Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Allison Wonderland

I’ve got more fashion for today’s Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx. Last week I interview Snoozer Loser NY  founder Sonia Tay, and today I’m sharing my interview with Allison Smith of Allison Wonderland. Allison had recently released her divine spring & summer 2010 collection and I love it. It’s flirty, yet sophisticated, and structured without being severe. If you like what you see, visit Allison Wonderland after reading the interview.


1.Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

My name is Allison Smith and my line is called Allison Wonderland. I aim to make clothes that work in real life for actual bodies. But have them be super cute and hot as well!!

2. What’s your creative process like?

I start with a rough sketch, make that up and then redo it a thousand times until I’m happy with it. At some point there are usually tears.


3. Share some of your inspirations.

Daydreaming is a huge inspiration. Imagining what outfit would be best to wear out to dinner at some new spot. Or thinking about what to wear to work in an office and still looking awesome. I like thinking about all the different types of women out there and wondering what they would like.

4. What’s a typical day like for you?

There really is no typical day, fashion being so cyclical everything does repeat every six months. Sometimes it feels like everything is happening at once, samples need to be done, shot and shown and at the same time the current season needs to be delivered to stores. Every morning starts with 5 mins of cat blogs.


5. What blogs and mags do you read and what shops do you shop at?

I read British Vogue and look at a few Japanese mags. I am feeling like I need to discover a few new blogs, I’m bored with the ones I look at now. I am pretty lazy about shopping and only shop in my neighbourhoods. Luckily my studio is in Gastown and there are great shops. I go to Dutil, Dream, One and Two of a Few and the Block.

6. Share something silly about yourself.

Where do I start, it’s all silly!!


7. What 3 things can’t you live without?

Coffee, mystery books and riding my bike

8. What’s new or in works?

It is in between seasons right now with spring/summer 11 up very shortly. I like to give my head a break in between, not think too much about what is next and try to start from a clear perspective. Of course, it’s impossible not to have a few ideas brewing. I really want to make a new spring jacket for myself which will most likely pop up in s/s 11.