Lazy spring afternoon


Yesterday afternoon was absolutely beautiful….and today is pretty spectacular as well. It’s a wonderful respite from the 90+ temps from the weekend. Here in the mid-Atlantic states we get a very short window of pleasant spring weather. There’s usually not too much time between the cold & rainy weather of early spring and the sweltering humidity that comes in late spring.

You get used to it…you also got used to taking advantage of that perfect weather when it arrives, which is what I did yesterday. I decided to spend some time outside, playing with the cats, taking pictures, looking the wild nature in my yard. Luckily for me, it was a good allergy day and I was able to actually enjoy my time outside!

I took lots of pictures, like the one above and the one below of some mystery flower. I’m not sure what it is, I picked it up several years ago at school plant sale and it was labeled as a mystery perennial. It comes up every spring and I love to put the blossoms in a bud vase.


The cats were besides themselves with joy that I was outside. They just love it when their humans go outside. Both girls ( Pandora & Isabella) get all excited, run around, act crazy & follow us & try to coax us to play with them—which I did, of course. The girls & I also lounged in the grass under the tree together. Here’s a pic of Izzy rolling around on her cinder block….both cats LOVE to rub & lounge in the sun on a cinder block, so we always have one on the deck for them.


I also made some sun tea. Yum! My latest sun tea fave is English Afternoon Tea. It’s nice and mild and I just mix in a little local honey.


This hula hoop looked so lonely that I just couldn’t resist hula hooping a little bit. I am not very good at it. All that Wii hula hooping as not really helped in the real world.


I also tried my best to find some fauna to photograph besides the cats. All I really found were bugs, plenty of bugs. I’m actually quite tickled with myself at how well this photograph of a spider turned out though.


Here’s that same tree, but this is the view looking upwards while I was laying in the grass. That finally did chase me inside as I’m pretty allergic to grass, it felt so good while it lasted though. I have to remember to take more afternoons for myself.


I will be sharing more pictures with you of the garden in the next day or so, stay tuned for those.


  1. What a beautiful day outside! So I have never heard of sun tea before until recently. I will have to look up a recipe online.

  2. Beautiful photos! Here in CO we swing from spring to winter in less then 24 hours, it was 80F one day then the next morning we woke up to 4″ of snow!

  3. It looks like a double columbine. 90 is sounding really good to me right now. It’s only 48 here today in Salt Lake. I’m starting to wonder if it will ever warm up!

  4. I think you are right, I do think it is a Columbine. Thanks for helping me figure that out!

  5. Great pics! It has been so nice lately! I have also been trying to enjoy the lovely weather before it gets too sweltering hot to go outdoors 🙂
    I love the picture of the spider- you captured it beautifully!

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