Guest Blog: handmade garden goodies by Bonnie Forknor of Going Home to Roost

Bonnie Forknor from Going Home to Roost returns the guest blogging favor today with a post about handmade garden goodies.  – jen

By  guest contributor Bonnie Forkner

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be posting here for Jen today, and so excited to meet you! Even though my thumb is a bit of a muddy green, I’m a garden junkie. Digging in the dirt, raising chickens and picking flowers are all passions of mine, but I love to take gardening even a step further. With indoor planters and garden inspired art and jewelry, I can keep the warm and sunny feeling of spring around me at all times. I hope you enjoy some of these handmade garden goodies!

I’ll be sharing some more garden goodies over at going home to roost today, so be sure to stop by and take a peek!

Clockwise :: how does your garden grow, hanging airplant pod, navy slugs, vintage yellow tin watering can, farm fresh eggs, the earth is alive, herb garden plant markers, double flower sterling and pearl love ring

About the contributor: Bonnie Forkner is the editor of going home to roost. There, you’ll find her sharing diy projects, recipes, gardening ideas, handmade finds and passions for embracing a simpler way of life!

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