Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Chandler Lane?


Beth from 1canoe2 sent me a little note about 1canoe2’s latest project and I’m so glad she did….it’s adorable! It’s a fun paperkraft letterpress diorama small town DIY kit, complete with 3 little houses that you cut and fold and paste together. OMG, doesn’t that sound like fun?

Here’s a link to the kit for sale, which includes: one 9×12 sheet for the background; one 12×7 sheet that includes pieces for 3 houses, 7 trees, and 2 corner tabs. All the designs and illustrations are sketched by hand, turned into letterpress plates and then printed on a Chandler & Price Craftsman press (see some pics below of the printing).

One of these is on it’s way to me (thanks Beth & Carrie) and I’m going to put it together and display it on my window sill in my office.








  1. that is so adorable! and it is so fabulous to see the in-progress photos. i just love the birch bark trees in the background. they really make the art seem like the most adorable little mountain town.
    xoxo, juliette

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