Herald the rebirth of spring

Yesterday, I couldn’t resist buying several bunches of rununculi at Trader Joes. They just called out to me and  I decide to make them a present for myself. We should all buy ourselves flowers once in a while, you know?

Plus, I like to have the house full of flowers for Easter, it’s seems appropriate. We don’t celebrate Easter in the religious sense, but more in the way the spring equinox has been celebrated by man for tens of thousands of years. We relish in the warmth, are thankful for the rebirth of all things green and enjoy the sounds and sights of the flora and fauna.

I hope you are taking some this weekend to herald the rebirth of spring!



  1. For a recent shoot at my house, I bought 8 bouquets of flowers. It felt super spemdy but when the film crew left, I just enjoyed all that goodness for another 7 days:-) Yours are lovely.

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