Fabric Search & a Poll!

Yesterday, I shared my new office with you. And as you can see in the image below, I am still in need of some curtains. I’ve decided to make my own and thinking that cafe curtains will work best in the room. It’s a small room and my desk is right in front of the window, so I don’t want big heavy curtains.  Just something light and visually interesting…of course, that means I want a patten. But what pattern? I’ve been looking at fabric for weeks now and I am going cross-eyed. Worse than that, I’ve become indecisive in the face of the tremendous possibilities out there.

I’ve narrowed in down to 15 possibilities and I need your help in deciding.


Take a look at all the choices and choose what you think would look best or offer up a different suggestion. The color on the walls is Behr’s Reflecting Pool. It’s Gray with a purplish tint.

  1. Scene in Lavender by Etsuko Furuya at Phat Fabric
  2. Turquoise Hive by Patty Young at J Caroline Creative
  3. Andrea Pink from Wonderfluff
  4. Grassy Plain by Etsuko Furuya at Phat Fabric
  5. Ivory Fiona Floral by Anna Griffin at J Caroline Creative
  6. Totem by Summersville
  7. Field of Dreams in Sky by Lecien at Hawthorne Threads
  8. Lace Fans in Robins Egg by Ink & Spindle
  9. Woodland Creatures in Blue by Etsuko Furuya at Hawthorne Threads
  10. Spring Flowers by Kobayashi at Purl Shoho
  11. Anniko Metro by Daisy Janie
  12. Colt Circles in Sand by Skinny Laminx
  13. Mum Mustard by Swanky Swell
  14. Butterfly Jubilee by Mod Green Pod
  15. Bye Bye Blackbird by Kokka at Hawthorne Threads

Which one do you like for my office? You can choose more than one fabric.


  1. I voted for Field of Dreams… I like the larger print and I think the hint of mauve/purple will bring out the hint of purple in the grey walls?

    I am certainly NOT a decorator… but I think it would look great 🙂


  2. i love, love this poll. what a great idea! it’s so difficult to decide these things. i’m currently re-doing a few things around my own space. decisions, decisions. take care! :::

  3. I like Swanky Swell Foliage or Raindrops in Split Pea best. Of the ones listed I’d go with #7 or 13, I guess I’m indecisive as well!

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