Free Download: Weekly Blog Planner


Last night, I made this Weekly Blog Planner as a way to keep myself organized, plan out blog posts & because I run out of room in my actual calendar/planner & needed something with more space.

I thought some of you blogging folks might benefit from it as well, so I’m sharing a PDF here for you guys.

Download the Free Weekly Blog Planner!



  1. Thank you for this! As much as I want to take my planning digital, I’m still and pencil-and-paper planner at heart. And the title font makes me happy.

  2. Thanks so much for this! When I started out, I had a set plan for my blog: Top Five Tuesdays and Film Files on Thursday. Now it’s gotten so jumbled that, despite having a dozen blog posts planned out, I never seem to get around to posting uniformly. I’ll definitely use this.

  3. This is great! I was just sitting down to write down some blog entry ideas and there it was! I will definitely use this. Thanks!

  4. Can I just say’Iloveyou’! I’m a newbie blogger and am feeling overloaded with pressure!plus I see tons of stuff to post, then I forget where I scribble it, then, well. you know. big thank you.

  5. I actually just started planning out my blog updates weekly. It’s really helping me organize posts, and see the week as a whole instead of just individual days. For this I’ve been using iCal from Mac.

  6. This is great! You can do this sort of stuff on the computer, but there’s just something so much better about having it written down on paper. It feels all creative, and stuff.

    Along the same lines, I think setting up an actual editorial calendar (much like a magazine would) with columns that appear every Tuesday, or Wednesday, etc can be really helpful!

    If you publish it on your blog and stick to it, you can build some expectation for re-occurring features and let your visitors know what to expect!

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