Flowers to refresh and inspire

Last week, I went to Longwood Gardens. Featuring both an indoor conservatory and outdoor gardens (both informal and informal), Longwood Gardens is one of my favorite places to spend a morning. I like to pretend that the gardens are mine and that I awake each morning to throw open the doors to my balcony to the view of the Italian water garden (see below).

At least a couple times a year, I like to visit and take a day for myself and spend it looking at beautiful flowers. Afterward, I always feel inspired and renewed. I also love to take pictures while I’m there, of course, and here are just some of the best.  Some of these pics turned out exquisitely and I think almost look like paintings.

Peonies – they were breathtakingly beautiful.

Foxglove – one of my favorites.

Entrance to the indoor gardens.

Showy orchids…

I wish I could remember what this was!

Snapdragons – another favorite.


The formal Italian water garden.


  1. It’s another kind of peony. A kind with only one layer of large petals and the rest small and frilly.

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