People watching

Last night, while looking through my Flickr Contacts’ photos for inspiration, all I saw were faces. And expressions. Ranging from both smiles and frowns to those of being deep in thought or being entirely in the moment. People always say that I wear my emotions on my face and I never know why they single me out, because I feel like we all do. Our faces are a window inside our heads and a view into our souls and whether it’s in real life or virtually via flickr browsing, I always seem seem to be enthralled with people watching.

Here are some of the images I came across from my Flickr contacts that stuck with me.

by pikepineblog

by .sarah.kraly.

by somethings hiding in here

52.365 by buttonarcade.
by buttonarcade

going all 50's by HOLLi*.
by HOLLi*

see by haeshu.
by haeshu

right before she walks down the aisle by laura dye.
by laura dye

by the purl bee

DSC_0374 by *lalalaurie.
by *lalalaurie

by indiaromeo

Joshua Tree National Park, Jan 2010 by Dolan Geiman.
by Dolan Geiman

Happy by missamyo.
by missamyo

sad by tielsk.
by tielsk

2 thoughts on “People watching

  • March 1, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    Wonderful collection. Short real life moments captured and frozen in time, and with a photo we get to look more slowly and enjoy that moment longer. One of my favorite things!

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