Don’t be a Snoozer Loser! Win a spring scarf!


A little birdie told me about the new spring scarves from Snoozer Loser NY and that same little birdie also offered one up for a giveaway for Indie Fixx readers. Since I found myself drooling over them, I figured you would too, and that you would love the chance to win one. Lightweight and perfect for the spring weather, they come in a variety of colors and stunning patterns. I bet you can’t pick a favorite!

So, which ones do you like best?

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite(s) and be entered to win your choice of a Snoozer Loser Spring 2010 scarf. Multiple entries will be accepted and I will notify the winner via email. The entry period ends April 2nd, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST.


  1. I have a thing for antique birdcages. Although they`re all very pretty, that one is definately my favorite!

  2. I guess I have 3 favorites… I love the scarab, electric blue birdcage and storm gray scissors.

  3. Oh, I love them all! But, if pressed to choose a favorite, I choose the Native Owl scarf in powder blue.

  4. I LOVE the native owl scarf!!!!! It’s hard to choose just ONE favorite but my grandmother had a thing for owls and it reminds me of her :=)

  5. It’s a tough call, but my favorite is the Antique Scissor scarf in Storm Gray. I love dark gray and the scissors look like little keys! πŸ™‚

  6. I also really like the antique bird cage scarf in black and electric blue. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I love love love the Seafan Heart Scarf. I’m a big fan of bright colors. πŸ™‚

  8. i love them all. its has such a vintage taste to them. i hope i win on of the them!

  9. oh, right, and my fave:
    I’m loving the native owl scarf in powder blue – perfect for spring!

  10. Love them all, but since it is now warming up in Texas have to go with the springy yellow seafan scarf.

  11. Love the antique birdcage and antique scissor scarf.So adorable! And since I am about to impose a no shopping rule on myself (sigh) I can only hope to win fabulous contests for my adorable scarf needs.

  12. Choose 1 huh? That’s like asking the chubby kid to choose 1 cupcake from the bakery case. The Native Owl in navy & white would look splendid draped upon my shoulders. Thanks for an “owl-some” giveaway!

  13. I adore these scarves, so perfect for spring!
    The kachina-trio-scarf in purple drew me in most.
    Thanks for sharing =)

  14. My favorite is the yellow scarf with orange and green design- very spring like indeed!

  15. Love the Antique Scissors scarf(Storm Grey) They are all beautiful though! πŸ™‚

  16. Love love love these scarves!
    My favorite is the Birdcage scarf in verdigreen/beige. But I also love the Seafan heart scarf….so difficult to choose one (:

  17. Oh I adore the navy & white native owl design and them the violet kachina doll one. But all of them are pretty awesome.

  18. They are all so beautiful!!!!But the yellow one is just amazing,my favourite :):):)

  19. These are beautiful. The scissors caught my eye but not sure I would wear it on a regular basis. I really like the seafan scarf – what a beautiful color. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  20. WOW!!
    I think I’m in love πŸ™‚
    My favorite was the antique bird cage design, royal blue is one of my favorite colours and the pattern is fresh and birds tie in perfectly with spring!
    Briiliant collection!
    xox Shivi xox

  21. I really love them all… but the antique scissor scarf in woolen gray makes my heart smile!

  22. I love the Native Owl scarf. You always post such lovely things on this site; it’s really been an inspiration. I’m even starting an herb garden this spring now!

  23. while they are all wonderful, i am finding myself drawn to the yellow. so bright and cheerful, it is the perfect spring accessory. consider me a seafan!

  24. I would LOVE the native owl navy scarf. I bought a necklace from Snoozer Loser and love love love it.

  25. these are gorgeous scarves! just as i think i’ve picked a favorite i see another one. right now i’d love to be wrapped up in the seafan heart scarf.

  26. Simply lovely πŸ™‚ Gotta want one of these! My favorite the Antique Bird Cage Scarf (Verdigreen/Beige)!

  27. They are all so adorable. I like the purple and the gray one with the scissors if I absolutely must choose, hehe. I’m so glad I found Indie Fixx!

  28. my favorites are the antique scissor scarves – i think i like the storm grey one with the golden scissors the best! how soft and fun they look.

  29. And finally, I love the antique bird cages – as I sit at my computer I am entertained by a variety of lovely birds at my feeder.

  30. I live in the Southwest, so Kachinas are dear to my heart. And I absolutely love the purple and black colors in the trio Kachina scarf!

  31. I love them all… but the antique birdcage scarf in verdigreen and beige makes my heart flutter!

  32. oh! oh! they are all beautiful! but my most favourite is the antique scissors on storm grey!

  33. Oh I love the Antique Scissor Scarf (Woolen Gray)!! So cute, I love quirky scarves like this! <33

  34. Oh what a great site, thank you for sharing… During the winter I love scarves and have been wanting to find something for all seasons… Love the Seafan heart, native owl (white/navy) Native bats (bubblegum pk) and the Trio kachina scarf (blk/lt violet)…

  35. By the way, I found your site from Great blog!

    The navy blue scarf with owls is my favorite! I might have to buy one!

  36. They’re all so beautiful! I’m a total sucker for scarves. My favorite is the Kachina Ring Scarf! What a great blue!

  37. I want one!!!!!
    My favorite scarf of theirs would be the would be the Seafan Heart Scarf!

  38. the light blue one is definitely the nicest, though I’m eyeing that black one too! thanks for holding this giveaway!

  39. I would love to wear one of these scarves to work. The boss at the gift shop I work at in Tarrytown NY just might love them so much that she would want to sell them too.

  40. The pattern and color of the Antique Bird Cage Scarf (Black/Electric Blue) is awesome!

  41. I think they’re all wonderful, but I would have to pick the owls. Just too cute!!

  42. definitly the Antique Scissor Scarf (Storm Gray)
    but i have to admit that the Antique Bird Cage Scarf (Black/Electric Blue) is really cute too !

  43. the native owl is my favorite! i love how the two colors blue and cornflower gold contrast each other so well! but their all so adorable its hard to choose! i’m head over heals for these scarves!

  44. they are all so beautiful, but my favorite is the Antique Bird Cage Scarf (Black/Electric Blue). I’m getting married this summer and have a bird/bird cage theme going on for the wedding. i’d love to wear this and have it to remind me of the special day afterwards. πŸ™‚

  45. all of them are so nice!! but, ok, i’ve to choose, so the grey one with the yellow scissors!! the colours are perfect and the print is so original!
    es peefecto! lo necesito! πŸ™‚

  46. My favorite is the Seafan Heart Scarf. It matches absolutely nothing in my closet, but it’ll be a great excuse to find something pretty that does. Thanks for this giveaway!

  47. I’m also completely in love with the Trio Kachina Scarf(Black/Lt.Violet)! That purple is just perfect.

  48. A hard decision, but I’m a sucker for owls so I’ll have to say the Native Owl Scarf(White/Navy)

  49. Oh gosh, they are all so great! I really love the Trio Kachina Scarf in Black/Lt.Violet. So pretty!

  50. I love the woolen gray antique scissor scarf. It’s beautiful, and caught my eye right away.

  51. I think I’ll stick to the trend and say that the Antique Scissors Scarf in storm grey is my fav! Lovely!

  52. Beautiful. Being an entomologist, I’m leaning towards the beautiful black and white scarab scarf though but the yellow seafan scarf is a close second!

  53. The birdcage on beige without a doubt, I love birdcages and I’m in the throes of a neutral colour phase!

  54. I love both of the Antique Scissor scarves, especially the woolen gray one. The pattern is so beautiful!

  55. I adore the Navy/White Owl scarf. Fabulous design. Playful, fun, and sophisticated. How marvelous!

  56. As I’m just learning how to sew….I would have to pick the antique scissor scarf in grey. I love the contrast of this scarf and it would be perfect for spring…not too bright but not to dark….kinda like the weather here on Vancouver Island!

  57. I also love the Native Bats scarf in Bubblegum Pink. I used to love bats as a kid!

  58. Wow, these scarfs are amazing! It’s so hard to choose but i think the antique bird cage is my favorite. The antique scissor scarf is very quirky!

  59. I can’t decide from the antique scissors in grey or the owl in navy all these scarves are so beautiful and so my style!

  60. Oh no, I just noticed the antique bird cage in verdigreen and beige. What a hard decision! I may have to buy one myself if I don’t win!

  61. These are all so pretty! But the yellow seafan heart scarf would be just perfect for the spring and summer weddings I get to go to this year.

  62. Oh man!! Those are super hard to choose from; I love the scissors, owls, and bird cages. Not sure if I can pick a favorite! Maybe the blue bird cage one.

  63. Wow, those are really delightful! I’m a sucker for scarabs, though, really. I mean… SCARABS.

  64. I am absolutely in love with the Native Owl Scarf in White/Navy, and the Antique Bird Cage Scarf! Gorgeous!

  65. You are right, they are drool-worthy! I love the yellow sea fan scarf. It’s so unique and would completely change any outfit.

  66. first off… wow, how beautiful!

    secondly, my first favorite is: antique bird cage in Verdigreen/Beige


  67. This giveaway is awesome! I love love love scarves and it’s so hard to pick just one. I think I am the most drawn to the Antique Scissor Scarf (Storm Gray)

  68. Oh Gosh! How hard to choose. That bubblegum pink is just adorable & very springy but the scissors on the woolen gray is lovely. But I am an owl lover & the owls on the blue would have to be my choice.

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