Fat Quarterly: new sewing e-magazine


For you quilters and sewer types, there is a new e-magazine out that you may like called Fat Quarterly. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy for review and I have to tell you that it’s full of projects…there’s at least 1/2 dozen complete projects with thoroughly in-depth instructions. One of the projects is for the quilt pictured above, the Jewel Box Quilt, which is by Brioni Greenberg. There’s also some designer interviews and bunch of giveaways, including a Designer Challenge.

Each issue is $8 or you can get a yearly subscription for $28.


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  1. Oh,I’d love to win Ann Maries new book,
    Handmade Beginnings. It looks like she has darling things to make. I won’t be having any more babies but, I am a grandma and just retired. So I have lots of time to make gifts for my family and friends.

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