One can never have too much jewelry

Some lovely jewelry finds from the Spring Indie Fixx Galleria, because I believe one’s jewelry collection can never be too large.


  1. Plum & Sage
  2. Proteales
  3. Chantal deFelice
  4. My Sunset Road
  5. Jorgensen Studio
  6. Untamed Menagerie
  7. Carmenesque
  8. Laurels Bench
  9. Bombshell Studios
  10. La Bouquiniste
  11. Stitch Machine

The Indie Fixx Galleria is an online showcase of handmade, indie-made & vintage goods. Think of it as an ‘indie mall’ featuring a mix of designers & boutiques to provide a curated shopping experience. Participants do pay a fee to take part, but the Galleria is juried.