Ring a Day

If you haven’t come across the Ring a Day Flickr Challenge yet, you should most definitely head on over to take a look. I promise you that you will get lost for at least a couple hours.The Ring a Day Challenge is a year long challenge and is open to anyone who wants to commit to making & posting  a ring every day of 2010. The rings can be made from anything , and they certainly are!

Here are some of my recent favorites.
No Lifeguard on Duty made with real snails! From Kathryn Riechert.

Aquatic Plant Ring made by metalnat.

Adjustable Flower Ring from Rubygirl Creations.

Sterling Silver Ring from metalnat.

Wooden Tulip Ring from Create Jewelry.

5 thoughts on “Ring a Day

  1. Amazing rings, Heading over to flickr ring a day challenge now. Please send help if I go missing for more than 2 days.

  2. i have never heard of this challenge and i want to thank you for posting about it.
    how interesting!
    people are so talented! 🙂
    love your blog by the way!
    have a lovely day.

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