Foxes look good. Like cute and fuzzy good. The orange and white look will always be in style.
    3) Baby foxes are the cutest thing ever…like all of the things on Indie Fixx!

    PS. I love Foxes.

  51. LOVE the new look, especially the new splash of purple. Foxes are very curious animals, always investigating something, and Indie Fixx is always finding fun new things to share {which I am very thankful for} Congrats on the new look!!

  52. Orange goes with everything! (So a friend’s mother used to say, and I secretly agree.) Fix/Fox, they’re so close that of course that little trickster is a good match for Indie Fixx!

  53. The fox is a great mascot for Indie Fix because in folklore they are often known as the animal to posses magical powers. This is similar to the constant astonishing and enchanting feelings I experience in my encounters with Indie Fix.

  54. Foxes are definitely clever – and they aren’t followers, they do their own thing. Just like Indie Fixx. Plus, they’re super cute and hip. Nice!

  55. I think he’s adorable for a mascot. Cute, smart, sassy, and maybe a little sneaky and knows the hip stuff first! The orange is catchy, & warm too.

  56. I think a fox is a great mascot because they’re crafty! They know there’s more than one way to get the job done and they can think outside the “foxy-box”!

    And the poster?!? A fox on a scooter??? I could die I tell you, die! Love it, love it, love it! Hope I win! Please throw my name in the hat :o)


  57. This would look fabulous in my son’s room! Can never go wrong with a cheeky fox!

  58. A fox is the perfect mascot for Indie Fixx.
    Haven’t you heard? Foxes are crafty! (except for a few…but they really are too and just don’t know it yet.)

    Love the new site design. It really pops.~*

  59. The fox is an awesome mascot because he is sly and witty! Hello, Fantastic Mr. Fox?!

  60. Everyone knows that you’re much foxier if you support handmade. Right?

    I love Ink + Wit – Tara has absolutely impeccable taste.

  61. I love Tara’s work – this guy is too fun!! I think he’d make a good mascot because he’s kind of sassy, sweet and I love the color!!

  62. I love foxes. They pose no threat to humans, just small rodents or the odd chicken or two in your neighborhood. The neighborhood foxes like to run through my parent’s yard and sun themselves on the grassy hill. Foxes are good natured animals that I am happy to share my space with. They always seem to be enjoying life! That is why a fox is a good mascot for your blog.

  63. oh the fox….. there once was a fox named indie, she shopped the land so thifty, she ate grass roots and wore gorgeous red boots, homemade of course by her buddy the horse, everyone came to see just how thrifty she could be so they nicknamed her indiefixx!

    PS: like all wild animals the fox lives off the land, they are not silly ‘shoppers’ when it comes to food, they are very clever when searching for the vitals, the fox is the perfect match for indiefixx, they are very thrifty hunters!

  64. I love the poster. The fox is a good mascot because you’re clever…like a fox. And also because fixx sounds like fox.

  65. I think he’s a good mascot because he’s got style with his big bushy tail! He also looks cheeky, but can be quite sweet as well. Plus, the orange is surely an “it” color right now.

    Love the fox!

  66. These would be so cute in my son’s room. This new look and everything is making me want to do you another Feed Your Soul piece! πŸ™‚


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