A chocolate treat for you this Monday + a giveaway


You like chocolate, right? Of course, you do. You would also like to win some chocolate goodies, wouldn’t you? Of course, you would. Guess I have your attention now. 😉

I recently was sent some samples of Derry Church Artisan Chocolates by Pastry Chef/Owner, Eric Cayton. Chef Eric also mentioned that he would be interested in offering a giveaway to my readers and after trying the wonderful samples he sent, I took him up on the offer since I knew you all would love a chance to win some chocolates.

So, about the chocolates. They are a delicious blend of exotic and rare international flavors that can appeal to both more adventurous and more reserved palates alike. Your taste buds can tour the world with flavors like Cairo (made from Mejdool dates, aged balsamic vinegar and chocolate ganache) and the Mumbai (made from sweet coconut cream, curry, white and dark chocolate & toasted sesame seeds). And if you prefer less exotic sweet treats, the Derry Church, made with milk chocolate & dulce de leche caramel, might be a little slice of heaven just for you.

If those flavors sound like they might be absolutely delicious to you, enter to win a 15 piece collection of chocolates.

How to win?

Visit the Derry Church Artisan Chocolates website, read about the chocolates and leave a comment with your favorite(s). Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must include at least one favorite in each post. I will choose one random commenter to win the prize. This giveaway will end Friday, May 28th at 11:59 pm EST.


231 thoughts on “A chocolate treat for you this Monday + a giveaway

  1. Of course I’m going to have to pick the Moosehead Lake chocolate as I live in Maine. Plus I love the taste of cranberry!

  2. And finally let’s not forget the namesake Derry Church (aka: HERSHEY, PA) – nothing quite tops the marvelous combination of milk chocolate and caramel! The timeless classic!

  3. The New Orleans cries out for special attention these days – and it’s namesake Bon Bon captures the spirt of their signature dessert: Banana’s Foster: the ultimate bon bon! Imagine all the fabulous flavors of that classic New Orleans (Brennan’s) dish with milk chocolate added to the filling and all incased in bittersweet chocolate. Heaven on earth!

  4. If you love mocha (chocolate and coffee/cappuccino) – and who doesn’t? : ROME is another must sample. Expresso adorned with TWO kinds of chocolate: Milk Chocolate Ganache AND White Chocolate Mousse. YUMMO!

  5. But the London is also a must try: bitterweet chocolate enveloping rich, butter toffee (that is crisp, yet melts in your mouth and doesn’t stick to your teeth?) Amazing!

  6. Now THIS is my kind of giveaway! I think I was born with my chocolate addiction – and I must say Derry Church has THE most intriguing, unique and tempting collection/selection of extraordinary chocolates.

    And I not only are the photos utterly mouthwatering, the enchanting descriptions are sheer poetry.

    I think my most favorite favorite is Edinburgh: rich dark chocolate oozing with extra special and extra buttery butterscotch! I think I’m in love!

  7. taking a break from gardening- no chocolate in the house so I thought I’d just look at these for a vicarious experience! Wish I could nibble on a strawberry and butter cream Paris right now!

  8. My favorite item is the Winter Haven (orange), the New York (cheesecake), and the Veracruz (vanilla bean) chocolates

  9. These all sound so amazing but, my first bite would have to be the Edinburgh- butterscotch and dark chocolate- yum

  10. New Orleans- bannas and chocolate, suprisingly good together, especially when frozen 🙂

  11. Ok – hands down – New York Cheesecake. I’m drooling just thinking about it… YUM!

  12. I am absolutely fascinated by the Mumbai because I love coconut curries, but I have to say the Edinburgh sounds like the best – and seeing as I am going there this summer to compete in a bagpiping competition that sounds fitting!

  13. Too hard to choose but–MMMM Milan! Perfect for my pillow like a late night apertif. Place on pillow and then when you return to sleep its like turn down service in a fancy Milan hotel with a chocolate surprise.

  14. my favorites are the german, with its dark strong flavor and what could be better than the combo of beer and chocolate, and i love the moosehead lake cuz it has a walnut on the top!

  15. These are all beautiful and I love how they’re named after cities. I think one of my favorites would be the Edinburgh.

  16. The New York, of course, because not only is it my hometown, but it is all the delicious perfection of cheesecake in chocolate form. Mmmm.

  17. Hubby loves jalapenos more than any other vegetable (?). I bet combining them with the chocolate in the oaxaca would be a match made in his heaven!

  18. This may be the most obvious statement ever, but could the Derry Church bonbon be any better? Chocolate and milk chocolate are what dreams are made of!

  19. wow i am heading to the sandy beaches of montego bay for a little coconut and rum

  20. They all sound very yummy. I think I would like to try the Tangier – something different.

  21. do i have to pick one please dont make me ok here goes can i travel the world starting in milan

  22. i’m eating some chocolates now… so i can almost taste the derry church offerings… if i had to pick just one, it would be london!

  23. omg i love these chocolates and they all are amazing but here are my favorites newyork my home state

  24. OH GOD!!!!


    I went to New Orleans over spring break, and this bon bon looks and sounds just as great as New Orleans is.

  25. wow! not an easy choice. they all look amazing… i would have to say the london would be my favorite. i love toffee and i love dark chocolate. together they must be incredible!

  26. I love the Kandahar chocolate….simply because it has such a pretty flower design!

  27. Holy moley…hadn’t even noticed the Dublin. 10 to 12 of those, indeed.

    Also, I love that you can get a collection of chocolates in a bento box as a gift!

  28. I’m salivating at my keyboard! The London had me right away–I’m a sucker for toffee.
    Great giveaway!

  29. I have spent some time with all this chocolates: looking at the pictures seems to bring the smell of good chocolate coming out of my CPU!
    The Lyon is, at this moment my favourite.

    warm greetings, Mincka

  30. Okay, so. I’ve been looking for a bon bon with peanut butter in it, but whateves. I mean. I want it. But. I guess I understand why they don’t have it (peanut butter is the stuff of kids, right? not high cultured people eating expensive chocolates). So for my last choice I’m going to go with the Oaxaca, simply because it’s pretty and I never took enough spanish to learn when the x’s sound like h’s, and I learned that info this year some time. :/

  31. I’d try the London as well, because I like toffee, and dark chocolate. Nuts are optional, but I like those too. Good thing this bon bon has all three.

  32. The Cairo also sounds good because I like desserts that incorporate things that I think won’t work that well, like balsamic vinegar. Okay. So my sister says BV tastes good with strawberries or something, but I never listen to her because I DO WHAT I WAAAANT. hehe.

  33. omg, I love chocolate and vanilla. The only times I get them together are like… twist cones from mcdonald’s (lol) and cookie dough ice cream. That’s why I want the veracruz. Also because I basically like any chocolate that doesn’t have horrid little cherries inside.

  34. WOW! I’ve been eating Nutter Butter cookies all afternoon and I STILL would eat a box of those chocolates if they were presented to me!
    My favorite would have to the the Savannah…peaches and dark chocolate! Yum 🙂

  35. I would Iike the Milan, but all of them would be eaten up if it came near me.

  36. ummmmmmm YUM!!! All there flavors sound delicious. some of my favorites though include the veracruz, Savannah,Sanfran and Berlin

  37. They all sound wonderful, but I’m going with the Derry Church…because it’s the biggest.

  38. They all sound amazing, but I think I’ll have to pick just three to keep it reasonable: Edinburgh, London and a shoutout to Florida with Winter Haven.


  39. Yummmmm!! I’m picking the Tangier, Paris, Derry Church..These chocolates look fantastic!! Pick me!!

  40. I love how they sort their chocolates by the city the chocolate is inspired by. I was immediately drawn to the Mumbai chocolate because I love everything Indian. I was expecting a chai spiced chocolate but they have created a SWEET curry chocolate. I had no idea there was a sweet curry and would love to try it.

  41. They look sooooooo good.

    Edinburgh. For now. I’ll likely change my mind later but for now I gotta say Edinburgh. Maybe.

  42. My mouth started watering as soon as I saw that first photo. YUM! What to pick…I’ll start with London. I’m a sucker for buttery toffee.

  43. Ok this is my last comment!

    The Palermo, Plymouth and Tangier all tie for final favorites.

    Even if I don’t win this, I am excited that you shared this link. These chocolates all look amazing and unique.

  44. Ok seriously I want all of these.

    I’m now at the Mumbai – curry and chocolate. I’ve never tried that before and I am completely intrigued.

  45. Oh my god the Edinburgh!

    I’m going through this list and posting when I feel compelled…I have a feeling I’m going to have a lot more favorites coming shortly, hahah.

  46. Ooh the Derry Church looks amazing! Milk chocolate and dulce de leche caramel. You can’t go wrong with that combination.

  47. Well, I found another one that looks amazing! The Doublin sounds like it could be one of the best chocolates ever! Te combination of chocolate and coffee is he best!

  48. wow – so gorgeous. i’m not even sure i can decide, but the “winter haven” looks fab – i love fruit flavors with my chocolate – and the “new york” looks divine.

  49. Oooh, I like lemon flavored anything, especially Limoncello so I know I’d love the Palermo!

    lorepuckett at verizon dot net

  50. I love, love, love toffee! I’d like to give that London bon bon a try!

    lorepuckett at verizon dot net

  51. I need to stop reading their descriptions each one gets better in its own way. The pomegranate in the Kandahar sounds fantastic!

    lorepuckett at verizon dot net

  52. Oatmeal cookie taste? In a chocolate? I’m sold on that County Kildare bon bon then!

    lorepuckett at verizon dot net

  53. this giveaway is too perfect! i’ll be picking a favorite every day, jen. today it’s definitely mumbai– sweet curry, coconut blend, mmmmm delicious. what a perfect anniversary gift for our upcoming 5 years.

  54. All I can say is Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy! Can’t get better than wine and chocolate and they put it together! Yumm!

  55. Oh my goodness. The Cairo looks absolutely fabulous if I was in an adventurous mood. If I was in the need for known comfort and enjoyment, I’d go for the Lyon. mmmm YUM.

  56. Nothing like chocolate to make my day! I’m currently really intrigued by the Tangier bon bon…sounds delish!

  57. O.K., cranberries and walnuts are another yummy combo, found in the Moosehead Lake chocolate. I’m getting very hungry ; )

  58. OMG Those look beyond delicious.
    I would love to try the Derry Church one with the caramel oozing out of it. I love caramel and chocolate together.

  59. wow….this could be a bad thing…my mouth hasn’t stopped watering for the last few minutes from reading these descriptions!!! The New york has got to be my favorite!! Followed VERY closely by Rome!!!

  60. multiple entries you say!!!

    Well can we possibly comment on the whole chocolate tray!!

    i love the sound and look of the Cairo to not only does it look like a miniture chocolate pie which combines two of my favourite desserts but it is so decadent in the description
    PS who would have thought you could pair a bento box and chocolates LOVE THAT!

  61. WOW and WOW!

    that saying ‘when in Rome’ well i want Rome in my mouth!!

    YUUUUMMMMM can they invent smello-net

    ROME for sure and love that it looks like a baby chino!

  62. Ooh, and the Lyon… I need to stop looking at these, the drool will short out my keyboard.

  63. I don’t normally appreciate chocolate and fruit together, but the Tangier looks like it could win me over.

  64. I really can’t choose a favorite, but these mostly milk and white box seems absolutely scrumptious!!

  65. ok, one more. my perfect box of chocolates would have to include both the rome and the veracruz. in fact, i might be ordering some chocolates today… thanks a lot! 😉

  66. wow, sounds wonderful! i think i might need a whole box of the dublins… i will definitely keep derry church in mind when it comes to gifts for my discerning sister in law!
    thanks for the link, and for the contest!

  67. Oh man, there’s no way I could pick one. The Milan, Vera Cruz, Lyon, County Kildare, and Dublin sound amaaazing!

  68. Whoa. Incredible! Love the Bento Box concept & wish I could indulge in one of Derry Church’s London toffees about now!

  69. Ok that’s it…the New York is definitely it…..I’m spending way too much time looking at these chocolates..

  70. These choclates all look and sound amazing! I’ve done some beer and chocolate tastings at New Belgium Brewery. So beer in chocolate would be interesting to try, bring on the Berlin!

  71. Okay. This will sound daffy, but I just realized that they are all named for places! I love the in depth descriptions of each. I feel smarter already!
    And I would love to go to Milan. So I am picking that one as a favorite as well!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  72. OOOOH! You had me at hello!

    There is nothing better than fine chocolates…unless you are pairing it with wine!

    I think the Oaxaca sounds really intriguing. I like these edible works of art, they are almost too pretty to eat.

    (Note that I said almost).

    Enjoy the day!

  73. But since you said multiple entries accepted, here goes….Burgundy- wine and chocolate, what could be better??

  74. Wow, what intriguing flavors they all sound delicious! Tangiers- tangerine with cayenne pepper is my first choice.

  75. Well, all the chocolaes look amazing! But, one of my favorites would have to be the winter haven!

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