Craft Show Checklist: what to bring with you?

image by gathering spriggs

As a continuation of my craft show series over on the Buzz Blog, I’m sharing a  checklist of what to bring with you to a craft show.  My last post in this series was all about how set up your displays at a craft show to attract more shoppers.

What to Bring With You to a Craft Show?


  1. It looks like the blog isn’t online anymore – is there any way to have the original content posted here? I’d love to be able to read it 🙂


  2. Thanks for doing this series! I’m gearing up to do some craft shows this summer, and your hints and ideas are very helpful:)

  3. Thanks for posting all of these great articles. Last year, I did a little home craft show right before Christmas, and I think I was the only vendor who had done other shows before! All of the other vendors were amused at my signs, bags, tissue paper, stickers, business cards, etc, and I was amused that they were so ill prepared!!

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