I need a good cupcake recipe!

So, Mr. Indie Fixx’s birthday is the weekend and I am planning on making him some cupcakes. Last year, I made red velvet beet cupcakes and they were fabulous, but I’ve got to top them with some even more delicious cupcakes.

Usually, I am on top of things and would already have a recipe picked out, the ingredients on hand and have even done a test run, but with the vacation and the fact that I seem to not be able to stop making up shit for myself to do, I am totally behind. At least I’ve already his present….an Xbox game.

So, I need your help! Do you have any recipes you can share or recommend? I’m really interested in something that highlights some of the fresh fruits that are in season now and something that is low on dairy (I’m dairy intolerant and want to be able to eat my own creation). Butter is okay, but not crazy recipes that call for butter, buttermilk, cream cheese & cream all in the same recipe!

by Sara?
star cupcake by not martha.
by not martha
Almond Cupcakes w. Guava Cream-Cheese Filling by Mrs. Jenny Ryan.
by Mrs. Jenny Ryan
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcake by missamyo.
by missamyo
Peanut Butter Cupcakes by twelve22.
by twelve22


  1. Last summer I made some really delicious cupcakes but the recipe is up at our cabin– the ingredients include fresh raspberries, thin sliced almonds and lemon zest. I can’t remember if I used walnut oil or butter. I topped them with whipped cream, they were light and tasty.

  2. The golden vanilla cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World are out of control good and super versatile! You can mix in any seasonal fruit you like! I bet you could even sub out fruit juice for some of the non-dairy milk in the recipes.

  3. Hey! I may have the solution! I have a couple of foolproof recipes in my vegan baking book – one for basic vanilla fairy cakes that can be jazzed up with fancy icing (also have a dairy free recipe for icing) and/or fruit, one for chocolate muffins. Seen as you need it soon I’d be happy to mail over a pdf of the recipes 🙂

  4. I love cupcakes! As far as I’m concerned, they are the perfect dessert for any occasion. Here’s a link to a good chocolate cupcake recipe with a little butter and a little buttermilk:

    And here’s a banana cake recipe with chocolate frosting:

    And here’s a picture of the banana cake recipe made into cupcakes:

    Good Luck!!!

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