Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx with Maya Donenfeld

Maya Donenfeld is one of my favorite bloggers. She jshares the loveliest diy projects—I am constantly inspired by her and mildly jealous of her talent at the same time! Maya also has the most adorable shop selling all sorts of sustainably created wares for your home. I’m so please to be able to bring you my interview with Maya for today’s Wednesday Indie Artist Fixx.


1. Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

I live in with my family in old farm house. My husband and I are both urban transplants, so we relish living where all you hear are birds, tractors, and the occasional cow lowing. I have studio set up off the kitchen and try to spend some time every day making something. I started sewing with recycled coffee sacks last year and became totally enamored with burlap. I love working with natural and sustainable resources, whether they’re textiles or items from the recycling bin. I also do various forms of printing, from stenciling to hand carved blocks and stamps. Sewing something and then adding my own printed image is one of my favorite forms of creating.


2. What’s your creative process like?

Whatever medium I’m working in, my ideas usually begin in my head at random moments throughout the day. I jot them down in one of my notebooks and then eventually they become a reality. Most of my carving happens late at night… sewing happens during the day.


3. Share some of your inspirations in your art & life.

I grew up without seasons and in the middle of a city (San Francisco). Now living in the northeast in the middle of farmland has given me such a heightened awareness of weather, nature, and the rhythm of the turning year. This has become my biggest source of inspiration. A close second, would be finding interesting uses for materials I already have on hand.

4. What’s a typical day like for you?

My days are never the same, but they often include my favorite coffee (Gimme!), driving my children to school and activities, and some quiet time in between for sewing/creating/blogging. If I can slip in a walk, I’m feeling lucky and it’s a great day! Afternoons and evenings revolve around cooking and baking… we love good food! Oh yes, and reading with my children, we also love good books! Late evening, I try to catch up with e-mail, blogging, crafting, and time with my husband. If we get to have a glass of wine and watch a movie, I consider it a good night.


5. Which came 1st–the blog or your shop?

My blog. I didn’t open my shop until 9 months later. I really enjoy my shop, but my blog will always be my first love.

6. What 3 things can’t you live without?

1. my family
2. fresh vegetables and flowers ( just picked or pulled out of the ground if possible)
3. books


7. Do you cook? If so, what is your favorite thing to cook?

As I mentioned, cooking is a huge part of my life. I come from a family of fantastic cooks and bakers. I baked for a living all through college and managed/cooked at a vegan restaurant in my 20’s. Now I’m teaching my children to cook, which is incredibly fun! We appreciate all the organic and/or local options we have in our area and eat really well. I have a section on my blog with some of our favorite seasonal recipes.

8. What’s new or in works?

I have such spring fever right now! So, I’m working on new floral prints. I see them covering pillows, bags, and paper goods. I’m also collaborating on a little project with a friend of mine. I can’t share details yet, but I will say that two heads are much more fun than one!



  1. Yay Maya! I love her blog and her shop and her eco lovely creativity. I think I want to be Maya when I grow up… I’d better hurry up, I turn 40 this year.

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