What do you do with all those vegetables?

I am amused by the number of people who ask me, what do you do with all those vegetables?, when I tell them that we belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture) & receive weekly shares from it, & that’s in addition to having my own 15×20 foot garden plot. My 1st response to them is usually a smart aleck one and I say something like, eat them! Then I usually follow up with an explanation that we are vegetarians & share a few recipes as well.

We do end up with a lot of vegetables each week. It can often be a challenge to eat them all up before they go bad & to figure out what to do with them. Mother nature doesn’t necessarily work around your menu plans, but one has to deal with whatever one finds in the CSA box and whatever is ready to harvest in the garden. I love the challenge of it & I love that it gives me an excuse to eat salad and/or grill for dinner, both of which are so completely okay to me.

That said, another question I get asked a lot is, don’t you get tired of all those salads? Nope, there’s an endless variety of stuff to mix together and I have quite a repertoire of dressings I use.

Here’s what I made the other day for dinner to go along with cornmeal encrusted tofu and some baby spinach. It’s my take on tabouli and I call it Using Up the Veggies Tabouli.


I combined cooked bulghur wheat, tomatoes,  fresh parsley, fresh mint, lemon juice, spring onions, red onion, radishes, cucumbers, olive oil & s + p. I plan on serving it over fresh baby spinach.

What do you do with all those vegetables you end up with? Share some of your quick salad recipes in the comments below.


  1. Delicious! I’m a veggie too and people are blown away with how well my girls eat their vegetables. We rarely have leftovers. I had 4 ears of corn left over the other night, I shaved off the kernals and put them in the fridge. Tonight I toasted up the corn on the stove in a little olive oil, added fresh green pepper, and a fresh tomato, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and threw in some garbanzo beans. Cooked up a pot of whole wheat orzo, mixed it all up and YUM!

    I love your blog and how you share indie crafters.


  2. your photographs are heavenly. i love summer and all the lovely vegetables that are available during this season. – this recipe is a keeper.

  3. When I find myself with too many veggies, I have a few options. One is Everything but the kitchen sink Soup, a family favorite. I take whatever excess veggies I have on hand and mingle them with garlic, onions, and a can of crushed tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes cooked down.) Because we’ll have different veggies at different times, the results can be very light and tasty or hearty and satisfying. We usually enhance it with a sturdy noodle, though I’ve been known to toss in those few lasagna noodles, broken into pieces, that usually remain at the end of the box or leftover rice.

  4. Just got my daily FIXX email, and I love your post! I’m a veggie too, very proud of it, and I love reading about others who share the love. Check out my post a little while back about a yummy lunch I made. Go veg!!!

    Not a salad recipe, but a simple & yummy roasted veggie dish I adore.


  5. I try to combine a green, a cheese, a nut and a fruit to make my salads. We did get cheese in our CSA last year (not participating this year as we are doing the farmers’ market route) but no nuts, so those I had to have on hand. Couscous goes well with vegetables that have been very lightly cooked, served over greens and with a nice vinaigrette.

  6. I’m so excited it’s summer now so that more veggies and fruits that I especially like are in season. What do you have in your personal plot?

  7. I wasn’t raised eating a lot of vegetables and it has been a challenge learning to cook anything besides a salad! but we’ve gotten pretty good at it. One of my favorite resources is our local farmer’s market association site where they have a bunch of easy recipes
    Their newsletter highlights what’s in season and points to specific recipes, too, which helps me plan my shopping better.

  8. I usually make either a veggie omelet or a quiche. It’s a great way to use up all those leftovers.

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