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Spring has finally sprung (at least for us northern hemisphere people…it’s our turn now, Australia) and I am ready to wear skirts & sandals & that yellow bag I bought in January & to pull out all my pretty springy jewelry pieces. I bet you are too and I’ve got just the thing for you this Monday morning…a giveaway! You could win a winner’s choice Foliage Necklace from Blend Creations. Made from real pressed flowers protected under acrylic and embedded into a brushed stainless steel pendant, the Foliage Pendants hark back to Victorian-era floriography but with a modern twist. Pick your favorite flower or one that has a special meaning for you and wear a little bit of spring around your neck.

Blend Creations also offer some other cool stuff. I like the Metal for Monsters collection, which feature artist designed monster pendants with part of the proceeds going to UNICEF, as well as the Brazilian Marble Paper pendants. Blend’s very latest collection is called Connections and is customizable to suit your style or to symbolize the connections in your life.

How to win: Leave a comment on this post & share your  favorite Foliage Necklace & why. Do you like the flower or does it have a special floriography meaning for you?  I will choose one random commenter to win. This giveaway will end Friday, April 30th at 11:59 pm EST.


  1. the “orange queen anne’s lace” is beautiful. the color orange makes me instantly smile for some reason. 🙂

  2. Love the blue hydrangea:0) Reminds me of all the hydrangea that grew around the first house my husband and I bought many moons ago!

  3. I agree – they are all lovely. I would like to have one to match every outfit, but i think the purple lobelia is just divine!

  4. It is really hard to pick and I would be happy with anyone but if I had to pick then it would the pink Queen’s Anne’s Lace necklace.

  5. The purple viola reminds me of all the flowers I’ve planted with my mom and our favorite in the spring plantings is the violas. Lovely!

  6. I really love the Queen Anne’s Lace! Queen Anne’s Lace symbolizes magic, trust, healing, and steadfast love…all traits that I would not want to live without. The necklace would be a great reminder of the things that I have overcome this year and those who stood by me 🙂

  7. I like all of them but I love the pink Queen Anne’s lace the most because pink is my favorite colour & it looks like a perfect starburst.

  8. I would choose the Round “pink Queen Anne’s lace” foliage necklace! They are all so gorgeous that any would be lovely. But I chose this one because it’s so delicate, and pretty! I love that they are real flowers inside. Like others have said, it reminds me of carrying special moments from my childhood with me. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  9. I love the blue and purple hydrangea necklaces. They were the main flowers at our wedding and decorated our cake. They definitely hold a special place in my heart.

  10. Though they are all beautiful, the orange “Queen Anne’s Lace” is my favourite. The color of it reminds me of summer sunsets and lazy days.

  11. I think my favourite is the orange Queen Anne’s lace because it’s just such a vibrant colour – I think it would really pop with a simple white shirt.

  12. I love the geranium leaf – it looks ‘strong’ to me, symbolizing strength which I’ve needed a lot of in the past 18 months since my kidney cancer diagnosis. I think it’s a beautiful necklace.

  13. I love the orange Queen Anne’s lace most. It is a tough choice though, over the pink version. In the end, I have to say orange because I love how modern it looks in an old fashioned way! Gorgeous!

  14. I adore the blue hydrangea necklace – the colour is beautiful.. and it’s one of my favorite flowers.

  15. The pink Queen Anne’s Lace is my favorite. The color is so vibrant and love that the flower is offset. There’s more visual interest because of those two things.

  16. They are all so beautiful! My favorite, though, is the hydrangea. There is just something about that flower that just makes my heart happy!

  17. I love how the pressed flowers show off the intersection of the precision of geometry and symmetry and the uniqueness of all living/growing things. They’re all fantastic (but my faves are still queen anne’s lace and germanium leaf…)

  18. i love the Round “orange Queen Anne’s lace” foliage necklace. I think it is beautiful and reminds me of all the bright flowers in our back yard when i was a little girl 🙂

  19. I love the Round “Coral Bells” necklace. The colour is that of my bridemaid dress for this summer. And isn’t there a song ‘white coral bells’?

  20. wow, these are lovely. I am mesmerized by the brilliant blue color (which is my fave color btw) of the Round “blue hydrangea” necklace. It would go perfectly with most things I own, and be casual enough to wear to work, yet dressy enough to wear for an evening out.

  21. (Sorry, just noticed my email address was missing a letter on the last submission – here it is again, with the right email)
    I love, love, love the blue Hydrangea! I don’t have a green thumb, my garden certainly attests to that. However, being the city gal that I am – I know that spring has sprung when I see the potted hydrangeas at the local grocery store and I always buy a blue one.

  22. I love, love, love the blue Hydrangea! I don’t have a green thumb, my garden certainly attests to that. However, being the city gal that I am – I know that spring has sprung when I see the potted hydrangeas at the local grocery store and I always buy a blue one.

  23. The blue hydrangea caught me attention straight away. It’s my favorite for two reasons: love the vibrant color-matches my personality and because the hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers. I always tell my husband that when we buy a home of our own I’d love to plant a hydrangea bush in our backyard. So in a way this necklace would remind me of that wish. 😉

  24. pink queen anne’s lace – the picture is well cropped and it just an interesting design between color and composition

  25. Wow! Ran across this site today via another design site and absolutely amazed! Such lovely things.
    I adore the Queen Anne’s Lace piece. Such femininity found in this light flower and the pink is the perfect pop of color!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  26. as a botany student all these necklaces have a speacial meaning for me, I did my honours on flowers! but I finally decided on round “red hydrangea” necklace because red is my favourite colour and it is particularly gorgeous.

  27. My favorite is the orange Queen Anne’s Lace. It reminds me of a dandelion floating in the breeze at dusk and reminds me to stop and see the beauty all around me.

  28. I am definitely partial to the Queen Anne’s Lace, but the Violas are just so wonderful. Both the purple and yellow, which are gracing my patio right now – everywhere! 🙂 The are persistent, adorable, and always make me smile.

  29. The pansy means the most to me. It’s the flower I remember most from my parents’ house and the one they give me most often. I love how strong and subtle they are at once!

  30. I Love the Round “blue hydrangea” necklace. It’s such a bright bold color, that matches my personality perfectly!

  31. I love the orange Queen Anne’s lace because to me it looks like a burst of sunshine and that is what my new baby is in my life.

  32. I love the pink Queen Anne’s lace. I love how it is set to the side giving it the look of a framed art piece on your neck! I also love how it looks as if it could be an abstract image of a pink firework!

  33. I love the Round “pale blue hydrangea” necklace. The baby blue color is great and so peaceful.
    Thanks for the chance.

  34. tough decision, but if i have to pick one, the pale blue hydrangea looks the prettiest. it reminds me of pressed fairie wings from lady cottington’s lovely paintings.

  35. Although they are all beautiful, my favorite would have to be the pale blue hydrangea. It’s a beautiful flower and a beautiful color. i would love this necklace to give my outfit a spring flair.

  36. So many nice necklaces! Round “pale blue hydrangea” necklace would be my pick. I like the color and it looks really elegant.

  37. The orange Queen Anne’s Lace is just beautiful. Definitely my favorite (with about 5 others in a close second)

  38. They are all so beautiful in their own right…
    For me though, the “purple viola” brings back memories of watering African Violets when I was younger.
    A stunning line of jewellery.

  39. I absolutely adore the Round “pink Queen Anne’s lace” foliage necklace. It reminds me of an old silk fan that my great grandmother used to have on her vanity. Simply beautiful!

  40. I really like the geranium leaf one, because it’s not a simple flower, it’s something a little bit different.

  41. I love the blue hydrangea necklace. We have huge hydrangea bushes on our property and they are one of my favorite things about our home.

  42. i really love them all, but my fave is the blue hydrangea. no special reason, just have always loved the hydrangea.

  43. I love the blue hydrangea, they’re some of my favorite flowers because you can make them that way!

    I do not think I’m especially frigid or heartless. maybe a little bit ;]

  44. normally, I’d go for anything purple, but for some reason the slightly off-center bright blue hydrangea really strikes me. What an amazing concept! Thanks for the opportunity…

  45. It was hard to pick but I’ve got to go with the pink Queen Anne’s. It looks as if they’re growing from one section to take over the entire frame. It’s wonderful.

  46. I love the round “purple viola” foliage necklace. Purple is my daughter’s favorite color and yellow is mine. The petal look so delicate and remind me of my daughter.

  47. My favorite is the Round “orange Queen Anne’s lace” foliage necklace. I’ve always loved Queen Anne’s lace and would make bouquets of it for my mother.

  48. Ooh so pretty! My favorite is the Swirl Viola with the little yellow flower. My favorite color is yellow because it just makes me happy to see it and I really like how the petals looks almost transparent.

  49. I love the pale blue hydrangea necklace. Our house is surrounded by these flowers and they mean a lot to me. Very beautiful 🙂

  50. I like the orange queen’s anne lace. It remind me of my sister who loves the color orange. plus the flower is fun and unique like her. 😀

  51. I love he Swirl Viola necklace. I found out recently as I was looking up my genealogy, that my great-grandmother’s name was Viola Hawkins. It was a lovely discovery since Violas are one of my favorite flowers, and no one had ever told me about this woman. I imagine her spirit as bright as the yellow center of this gorgeous piece.

  52. Wow, those are super pretty necklaces. I love the blue hydrangea, that colour is stunningly beautiful, Like the pale blue of spring skies….

  53. Round “burgundy hydrangea” necklace is my favorite 100%! I love the color of the flower and I simply find it amazingly beautiful!

  54. These flower necklaces are so beautiful! They remind me of the time I wanted to get into pressed flowers. I think I must have been about 14 or 15 years old. I asked my very handy grandfather to make me a flower press. I designed it and told him exactly how I wanted it, but I guess I was too strict about the requirements and he never built it! That taught about taking in suggestions from others, especially if I don’t know anything about the subject!

  55. I love the coral bells. I love to paint, and flowers are one of my favorite subjects because of their colors, especially these colors!

  56. love them all but the yellow flower.. sorry I can’t say for sure what it is.. catches my eye though a close second is the purple hydrangea..

  57. The Round “pink Queen Anne’s lace” foliage necklace is my favorite because I think it is the coolest! Doesn’t have a floriography meaning as far as I can find though 🙁

  58. it’s really hard to pick just one! i think i’ll have to go with the purple hydrangea because it’s one of the flowers i had in my wedding!

  59. Holy cow, these are gorgeous!! I L-O-V-E the Round “geranium leaf” foliage necklace. The colors are my favorite for fall and I think my mother-in-law would love this for mother’s day!!

  60. They are all so beautiful! My personal favorite is the “pale blue hydrangea” necklace. I planted my first hydrangea bush in the back yard this past fall and I’ve been patiently waiting through winter and spring for the blooms to arrive this summer. Maybe a little impatiently waiting (now) because this necklaces just makes me want to see those blue blossoms in person.

  61. I can’t chose between the delphinium and the blue hydrangea necklaces. The colors are stunning. Gorgeous giveaway:)

  62. They’re all so beautiful! I love the idea of capturing the fleeting beauty of flowers in something that will last so much longer. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the pink Queen Anne’s Lace.

  63. I’m a huge fan of the red tulips. I love anything tulip because they were the flowers my husband gave me on our first date. I integrated them into our wedding too! Plus, who doesn’t love the flower that signifies the first of spring!

  64. My fav is “pink Queen Anne’s lace”. I just love color pink and it perfectly matches with my skintone.

  65. I love the Orange Queen Anne’s Lac because it’s so cheerful and bright! I think it would be my little personal sunshine even in cloudy days 🙂

  66. I love the “pale blue hydreagea,” despite the fact that the flower represents heartlessness.

  67. The blue hydrangea is my favorite. The color is striking and compliments the silver frame beautifully.

    These are great!

  68. These are beautiful pieces! I especially like the “purple viola” one, particularly because I love its detailing and delicate purple hue.

  69. Wow. These are just stunning! I love that you can have your own art, or your child’s art, made into a pendant.
    My favorite necklace is the Viola. It is similar to a Pansy with is my favorite flower. They have sweet little faces that lift to the sun. They are hardy and sturdy but also dainty and soft. And pansies are the flower of my sorority. Enjoy the day! Erin

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