10 Things: Top Ten Things Every Mama Needs More Of


Tara from scoutie girl shares 10 Things Every Mama Needs More Of for 10 Things. If you have your own idea for a great 10 Things list and want to put one together, send me an email.

Mommies need lots of things: extra diapers, healthy snacks, changes of clothes, sneakers, sweatpants, a sense of humor… but we often don’t get the little things that make us more fulfilled women, better mommies, and more loving partners. So when you start feeling that tugging sensation that signals the end of your rope is near, reach for one of these necessities!

1. Glamor – image by galaxie andrews


2. Pampering – pretty pink makeover by treehugger* via flickr

HPPT - Pretty Pink Makeover! [Explored!]

3. Date Nights – flirtation by ashley cloud


4. Time – deux/americano by dezene

5. Coffee (or other caffeinated beverages)


6. Fancy Shoes – l’apres soiree by the light fantastic


7. Chocolate

8. Sleep – sleeping in by the serendipity


9. Alone Time

10. Kisses – bath time by vantage photographs



  1. This is a great post – even for those of us who aren’t yet “mama’s”! But if you have kids – it’s a nice reminder that you need to take care of yourself too. I’m sending this on to all the gals I know who fall into the “mama” category :).

  2. Well, according to some dummy on Dr. Phil this week, we mothers have at least 40 hours of leisure time a week. . . But I think someone took mine! 🙂

    I LOVE that “Glamor” photo–it’s otherworldly and gorgeous!

  3. I love this list and the images! I think it could also be a list of things every childless, full time working girl needs, too 🙂 (that’s what I am and I related completely!)


  4. happily stumbled upon your blog via @junecraft tweet. : ) wonderful list. inspired to create one of my own. when i do, i’ll send a little note your way. a return visit to your space is also on the agenda. thanks for sharing! : )

  5. Fabulous list! What a great feature for a blog 🙂

    Have been following your amazing blog for awhile now and must tell you how much I love it and look forward to your posts… I always leave here so inspired!

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