Feed Your Soul: the free art project download from Kate Alizadeh


I’m back from my day off, although not all renewed and refreshed like I said I would be. I slept terribly last night and feel like I’ve been rung over by a herd of cattle, a bus, a train and some goats. I am, however, sharing the latest Feed Your Soul: the free art project download like I said I would. Some promise I do keep….I’d rather be well rested though.

I also just picked the winners in the Treat Yourself Valentine’s Day Giveaway, so check your email!

Anyway, here is a free print from the artist Kate Alizadeh. If I wasn’t so grumpy, I would love how joy-filled it is.  😉


Kate Alizadeh – Kate is 19, goes to art school in the U.K. and drinks a lot of tea. She is inspired by God, the stars, songs, love, bears and other assorted furry animals. She loves creating atmospheres and telling stories through pictures. See more on her website, in her Esty Shop and on her blog.

Download Kate’s print HERE!