A gift for you…

I was looking for some inspiration this Wednesday morning on flickr and I came up with this post…a gift for you.

Book #25: The Continental Divide by The Swirly Girl.
by The Swirly Girl

DSC_0361 by *lalalaurie.
by *lalalaurie

by Alicia Bock

vintage rose brocante by gathering spriggs.
by gathering spriggs

plant lovers by betsy..
by betsy.

tessa's bike by .elsie*cake..
by .elsie*cake.

Strawberries by * a n i t a *.
by * a n i t a *

Unearthed Treasure // Natural Terrarium by giant dwarf.
by giant dwarf

Wigwam Motel by Laughing Squid.
by Laughing Squid

California artichokes in peak season by love_yellow.
by love_yellow

IMG_4663 by fetosoap.
by fetosoap

Birdy by twelve22.
by twelve22

by Art·Craft·Thrift


  1. Beautiful pics! Love the pink rose in the jar. I read the post on the book project up there. so cool! thanks for helping me find that link:)

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