Win a pair of cute and socially responsible sandals!


I love that it’s now warm enough to wear sandals and flip flops (I am banishing all my socks to the attic until at least October) andΒ  I am definitely a strappy sandal kind of girl, but the need to be flat strappy sandals.Β  I wish I were coordinated enough to wear heals, I’d sure like to add 4 inches to my height, but flats are more my speed. But cute flat shoes that look good with shorts, jeans and skirts, that’s what we all need right? Those ratty Old Navy flip flops are not what I’m talking about…you know who you are wearing those.

Enter Sseko Designs, an independent shoe company started by Liz Forkin Bohannon selling handmade,Β  super-unique sandals with interchangeable fabric straps that can be tied in a bunch of different ways. Liz started the company after visiting Uganda and being inspired by the young, beautiful & hardworking women of the Cornerstone Leadership Academy she met there. The Ugandan school system is designed with a nine month gap between secondary school and university. These nine months are intended to allow time for students to earn money for tuition before continuing on to university. However, women often struggle to find fair work during this time. Sseko Designs hires recent secondary school graduates for this nine month period to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their university education

I love a good background story and a fair & involved company even more than I love shoes…and I do love these shoes. Made from leather and fabric straps, there are an infinite number of ways to tie them, not to mention changing the look by changing the straps. The materials are sourced locally & incorporate the beautiful local texiles of Uganda. LOVE!

Want to win your own pair of cute and socially responsible sandals? Of course, you do!

To win: Leave a comment on this post & your favorite color(s) as well as your favorite ways to tie Sseko shoes. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must share a different syle & color in each comment. I will choose one random commenter to win a pair with both a solid and patterned strap of your choice. This giveaway will end Friday, April 16th at 11:59 pm EST.

P.S. Don’t also forget about the Green Rainbow Giveaway, which ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST.





  1. I LOVE the black ones! I like the way they are tied as well. But the great things about the shoes is that they can be tied ANY way and still look adorable!

  2. I’ve been wanting the starboard ever since I saw them! I’ve been saving to buy a pair and learn the tricks to tying them, but I’d love to win a free pair!

  3. I’d start with Starboard, and then probably buy a few straps in other colors. How can I know my favorite way to tie them if I don’t have a pair yet?

  4. I love sandals too. <3 Old Navy flipflops tend to be all I end up getting though, so some pretty summery sandals like these would be amazing.

    I love Boca on their site and the way they’re tied. πŸ˜€

  5. I was personally drawn to the Starboard design and mixture of colors while I really find the criss crossing effect of tying them. All of the sandals are beautiful as is the story behind them, it would make me proud to own a pair!

  6. I love, love, love theses! I’ve been obsessing about them for days now…and can’t decide which color I like the most. Right now I’m leaning toward sprig tied up in criss, cross, applesauce style.

  7. I love the basic black and the basic tie that is mostly shown But most of all I LOVE what they are DOING!!! Hurray for helping women!!

  8. i really like the boca ones! they remind me on something you would wear traveling through foreign land! i would wear it EXACTLY like the picture on the site showing the boca pattern

  9. I LOVE the look! — and I knew right away that the solid green was my favorite. I’ve never had a pair, but I do like how they are pictured in that photo. Thanks πŸ™‚

  10. if i win my fiance would decide which to pick. i like the black and would tie to stay on the feet. i don’t know how she would tie them.

  11. green is my color of the day πŸ™‚ and then i’m thinking of tying them up the way the black ones are tied!

    Seriously, these are fab – thanks for the giveaway and for turning us on to them!

  12. These are all so cute and I love how many ways they can be tied. I like the Black and the Kapowski straps and would tie them Thong Style.

  13. since i’m getting married in 2 months, i was thrilled to find out about Sseko Designs- the Sseko Custom Wedding are perfect for my wedding after party!!!

    (what the hell, I think I’ll order them anyway soon..).

    for every day I would go for solid black (sure) and an extra strap in of sprig-this combination will be perfect for summer days, and summer casual evenings ..

    loved this post!

  14. I’m an all around fan of the blue and white striped pair. The print, the way they are tied…all of it!

  15. I love the brown because they’d go with everything! And I love when they’re tied around the ankles, so cute!

  16. I love the bright turquoise pair and the way they are tied in the last picture on the left. They all look like so much fun to wear and best of all, no more ugly white socks!

  17. I love everything about this company. And even if I don’t win, I’m pretty sure I’m going to order a pair for myself anyways. Love the starboard stripes – and would wear just as tied in the photo.

  18. I have to say I am in love with the green as well as the starboard patterned straps. I like the way that the starboard sandals are tied.

  19. I love the green ones, and I would wear them exactly as they are shown on the photo above! Or, even better, tied like in the upper right photo above.

  20. I like the “Sprig” tied in “Cris cross applesauce.” Thanks for the contest, and the link to such a cool shoe company!

  21. My favorite sandals are the kapowski sandals as well the black sandals. My favorite way to tie the sandals would be Sseko Flip Flop…minus the flopping…This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  22. love the green ones and how they’re tied! i think they’d be very comfortable and versatile enough to wear with a myriad of spring and summer outfits! πŸ™‚

  23. I love the solid red colour — and would love to tie them like the first picture from above. Thanks for the great giveaway

  24. I guess I would go for the black and the sprig; I would wear them in that elaborately simple criss-cross style like in the picture, wrapped around the ankles.

  25. My second choice would be the solid brown ties and the kapowski pattern. Tied like in the picture of the boca pattern.

  26. I like the Sprig pattern most, but I’d prefer a pattern that has red or brown as a dominant colour. The black solid would make a very versatile sandal.

    I like the way the sandal is tied in the picture of the black ties.

    These would be lovely when travelling.

  27. wow, i’ve never heard of these before until today but they are pretty neat looking! i like the kapowski color the best! mix and match with multiple outfits because of the multicolor! i’d have to experiment with the different tie styles before picking a fav.

  28. I love the kapowski print and the black solid would go with everything. I would tie them in the style the photo of the black ones has but would also try various tie styles. Thanks!

  29. I love the starboard, but i wish they offered a red/white striped version.
    I’m curious if anyone has tried to make their own straps for the shoes. (oh, and any which way i can have an ankle strap is how i’d wear it)

    I’m so happy you posted this, because i just spent some time browsing the web trying to find these and couldn’t remember the name!

  30. I love these – the flexibility and the cause – I would feel very good about wearing these sandals. I love the green and the blue. As to which way to tie….I love the gladiator look (a soft gladiator), and I like the Teva style on the top right…I like them all!

  31. Wow! I just calculated that for just over $100.00 I could actually have 9 PAIRS OF SHOES!!! I could easily pay that for one pair of sandals at the mall! I am SO on board with these! Next choice is black . . .

  32. OK – second guessing here – I am in L-O-V-E with the green . . . I could find a reason to wear these every day – I’m sure of it!

  33. Love the kapowski! I would tie it like a flip flop and around the ankle. Very cool sandals:)Very cool cause:)

  34. Actually, I think I might go for the hot red and the sprig – they are just perfect for the summer. I would wear them criscrossed over my feet and ankle.

  35. What a great story these shoes hold. I absolutely love the blue starboard sandals, and I totally dig the criss cross applesauce way of tying them.
    Fabulous giveaway. I’m booking a pedicure in anticipation of winning my first ever contest!

  36. These shoes are fabulous. Finally, a shoe to stand on. I love the green; green’s my color . I’d wear them crisscrossed and of course tied at the ankle.


  37. So cute! i like all the colors but if i had to choose, solid green or solid teal. And, the fun part about those shoes would be finding out how to tie them and wear them!

  38. the teal is BEAUTIFUL as well….they are all beautiful! that one i would criss cross over my foot and wrap it around my ankel! it would be perfect for vacation to add some colour to a white cotton dress!

  39. i also really like the black. they would be perfect to wear on a date! i would wear them so they would tie up my leg to give it a ballet look

  40. such wonderful sandals! I am so happy it is warm as well! I wear my sandals untill it starts to snow (and then sometimes socks and sandals hahaha)
    i really like the spring ones and i cannot choose one way to tie them! i would change it everyday…it is like owning many different shoes without the expense!

  41. I would probably choose the brown and wear them the way they are in the picture until I practiced the other ways.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  42. appreciate everything hand-made, and this is such an awesome story! LOVE the orange/seafoam combo fabric, tied like the ones in green. so perfect for summer!

  43. I’m so glad I saw these on your site! I’ve been looking for a pair of cute strappy flat sandals too and I think these are great! plus the story makes it even better. I love the green straps and of the patterns i think the starboard are my favorite, also my favorite way to tie but i love that you can have so many variations since I get bored easily.

  44. I like the kapowski strip. It is so colorful. These sandals look comfortable unlike leather with can stick to your skin when its humid. I like when you have a criss-cross over the top of the foot.

  45. I love the starboard pattern! So cute for summer. I prefer the criss-cross tie to the flip-flopesque one. So cute!

  46. I love the lime green and bright teal colors! Very tropical. And I think my favorite way to tie them is how the lime green ones are tied. Nice and simple.

  47. I love the “Sprig” pattern, but I would need a flow chart to tie them correctly! The tie on the lime green is more my speed. Loverly sandals, and a wonderful cause! I wish more shoe makers would get on board with the interchangeable straps!

  48. Sprig in the multi-tie style looks almost like the japanese geta in a way. The fabric looks similar to kimono fabric.

  49. Tied in the flip flop around the ankle style the boca with it’s tan and teal pattern is lovely.

  50. Those shoes are fabulous. Just what I’ve been looking for! I’d get the brown and then use the Jesus tie. Or just tie them every which way.

  51. The rage these sandals are getting is totally justified! I love the design, colors, possibilities, and especially the good cause. πŸ™‚ My favorite are the black and I would tie then like flip flops with the straps around the ankle.

  52. And of course, black- the staple. Please don’t tease me for wearing the 2 for $5 Old Navy flip flops! My feet love them.

  53. I would love the kapowski! I’d thong, then criss cross, then put a cute little bow in the back. I think these are the cutest and most socially responsible shoes ever!

  54. My Favorite print was sprig and my favorite way to tie is with the second cris-cross on the top of the foot. Adorable!

  55. I can remember when the only real sandals besides kids were the $2 plastic flip flops that showed up in a bin in the drugstore about May 1. The color choice was black or black. Sandals have come a long way baby and I want some of these. I live in sandals, hate socks and wouldn’t wear a pair of stillettos if my life depended on it. Fingers crossed here.

  56. i love the starboard ones (actually i love ALL of them!) and like the way they are tied in the photo – kind of like espadrilles.

  57. These are beautiful! I particularly like the “sprig” and the way they tie up in that picture. Although I love how they all tie up, what an ingenious idea!

  58. These shoes are gorgeous!!!I live in Greece and I have already started wearing sandals,it’s so hot!
    I love the green ones and I would tie them in every possible way!

  59. I LOVE the Starboard shoes – the color, the stripes, the way they are tied. They would SO cute with the new white skinny jeans I just bought πŸ™‚

  60. These sandals are really cute. I especially like the green and blue pattern on the top right and those blue and white striped ones (I’m very into a nautical look this spring).

    I tend to go for the gladiator look myself – I like the way it makes my ankles look.

  61. Wow what an amazing story! that is so awesome! I am so glad there are people like Liz to be able to do this for others struggling! Anyway i like the regular cross over style, and i’d go with black or a pattern with teal, magenta, purples, blacks, and blues.

  62. They are beautiful! I like the sprig design (and the way they’re tied in black ones). I can imagine myself lying in a hammock under the olive trees wearing those.

  63. ah! id loved these sandals for a while! the teal ones are my favorite, of course. I love they way they tie around the ankle – it looks so elegantly greek.

  64. I love those shoes! Give me spring fever:) I love the black and the solid green. I think I would have a lot of fun trying out different ways of tying them. The first style I would try out would the the one on the first picture like the green ones.

  65. oh my these sandals are awesome! thank you for this fantastic giveaway.

    they look both casual and stylish enough to go with anything. sundresses, pants, shorts, skirts, capris….and with interchangeable straps? too. good.

    I would go for the teal definitely, because the colour would make me so happy everytime i look down at my feet. I like them tied as the way they are cos it covers just enough of the feet.

  66. Whoops! Forgot to say how I’d tie them–like the photos of the navy and green or the turquoise & gold. Hope we gets lessons. I’m going to look to see where I can buy them. May have to save up but they look worth it.

  67. I love the last blue ones (his year i am very much for the blue colour.
    And I love sandals, I usually wear them since the end of april until the end of october, so I like to have sandals in all kind of models and colour.
    Thank you very much for this lovely giveaway.
    xxx Mar

  68. Love these sandals! Need flats for comfort & I’m 5’8″ so I don’t need the height. But nice sandals cost lots of money & I’m disabled so I’m low on disposable income. Nice opportunity to win these! Thanks! My favorite color is turquoise. Reba

  69. i love them all – but black would go with the most clothing – i like the criss cross tie around my ankle

    autumn398 @

  70. These shoes are ADORABLE! I kind of want every color! But if I have to choose. I absolutely ADORE these! They are so cute and versatile! I love the white and navy striped one as well as the turquoise ones! I would tie is just as these two are in the pictures! I like the sprig design. How cute.I love the story behind this store.I like the black.I like them tied as were it looks like an X on top of your foot and then tied around the ankle.Greatest Sandals Ever!!!!! I know Sandals!!! Oh My Goodness these are cute…what a great idea! I’m partial to green but I love all the colors. The Starboard sounds about right for where I live, but again, I love all the styles.
    As an aside, those things would sell like crazy here!!!
    Thank you for a lovely give away.

  71. Red– and just like they are tied in the photo. I rarely purchase anything new, but these, I would. I love everything about them.

  72. My favorite color is blue. These shoes are beautiful. I’ve always wanted a pair with the wrap-arounds. The fact that these girls can maintain an optimistic lifestyle and express a craft in such terrifying times is nothing less of incredible. c:

  73. I like the black ones, but didn’t see the ways to tie. I would like to think that I could learn to do these cute things.

  74. Love, love the lime green, and also the way the one in the photo is tied..the less across the foot the better in the hot summer, as far as I am concerned!

  75. Every style of these sandals are so great looking and if I had to pick one as my favorite they would be the blue/white stripes. I would tie them so they secure the ankle and then go up the leg as far as the straps will allow.

  76. These are awesome! I love the starboard pattern and I think I’d criss-cross it over my feet and then wrap it around my ankle–I think I’d get the most support that way and it looks really cute!

  77. love the teal straps and the simplicity of how the green straps are tied! what an inspiring story!

  78. I love the sprig fabric ones (green and blue) and the really neat overlapping crossed ties. I would have to watch the video a few times to learn how to tie them properly though!

  79. I absolutely ADORE these! They are so cute and versatile! I love the white and navy striped one as well as the turquoise ones! I would tie is just as these two are in the pictures!

  80. I also like the brown. Tied to look like flip flops. The V on top of your foot then tied around your ankle.

  81. I like the black. I like them tied as were it looks like an X on top of your foot and then tied around the ankle.

  82. My favorite is the teal in the flip flop minus the flopping.

    This is such a wonderful site and project. Thanks for sharing.

  83. These are really cute sandals and I love that they come in size 5! My favorite strap colors are the red and the boca and the Criss, Cross, Applesauce wrap looks really nice.

  84. I also love the solid brown straps. I would wear them with tied like a regular flip flop and around the ankle! Thanks!

  85. I also LOOOOOVE the red in the “cankle awareness” style! Not because I have cankles (chicken legs, rather), but because i like the look a LOT!

  86. Ahhh the Kapowski pattern is also beautiful! So funky. I would wear those in the thong song wrap.

  87. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I really hope to win a pair. I like the BOCA straps and the criss cross applesauce tie!

  88. I think I love the black best, in the flip flop-esque tie that goes around the ankle.
    I really think I need a pair of these. They’re so cool! And I love the company ethic there. πŸ™‚

  89. Love this idea!!! What a genius way to help others and sell a great product. My favorite is the Sprig design tied in a criss-cross around the ankle.

  90. love it! I like the boca, and the teal, and any of the patterned ones. Heck, I think I need a pair with as many differents straps as I can get! What a great company.
    And I’d tie them a different way every day. What’s my mood? Do I need a little extra security today or not?

  91. Wow! I love the turquoise ones. And I love the way they are tied. I don’t think anyone in the Netherlands has them…

  92. I love them! I would chose the blue and white stripe because I love a good stripe and I love blue! I also love anything pink. πŸ™‚

  93. I like the criss cross applesauce and the flip flip style of ties. And the colors that are my fave: sprig and green. πŸ™‚ Thank you for introducing me to such a neat shoe and a wonderful cause.

  94. These are really adorable! I love them. It took me a while to pick 2 faves but I’d have to say the teal and the black, (though I love pattern). I would tie them like the 1st & last picture above. πŸ™‚

  95. sseko design has such an inspired and loving concept. i hope their sales blow up after this post! i love the criss cross ties up to the ankle with the blue and white stripped straps. these are super cute!

  96. I love the boca ones tied like really comfy looking flip flops with the bow behind the ankle. These are fabulous!

  97. I also love the plain brown, as well as the red. My favorite way to wrap them is the way they are shown in the top right picture on your blog. Does that style have a name?

  98. I absolutely love these! I just discovered them over the weekend. My favorite are the blue and white striped–starboard.

  99. Love these! Especially the red ones (on the website) all tied up in criss-cross fashion. So cute – and versatile!

    Hope I win! #fingerscrossed


  100. These are amazing. I love the kapowski patterned strap. And I like all the different ways to tie them! If i had to pick one way I really like the one that crisscrosses across the top of the foot. That way it shows off as much of the cute pattern as possible!

  101. Hmm, tough choice but I would have to say sprig or boca. I like the way they wrap around your feet before wrapping around your ankle.

  102. My favorites are the kapowski, boca, and black ones. Am I allowed to have 3 favorites ?!? I like them crossed over the top of your feet! These are so great! I love the background story!!!

  103. What cute sandals! My favorite color is the starboard, but the brown would probably go best with my wardrobe. As far as how to tie them, I like the way the teal are tied in the picture above.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  104. These a pretty fantastic! My fave colors and patterns they offer are kapowski, green, and boca. As for which ways to tie, I can’t choose! All are wonderful.

  105. i just think the story and idea behind these shoes is AWESOME. i would love to own a pair.

    Black would be the color i choose.

    thanks for this!

  106. Oh, adorableness squared these shoes are! The colors are lovely, but I’m a practical boring girl who would love the black ones criss-crossed and tied around my ankles.

  107. The green is a close runner up. I like that you could get both straps and trade them out. Great idea. still criss cross though.

  108. ive never seen these kinds of sandals before but I love them. the story behind them is amazing too. thanks for showing us.
    the black would probably match all my stuff.

  109. Red ones are lacking some love! They’re so cute and the way they’re tied is perfect. I also like black and starboard.

  110. Teal, or black. I kind of wish there was a more neutral color as well. I live in sandals many months of the year. I’d tie them around the ankles. Great company!

  111. I love the green or black solids. I’m not much of a patterned shoe girl. πŸ™‚ I’m also digging the flip flop look along with the ankle strap tie. Love these!!!!

  112. I love the starboard color, I don’t know what the different ties are called but I like the one that makes an x across the foot πŸ™‚

  113. I looove these sandals (and the initiative behind them)!
    I love them all… but if I had to chose I would go for the solid green ones, tied like a normal pair of flip-flops with an ankle strap.

  114. these are so fantastic. i love the solid red and the sprig. the thong-style tie is my fave b/c i like the look of flip-flops, but they hurt my toes. hopefully the strap around the ankle will help…

  115. Greatest Sandals Ever!!!!! I live in Florida and I know Sandals!!! Oh My Goodness these are cute…what a great idea! I’m partial to green but I love all the colors. The Starboard sounds about right for where I live, but again, I love all the styles.
    As an aside, those things would sell like crazy here!!!
    Thank you for a lovely give away.

  116. I love love the green straps–perfectly shown with the “Sseko flip flop…without the flopping” (as described by Ms Liz herself!).

  117. Boca pattern and brown solid are my two favorites. I would tie them different ways, however the way the sandals are tied at the shop are awesome. How about one in every color?

    Big hug,

  118. I love the solid green shoes tied like a flip flop with a strap in the back – simple yet elegant!

    (P.S. I would love to win a pair of these shoes – they’d be perfect for my upcoming trip to Ethiopia to adopt my daughter!)

  119. How CUUUUUUUUTE!! And what a great help for some women who need it! Kudos! PURPLE is my faaaaavorite color! As to a pattern, I’d probably go with earthy type tones – to go with my bohemian/hippy skirts πŸ™‚ I kinda like the style where the straps between the toes is knotted then criss-crossed but the Sprig is cute too!

  120. I also love the solid black style. Sophisticated and sleek without being TOO serious. I can’t get over the ankle wrap! This would be a great shoe to wear to Disney… it’d keep your feet cool and you wouldn’t have to worry about the shoes flying off when you barrel down Rockin’ Rollercoaster or Space Mountain!

  121. Absolutely adore the Starboard sandal. That pattern is so feminine/fun and with it wrapped around the ankle, it’s a great pair to wear with a skirt or shorts. How adorable!

  122. I also really love the Sprig strap and how it is tied, a little messier but lots of fun – it goes well with the color combo for summer!

  123. I really love the black sandal because it is so versatile and I love how it’s tied with a criss-cross, very simple and elegant.

  124. I like the Green, but also love the Red, AND the Kapowski. I also think it’s nice how the toenail paint matches the sandals in most cases! Thanks for the chance to win such nice footwear.

  125. All designs look beautiful and I would choose the solid green color and the way it is tied. Thanks for sharing this inspiring project.

  126. I would love to have a bright orange sandale just lime the lime green ones you have shown. They look like a flip flop with strap tied around the ankle.

  127. I love these so much. I just read the story and bookmarked the site… I’ll definitely be shopping there. I think my favorite is the green… I also like how those are tied best. Thanks for a great find!

  128. My favorite color is lime green I love the lime green solid color sandals that look like a flip flop toe and wrap around the ankle tie

  129. I love the idea of versatile shoes! I like the green and sprig styles – I’m thinking about making green my “color of the summer” this year (last year was brown). As far as tying them, I say every way is best!

  130. Those are really lovely. Even though where I live sandals-season is still a month or so away I would love to have black ones. I like the way the green ones are tied.

  131. oh my gosh, I am in love with these shoes, the boca is sooo pretty, i love the interchangable straps, it is the best idea! i like that you can make them look like flip flops

  132. the black would be perfect with anything, and i love the way they are tied in the teal picture, they look like ballerina shoes πŸ™‚

  133. I like the navy and green colors and I know I would like to wear them tied like slip on sandals…tied behind the heel. I think they are wonderful creations…what crafty ladies to make these!

  134. ooh! I loove those! The solid green ones are my favorite. I’ll tie them differently every day πŸ™‚

  135. my fave colors are purple, green, blue, bright colors!
    i had never heard of the shoes until this blog post, so i don’t know the best way to tie them! but i love the idea of tying in several ways and being flexible.

  136. oooh! darling sandals. sprig is my fav, but I always wear black! and tied around the ankles, so cute!


  137. These are so pretty. I definitely LOVE those turquoise ones, the colour and the style of the tie. Kudos to making such fantastic footwear!

  138. The Kapowski color strap is fun! If tied in the gladiator style like on the model in the bottom left picture (Starboard colored strap photo) they would be an adorable accent to any outfit! I love this! As a kid I used to tie ribbons around my hands and feet, this is such a grown up way to continue doing that!

  139. The black are definitely formal and elegant! I have very few sandals and these would be a great addition to my wardrobe! The simple tying method with a between the toes v and then the wrap around the ankle is gorgeous and looks comfortable!

  140. These are beautiful, and I’ve been looking for something just like these! I love the solid green (ok, really, I love all the solid ones!) and the way its tied in the pic above. I was wondering how you tied them, so that Youtube video was super helpful.

  141. I love the green sandals in the way they’re tied in the picture. It’s simple but looks great!

  142. Love these shoes. I like the red and tan with a touch of blue pair. I like the tie that is more like a traditional sandal and does NOT go around the ankle.

  143. Wow, I love these! My favourite is the Kapowski tied Criss Cross Applesauce. I would so love to play with these and come up with all sorts of ways to wear them!

  144. i like the black, so they go with everything. could be my go to summer shoe! i also like them tied just like the model showing the black ones! yay.

  145. My favorite color is Purple ! I love the way the ones in the upper right hand corner are tied ! They look awesome ! But they are all sooo cute ! πŸ™‚

  146. Oh, these are so fabulous! I especially like the way they’re tied in the second picture down on the left. I tend to go for neutral colors in shoes (like maybe gray?), but the bright colors on these are great, too! πŸ™‚

  147. The solid green is my favorite color, and I like the way the sandals are tied in the top left picture. So cute!!

  148. I love the blue-white striped ones..and also the way they’re tied πŸ™‚

    I would so love to win these! These sandals are just ingenious!

  149. Then I’d use Green criss cross apple sauce style <3. P.S. I wish they sold the straps that she has in her tutorial videos!! I love red and I love patterned materials <3

  150. these are sooo adorable, i want some! I love the starboard pattern and i love them zig zaged over the foot and then tied aroung the ankle!

  151. OMG these are so cute!!! I am flipping for the blue and white striped color, blue being my favorite color!!! I want those exact ones so badly, even how they are tied, so I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed eek!!! πŸ™‚ xoxox Holly

  152. How great these sandals are, wow! I particularly love the solid green and the “kapowski” and and and…ALL of them πŸ™‚ As for the tie: I love how the black one is tied!
    Keep up the good work Sseko, so nice to meet you!

  153. I can’t decide – I’d also want the starboard straps tied in the style that the model on the front page of their web site is wearing – I can’t find a video for it, so let’s just call it “gladiator style.” Thanks for hosting this!!

  154. I’m a pretty simple girl, so I’d probably go with black, tied in the “How would Jesus wear His Ssekos?” method. These look so fun + comfortable!

  155. green… I love it. And I love shoes that tie around my ankle. Great story. Awesome company. Groovy shoes.

  156. I love the green and “boca” straps! They look adorable tied like a flip flop with an ankle strap. What a great company story! Great job, Sseko Designs!

  157. These shoes are ADORABLE! I kind of want every color! But if I have to choose I’d probably go with the solid green and the light green and navy pattern. As far as which way to tie them, every way! That’s the point you can tie them in a new way every time you where them, GENIOUS! Love, love, love.

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