Making Whoopie


If you’ve never had a homemade whoopie pie, then you are missing out. I’ve had plenty of them in my lifetime, living in the middle of Amish country and having a grandmother who came from central PA, and they are delicious. For the uninitiated, whoopie pies are made of up two cake-like cookies with a creamy filling. The traditional whoopie pie consists of marshmallow filling sandwiched between two chocolate ends, but really as long as you keep to the core principals of cake-like cookies and creamy filling, the possibilities are endless.

At least that’s the premise of the authors of Whoopies Pies: Dozens of Mix ’em, Match ’em, Eat ’em Up Recipes!, Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell. They both grew up eating whoopies and both ended up in San Francisco, which was apparently whoopie pie-less when they hit the town. The pair decided to team up and share recipes fit for whoopie virgins as well as for old die-hards like themselves. They’ve included traditional recipes (like the classic whoopie), alongside some pretty non-traditional recipes (jalapeno cornbread whoopie). Personally, I’m dying to make the Red Velvet Whoopie with Honey Buttercream filling.

How to win?

Ready for your own copy? Well, leave a comment below about your own personal history with whoopie pies (or lack thereof) and be entered to win a copy of the book. I will pick one random commenter to win a copy. This giveaway will end Monday, May 24th at 11:59 pm EST. Open to international entrants. Only one entry per person.


  1. I don’t think whoopie pies were a Canadian thing, poor deprived us! We had wagon wheels,that were round and stuffed and tasted really chemically, maybe that counts? I would love to try them,looks like we’d be fast friends.

  2. My first introduction of whoopie pies was at a place called Bishops in CT – I loved their pumpkin whoopie pies. Now – they are everywhere – where I live in Maine.
    jswandrn at gmail

  3. I had my first whoopie pie last month while visiting my sister in Brooklyn. We grew up in Canada, and I’m pretty sure we didn’t have them there!

  4. I’ve never had one of these, they look yuuummyyyy! I’d love to make many different kinds, the book looks really cool.

    What I did have when I was a little girl was wagonwheels, which I loved, but they stopped selling them here >.<

  5. Ooh, pick me! I don’t have a great history with whoopie pies, but I’m originally from the northeast U.S.—we moved away when I was 10—so I’ve heard a lot about whoopie pies, but I’ve never had the pleasure of eating one—sure would love this book so I could whip some up!

  6. I have only had a store-bought version… I can only imagine how truly wonderful these are when they are homemade… Just like everything else – homemade=good….

  7. I love to eat and make Whoopie Pies. My fave- chocolate with raspberry filing. The filling has to be made with Fluff.

  8. YUMMMMMM!!!

    Never made these but would love to try, I have a real sweet tooth =]

  9. That’s funny! I had to go to Google translator+images to understand more about whoopie pie!! ; )
    Absolutely love them, never make they, have to try! I’ve got sweet tooth and my mission now it to make one pie!


  10. We used to get pumpkin and chocolate whoopie pies at the tiny farmer’s market in my town.I remember devouring them because they were so light and delicious!

  11. I’ve been eyeing these in stores for years, but never actually tried them. I’d love to win the book and make some!

  12. Whoopie Pies are my hubby favorite baked treat. I often make the chocolate with white icing version for his birthday or other celebrations we may have in his honor. It would be fun to try out some new recipes! thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Om nom nom. My god this sounds amazing. I hope international fans count because this Australian needs to be introduced to this phenomenon. Yumoh!

  14. Just had to share that we are huge fans of Whoopies Pies too. We recently featured a company that makes and sells these delicious creations– we are all addicted as well!

  15. I have to admit, I’ve never had them. I think I am missing out!! The book would be perfect to help get me thuroughly addicted! 🙂

  16. My grandmother used to make these all the time when I was a kid. I remember she kept them in her tupperware container and they never lasted long. I haven’t had one in ages but they were so good!

  17. I guess I lived a very sheltered life b/c I have never had a whoopie pie…I’ve had moon pies…but those are hard so I don’t think they count.I would love to win this book so I could make some with my daughters…they sound delicious. 🙂

  18. I had never heard of a Whoopie Pie until last year when I read about the on a blog (maybe Cakespy). Must be an American thing. They sound wonderful. I’d love to try making some.

  19. I have had only one whoopie pie in my whole entire life, and it looked nothing like the ones on the book cover, I had to wipe the drool away before I could even type just from looking at the book cover :P, I would be over the moon if I got it 😀

  20. O__O I have never ever seen pies like this before!!!
    I also want to try making them!
    they look soo yummy! (:

  21. I’ve been deprived! I’ve only just heard of whoopie pies in a UK newspaper! Crazy huh!?
    I’m from the South originally and have had Moon Pies, which unless they’re hot, I hate.
    As I have a Hus and Rabbit who love sweets, esp. chocolate, I think I should win to make our whole house happy 😀

  22. Every summer since I was eight I’ve went up to maine. The first thing we would do when we rolled into the town we were staying at was to buy a whoopie pie!! A great tradition with great memories! <3

  23. These are so cute!
    I never encountered a whoopie in my life. Have you guys been keeping them secret from Europe? 😀
    Maybe i can introduce them in the Netherlands. *wants a whoopie*

  24. I discovered this book while at work one day (I work at a bookstore) and instantly fell in love with it. I’ve never eaten a whoopie pie, but I absolutely love them and this book. I told myself that I would buy it for myself as a treat if I got a job that I was applying for, but alas I did not. But at least I can visit it on my breaks! Cheers.

  25. I’ve never had one though I spotted some at the supermarket recently. I’d rather try making my own, the market bakery is oversugared and overpreservatived…

  26. One of my best girlfriends came to visit me last spring from Lancaster, PA… she brought us some of the little pieces of heaven… and I have never been the same since! LOL

  27. I never tasted one and never tried to make one. but with 2 little ones in the house i would definitely make some happy faces if i do something like that , or at least close to it!!!

  28. I’ve never had whoopie pies but I’d love to try! I’ve heard great things about them 😛 I could really use this book~

  29. I have never seen a whoopie Pie in real life, eye to eye so to speak… but they always look so divine on the virtual world!!! I would love to try one!!!

  30. Aww! I love Whoopie Pies! I grew up in New England (new hampshire actually) and whoopie pies are my all time favorite! My grammy use to make them all the time and has made me promise to sell them at my very own bakery that i will open up someday, she is too cute. I now live in Montana and no one here knows what a stinkin whoopie pie is! I would love this book!!

  31. I am a whoopie virgin. Add that to the list of things that I can blame my parents for my life on. LOL, along with not letting me be Girl Scout!

    They sound good though.

  32. Well..I’m one of those who has never tried whoopie pies. Really. Not even one in my whole life. I don’t really know why we don’t make them..but they seem tasty and fun to prepare so I’d love to win the book to be able to make me some too 🙂

  33. I’ve sadly never had one. I think I may have bought something similar to a whoopie pie from the store once, but, I’ve never had a homemade one.

    I’d love this book, so that I could finally try this homemade delicacy:D

  34. I have been dying to make whoopie pies. I have been eying a recipe in an old Amish cookbook I have. I would love this book!!

  35. i have had homemade (and fancy schmancy gourmet) whoopie pies, but somehow, i have neglected to make my own. that needs to be rectified asap. i’m thinking…insideout vanilla cakes with chocolate marshmallow filling maybe?

  36. Grew up in Amish country, so I was quite fortunate to have tried a plethora of homemade whoopie pies in my youth, including my family recipe with a dark chocolate/coffee flavored “cookie” and marshmallow based filling. In my part of the country, they were called “gobs.” I’d love to win this!

  37. I made whoopie pies once for the kids at the group home I work at. The kids went crazy over them!!! The book sounds great!

  38. So I’ve never had one, but I love baking and cooking, and I’m eager to try it!
    Sounds yummy =)

  39. eeeeek… no history because of my own cultural background, but i love baking! i’m itching to get it!

  40. Yum – used to get these at The Bakery in State College, PA. I would be so excited to win this book 🙂

  41. I grew up in Ohio and my mom made something called a Gob. Same premise as a whoopie pie, two cakelike chocolate cookies with a cream filling. My mom wrapped them in wax paper and my brother and I loved them! When my husband and I moved to Pittsburgh a few years ago, I was thrilled to see them in the bakery department at the grocery store. I wonder why in this part of the country they are called Gobs, whoopie pie sounds so much more fun!

  42. I think the first Whoopie Pie I ever had was in Pennsylvania Dutch Country as a kid and it was amazing!!! I remember it 30 years later.

  43. I’ve never had a whoopie pie :-(. But I love to bake and I love to try new things, so I would love a copy of this book!

  44. Sadly, I’ve never had a whoopie pie… I do, however, have quite the experience with whoopie cushions 😉

  45. My daughter and I made whoopie pies for the first time this spring… and they are heavenly!

    I would sooo love to have this book!

  46. I’ve never made my own whoopie pies, but I certainly enjoy eating them! My father in law made some pumpkin whoopie pies last Thanksgiving – they were a hit!

  47. I made a few with cake batter and icing…to mimic oreo cakesters….I didn’t know they were also called whoopie pies!

  48. I have never had a whoopie pie before. I’ve seen pictures and read about them online. Maybe they’re not common in Canada? Either way they look delicious and I’d love to get my hands on one!

  49. Tried making them in grade school, and called them “woobie pies” for some reason. The cream leaked through the cookie, if you can believe it.

  50. My Twister (twin sister) is a whoopie pie fanatic (she posted above). I have not made any myself, but I have enjoyed the pumpkin whoopie pies she has made.

  51. When I was recovering from surgery a year ago, my mom and I saw Martha Stewart make whoopie pies on her show. I’d never had them, so my mom found Martha’s recipe and whipped up a batch for us. So delicious!

  52. I don’t think I’ve ever had a whoopie pie, but it really does sound good! I like cookies and cake and creamy filling, what could be better? 🙂

  53. This is so funny! We were just talking about whoopie pies because my husband’s cousin and family just moved to Lancaster County, PA from SC and he was calling them “whoop-pie pies”…we set him straight! 🙂 SO YUMMY!

  54. I haven’t tried making them myself, but have had them from the farmer’s market in Lancaster – yum! I don’t see them around Indy like I did when we lived in PA.

  55. Awwww man, I actually worked at a summer camp in PA a few years ago (I’m from Australia) and was only really introduced to funnel cake, smores, root beer, brownies, Wawas, Ritas etc.. BUT NOT WHOOPIES! They sound flipping amazing though, hrmmph! xo

  56. the first time i ever had a homemade whoopie pie was this past holiday season (09). one of the members of our book club made them…they were the pumpkin kind, with cream cheese frosting. it was heavenly. i was plotting ways to create a distraction so i could steal them! 🙂

  57. I’m an Australian expat so this is the first I have heard of whoopie pies but have heard of making cupcake sandwiches. I’d love to have a book on making whoopie pies rather than cutting up pretty cupcakes!

  58. Whoopie pie #1 was in 4th grade on our field trip to PA amish country. We all had to do amish arts and crafts projects prior to the trip. I made an amish quilt (which i think was about 12×12 inches and made from8 triangles to make a square)

    Whoopie pies Today: The Pizza place on the corner has “Vegan Treats” whoopie pie’s that are so tasty… It’s a special treat that I always share with the BF

  59. i l o v e whoopie pies (come on, who doesn’t?)… but you know what? i’ve never had one that was home made! if i win i will have home made whoopie pies for the first time… life complete!

  60. I always felt that there was something missing from my life. There is and it’s whoppie pies

  61. I, Krista, confess that I have never had a whoopie pie! Oh nooooooo! I’ve been really really wanting to make red velvet whoopies ala bakerella, but, alas have never gotten around to it! I need this book!

  62. Hmm…well I remember them as a kid. Never homemade…always store bought. So I think it’s safe to say I’ve never REALLY had a whoopie pie.

  63. I am an addict! If I see a whoopie pie, I must eat a whoopie pie. No questions asked. Best whoopie pie ever? The HUGE ones they sell every year in the Maine building at the Big E, the ‘state fair’ for New England. I love all the different flavors: mint, ginger, et. al. I think I must have this book!

  64. Hi! i just read your post on my reader and i instantly jump here!
    i’m writing from Barcelona, here whoopie pies are totally unknown, so if i finnally win this copy i will be glad to spread all my friends, family, colleagues, etc. all the deli-whoopie pies inside it.
    thank you, and congratulations for all your faboulous creations.

  65. I tried a whoopie pie made by an Amish community in Indiana. it was awesome. Then i tried Wicked Whoopies online, they were a little greasy, so now I think I will make my own.

  66. I’ve made delicious Pumpkin Whoopie Pies which have been a hit every time, and I tackled Red Velvet Whoopie Pies once (not such love), so I’d love to bake my way through this book! Maybe even try to make a vegan Whoopie Pie.

  67. Well I have to admit that I have never had a Whooie Pie before but they look good and I would love to try them so the book would be very usefull here 😉

  68. YUM-YUM-YUM!

    My mom used to buy us something like this but SO NOT homemade! I feel neglected!

    thanks for the fun give-way opportunity!

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