Feed Your Soul: the free art project download from Irena Sophia + Feed Your Soul mentioned by Rainn Wilson!

Before we get to today’s Feed Your Soul: the free art project free printable art, I want to thank SoulPancake and Rainn Wilson. Feed Your Soul was featured over the weekend on SoulPancake (which was co-created by Rainn Wilson) and Rainn also mentioned the project a couple of times on his Facebook Wall as well! How awesome is that?

In their post, the folks over at SoulPancake asked the question, “How do you feed your soul?” So, head on over and join the discussion and share how you feed your soul. I, for one, feed my soul with art!

Now on to today’s art, which is from one of my favorite artists, Irena Sophia. Read more about Sophia below and then download her lovely contribution here.

If you are an artist interested in participating in the project, email me at jen@indiefixx.com and I’d be happy to take a look at your work.



Irena Sophia – Irena is a artist living on relation of South Salem, NY and Zagreb, Croatia. She spent her childhood in Europe then moved to New York. Her style of work is greatly influenced by combination of vintage illustration, manga, folk art and modern design. She is inspired greatly by soft lines, serene scenes, creating a world of inner quietness and delicacy. She holds Fine Art degree in painting and spends her time dedicating herself fully to her art. You can see more of her work in her Etsy Shop and on her Blog.

Download Irena’s print HERE!