a big belated thank you to my guest bloggers!


One thing I’ve been meaning to do since I’ve gotten back from vacation is to thank my wonderful guest bloggers. They made my break possible and I’m so grateful.

So, here’s a great big giant thank you going out to these ladies:

  1. Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay
  2. Christine Martinez of LAMA Designs
  3. Ellen Baker of The Long Thread
  4. Nicole Docimo of Blue Bicicletta
  5. Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind
  6. Constança Cabral of Saidos da Concha
  7. Natalie Zee Drieu of craftzine + coquette
  8. Margie Oomen of Resurrection Fern
  9. Amy Ng of Pikaland
  10. Nicole Robertson of Little Brown Pen
  11. Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl
  12. Kelly Rand writer for DCist.com and Crafting a Green World.
  13. Bonnie Forkner of Going Home to Roost
  14. Diahn Ott