2 Girls, a Boston Terrier, Gemma Correll and Some Pugs!


You know I’m a cat person..I started the Indie Cats Flickr Group after all, but I do love the work of artist Gemma Correll and I know that some of you are dog people. That’s why I decided to feature All-Mighty,  a shop that sells cute mighty dog themed illustrated tees, accessories & gifts as well as clothing.

The All-Mighty group, made up of two sisters and a Boston Terrier named Mighty, recently teamed up with Gemma Correll who is a self-professed Pug lover and creator of Pug art. Gemma created some Pug designs that are exclusive to the shop, and which are just totally adorable. The shop also carries some of Gemma’s Pug Not Drugs totes as well. They make a wonderful complement to the Boston Terrier goodies!




  1. I love Gemma’s pug art. I bought my mom (a major pug fanatic) the Pugs Not Drugs print for Christmas!

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