Planning Stages: e-courses/ workshops & a survey


I had the most productive afternoon…I worked on the 2 e-courses/workshops that I am planning and I wrote up a total of 8 pages of notes and I just feel so accomplished!

So, what is it that I have in the works? Well, I’m planning on presenting 2 interactive e-courses on how to get featured on blogs and another on creativity.

Everything is obviously still in the planning stages, but I hope it sounds exciting to you. In fact, I’m wondering just how exciting it sounds and I’d love it if you filled out my little survey, so I can gauge the interest. There’s only 6 basic yes/no questions, so it won’t take any time at all and I’d really appreciate it!

Take the survey

*Please note, I will not be collecting any email addresses from this survey. My newsletter/ survey provider just requires an email to validate your existence.

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