10 Things: 10 Ways to Relax


Need some relaxation in your life? Who doesn’t, right? Amy from Handmade Evolution (Etsy Shop Field Trip) shares 10 Ways To Relax for 10 Things. How do you relax? Share in the comments!

If you have your own idea for a great 10 Things list and want to put one together, send me an email.

By Amy from Handmade Evolution

Relaxation and time off work are now a couple of my favorite topics, so I thought it would be fun for us all to share our favorite ways to relax and to treat ourselves.


Nothing like a break for some tea or a decadent piece of chocolate right? I love to light a candle or two to give the room a lovely fragrance while working or reading. And how great is a bubble bath or deliciously scented bar of soap!

1.) Not Just Tea 2). Pur Bliss 3). Sweeties by Kim 4). Mooka Soap


The above is all about time away from the computer for me – usually spent lying on the couch or in bed reading a great book or magazine (there is something about paper for me still)!

5.) A Guide to the Birds of East Africa 6). Apple Iphone 7). Hettle 8). Wired Magazine

Cue the music… A great, positive song works wonders to keep me happy and relaxed, even if I am hard at work. My brother introduced me to this tune from Matisyahu, and it’s now one of my favorites. Finally – my sketch book. Getting my ideas on paper and brainstorming somewhere away from my office is something I really enjoy doing.

9.) Matisyahu 10). Disconsolator

I’d love to hear and be inspired by your favorite ways to relax!


  1. thanks guys – this is a good reminder for me for this weekend. must. schedule. some. relaxation. 🙂

    brigite – that sounds really heavenly!

  2. Sewing anything relaxes me! It’s not the main craft I do, but when I have a sewing project to work on, I can really feel my entire body just slow down with it.

    I had to reply when I saw Matisyahu on your list – I love the message in that One Day song.

  3. A Guide to the Birds of East Africa is a great little book. I work PT at B&N, so I always have a book going, my other relaxation is music, currently Crazy Heart soundtrack and Michael Franti & Spearhead – All the Rebel Rockers.

  4. I just got to relax in my favorite way last night! Sitting on my back deck after work, drinking a cold beer, paging through Style Statement with a notebook at the ready.

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