Been Goofing with the Bees

We have these Asian Pear trees in our yard that are blooming like crazy now. They do not grow edible fruit, but the bees just love them and they are very pretty while they are blooming. They do not smell very good though–some describe the smell as fishy mushrooms…not too pleasant.

Anyway, while out working in the garden yesterday, I stopped to admire their hard work and beauty…both the bees and trees and snap a few pictures.





Here are a few images that I manipulated in Photoshop to heighten the bright springiness of the day. I turned up the cyan in a couple of them as well as yellow in the middle one and played around with some other effects to create a sort of painted effect. I think they turned out pretty. 😉





  1. Lovely shots, Jen! Whenever the topic of bees comes up, my sister always brings up the fact that they look like they’re wearing legwarmers… hilarious. Well, you look like you certainly got close up enough to see the warmers — cute, huh? Thanks for sharing!

  2. so beautiful! Your pictures are fabulous!
    I’m excited for our apple trees to blossom – but not too soon – don’t want a frost to kill the apples… we have 20 acres so it’s just like looking over fields of white. If you stand still in the middle all you hear is buzzing all around you…so wonderful!

  3. So pretty! I like the second shot especially. I was just telling my boyfriend yesterday that I want to get one of those bee homes that are supposed to attract honey bees to your garden. I can’t wait to see some bees in our yard!

  4. I just got stung by a bee….so I felt a little terror when looking at your pictures. But just a little. Mostly I was just in awe of your skills.

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