All the arts + crafts I mean to get around to…

I was thinking the other day of all the arts and crafts I want to do, but just don’t ever seem to have enough time to get around to doing. I thought I might share my crafting wishlist as a first step in making it a prioroity to get around to some of these things.

I’ve created a list of things I’ve never done that I’d like to do, as well as crafts I’ve had some exposure to. This list is actually just a beginning…

What arts and crafts have you always meant to dabble in? Share in the comments!



  1. I have just started dabbling with polymer clay. I have been inspired by all of the amazing polymer clay artists on Etsy. It is amazing! I would also really love to start quilting.

  2. I also have a long list quite similar to yours…

    I took up knitting last week and I am more and more interested in photography and quilting every day! IN addition to this I feel like woodworking is calling my name!

  3. Love your list. I am a list maker too. Many of those crafts I too would like to try as well. This has inspired me to make a similar list in my art journal as a reminder. Thanks.

  4. I’ve always wanted to do copper enameling, resin, silk screening, and paper quilling (we have a few in common)! I think, with all the accoutrements I have to do the things I currently do, that it would be a hard sell to get my husband on board with new creative pursuits (and the resulting room they suck from the livable space in the house)! I hope you have fun and success choosing some new disciplines/skills to explore!

  5. Oh, I can relate! Sometimes, thinking about all of the things I would like to learn to do can be a bit overwhelming! Like you, I would like to try crewel, quilling and kirigami. Some other activities on my some day list are: punchneedle, sashiko embroidery, rug hooking and temari.

  6. Sewing is something I keep meaning to dabble in and I always have such big ideas for knitting and then never get to it. Oh yeah and metal work too!!! Too many fun things to try 🙂

  7. Just a small list then?? Lol…
    I would like to do so many of these! Especially making my own bound journals… that would be awesome.

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