Art Star Craft Bazaar Jewels and Accessories

More Art Star Craft Bazaar goods and shops. Today though, I’m sharing some absolutely stunning jewelry and accessories. These items made me wish that I was independently wealthy and could buy anything I want…I wanted them all!

Porcelain necklace from Olaria Studio.

Earrings from Eleanor Kennell & Joanna Nealey.

Earrings from Jill Baker Gower.

Porcelain and vintage button pins from Found Studio.

Vintage fabric clutches from Dahling Accessories.

Storybook necklaces from Monika Krol.

Fiestaware necklaces from The Broken Plate Pendant Company.


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by & for including Dahling Accessories. It was great to meet you. All your picks are fantastic! What an amazing weekend! XO

  2. i love the broken plate peeps! i like to browse their shop on etsy. i want to buy something, but i can’t ever pick a favorite item; everything they do is so awesome!

  3. Thanks so much for posting my vintage button pins!! I had such a great time at ART STAR! You’re right, it would’ve been nice to buy anything you wanted at that show. It was such a pleasure to be among such talented crafters!! I appreciate your support, Jen!

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