Stick it to me: artist designed stationery stickers

Since I started The Penpal Project and got myself some penpals, I’ve found that I have a need for stickers that I just didn’t have before. I want to sticker up my letters and make them all pretty for my penpals. Of course, that idea had me heading off to some of my favorites online shopping sites looking for artist designed stickers.

Here’s what I found that struck my fancy.


  1. Love Mini Heart Stickers by lettercdesign
  2. Pio Pio stickers by munieca
  3. Screen printed sticker set from PataPri
  4. Sticker set by carambatack
  5. Stickers surprise pack by germaine
  6. Teacups In The Little Forest Stickers by StephanieFizer
  7. Stick me FLICKr N1 collaborative sticker book by yaelfran
  8. Mom this is the friend I told you about stickers by HiddenEloise
  9. MauMau in Love Stickers  by maustudio
  10. Typewriter Stickers by craftyfolk
  11. Flower Girl Stickers by MewPaperArts