Guest Blog: From Argentina With Color by Christine of LAMA Designs

I have a thing for Latin design, style & culture, so I spend a lot of time drooling over the wares at LAMA, LAMA is run by Christine Martinez, who is also my next guest blogger for today & who will sharing some design from Argentina. Btw, you get brownie points if you remembered we toured Christine’s home for A Peek Inside: indie home tours last year. – jen

By guest contributor Christine Martinez

Hola Indie Fixxers! Christine from LAMA here and I’m super excited to share some amazing indie-interiors from Argentina with you today. While I love a well planned home as much as any other interior design enthusiast, there’s something so special about a home that comes together organically. A space based on the inhabitants personal style, mementos, photos, and inspirations are some of my favorite places to explore.

I just love what you can learn about a family or an individual by spending some time in their personal space. I have found throughout my travels there are not very many places where this type of personal expression is more relevant than in South America. Here vintage finds are readily available, Ikea is non-existent, and color is never to be feared. Below are some of my favorite examples of creative casas from Argentina. They are the colorful homes of some of the most talented independent designers and creative folks from (way) down South.





To check out more inspiring images, visit Casa Chuacha. The blog is in Spanish but, luckily, the beautiful images transcend all language barriers.

About the contributor: Christine Martinez owns and curates LAMA (Latin America in the Modern Age), an online boutique showcasing the work of independent Latino designers. Be sure to check out the next wave of great products arriving to LAMA this summer! Read more about LAMA on the Blog.


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