Treat Yourself Valentine’s Day Giveaway!


You deserve a treat, don’t you? Of course, you do. We all do. It’s been a rough year and a half with this recession and all. I’m going to hazard a guess that Oprah and Bill Gates aren’t reading this blog, so probably all you have been impacted in some way by our current economic situation. Then, there’s the daily headache that comes from paying attention to the goings on in Washington. No matter what our individual politics may be, nothing really seems to be getting done for anyone.

I was thinking about all this and about all the generous folks who took part in my Haiti Fundraiser and I was thinking what I could do to treat you all to something special. I came up with a contest, of course. I wish I could treat every single one of you—that’s just not possible at this point–but I can treat 2 of you to a prize of goodies donated from some of my favorite crafter makers. You can see the prizes and donaters below.

Since, I can’t treat all of you (or myself, for that matter) with this contest, I want you to decide to treat yourself and share your plans. It can be something small & cheap or something big & expensive…whatever you are able to do. The goal though is for you to do something for yourself or take some time for yourself. You really deserve it. So whether you plan on doing someone like taking a long overdue bubble bath, treating yourself to a frothy coffee confection, getting some books from the library and luxuriously reading them all weekend, buying a bottle of some fancy perfume or planning a fabulous vacation, it really doesn’t matter.Β  The important thing is to treat yourself!

So, how to win the giveaway? Leave a comment below with your plans for treating yourself. You can leave multiple comments to increase your chances, but each comment must include a different way you plan on treating yourself! You can also include your prize preference. I will choose 2 random commenters to win the prizes. This giveaway will end February 14th at 11:59 pm EST.


Prize #1 – Valued at $175

  1. Glass Vial necklace (value up to $50) from Plum and Sage
  2. 2 winner’s choice posters from Field Trip
  3. Plum Ruffle Bum Panties (size 6) from Flapper Girl
  4. Vice Gift Set (perfume, soap and scrub) from Haus of Gloi
  5. Antique Shell Necklace from Dig Under Rocks


Prize #2 – Valued at $168

  1. Winner’s choice of Mini Pouch (under $22) from Oktak
  2. Earrings from The Broken Plate Pendant Company
  3. Edith Tote from Queen Bee Creations
  4. ‘I Love You This Much’ Print from Stephanie Fizer


  1. Since it’s exam time here right now and stress is riding high… nothing better than a home-baked molten lava cake to quench the queasies from stress πŸ™‚

  2. I had a double date with my new finance~ we went to see :valentines day: and had dinner at a swanky restaurant.

  3. Tonight I will be treating myself and my hubby to a nice hot bath with great-smelling bath salts – mmmm….

  4. X Haircut
    X Great dinner. (Linguini Alfredo w/
    Lobster Tail)
    X Movie
    X Good night’s sleep.
    Happy Valenine’s Day

  5. ….and some chicken mole for dinner.I want to watch the movie Chocolat again for Valentine’s Day too!

  6. Today I treated myself to a nice lunch out with my two best boys (husband and son) and tonight will have a good long soak in a hot bath. I try to treat myself every day!! πŸ™‚ Prize one is so lovely.

  7. Yesterday, I treated myself to a day in bed reading. Who says a Valentine’s weekend spent alone is a depressing thing? I’m having a blast!

  8. Since I’m in a long distance relationship and won’t be seeing my partner today, it’s going to be all about me. Tonight, I’m taking myself out for a nice dinner.

  9. Knitting lessons! That’s the treat I want to give myself this Valentine’s Day. I’ve always wanted to learn, and haven’t had much luck teaching myself.
    P.S. Prize #2 would be amazing. Thank you!

  10. I plan on showering my boyfriend with love! We’re doing it the “Japanese way” – it’s all about him on V-day, then it’s going to be all about me on White Day, March 14th.

    He’s going to get pancakes in the morning, some presents, he gets to play videogames, and for dinner, I’m cooking a dinner which I can’t decide upon. Maybe a chicken-veg stirfry or curry udon πŸ™‚

  11. I love this site Jen! You are so very generous!
    I will be running around all Saturday after my dancing daughter, and hubby and son will be off at a basketball tourney… so no lovey-dovey indulgences. But I did buy some amazine Moonstruck truffles, and I spent the day in my favorite art studio (which is unfortunately closing in a week πŸ™
    I just placed and order with The Vintage Pearl whom I found through you and indulged in something for me in addition to my mom and sister. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Enjoy the day!

  12. I wish I could take care of myself on that special day but I need to work! I guess I’ll take a bath with my man when i’ll come home and drink a little wine in front of the fire… how cheesy but lovely!

  13. Tomorrow I will be getting a craft table to put in my den for my girls and I to use so we no longer make a mess on the dining room table.Enter me for prize #1.Thanks.

  14. Treats for evening:
    Make yummy soup for dinner.

    Bake personal cheesecakes in our heart-shaped springform pans.

    Play a little guitar.

  15. Treats for daytime:
    Go for a family walk through the snowy neighborhood. Play with neighborhood puppies.

    Go to the bookstore or craftstore with the family. Purchase something we love.

    Bake cookies.

    Take a nap.

  16. Treats for morning:
    Sleep in a bit if baby will cooperate.

    Make waffles with fruit toppings. Yumm…

    Wear pajamas until noon.

    I love prize #2!

  17. I also LOVE having my feet rubbed. Imagaine this, a half hour on each foot. Now, that, is , heaven.

  18. I’m treating myelf to coffee and pastries with the girls Sunday morning with some dress shopping for my upcoming cruise πŸ™‚

  19. I love Pkg. #1!!
    My VD plans include enjoying nature at this time of year.A short hike on a drier trail and new bird and squirrel food for the backyard feeders.Then on to the garden show to plan for this years garden.Did you know there is a pink lemonade blueberry now with PINK berries.That is a Valentine treat.
    Happy Valentines Day everyone!

  20. I am treating myself by NOT going in to work, baking brownies, grilling steaks and opening a killer bottle of wine! And I will knit to my heart’s content!

  21. My husband is taking me somewhere for dinner that is more expensive than I’d spend (really not that expensive, I’m just a penny-pincher) and I am treating myself by just accepting it and making sure I take it all in fully and love it.

  22. I just bought some books from barnes and noble and also received some craft books I ordered on etsy in the mail,so I plan to do some reading,work on some sudoku puzzles and do a little crafting from the japanese craft books I ordered.

  23. I plan to treat myself with the fabulous Haus of Gloi sample scrubs I just got in the mail today. They look and smell fantastic.

    Prize pref.: #1

  24. On Saturday, I will be baking cookies and making fudge with my friend to give out on Valentine’s Day. I love baking. I love the aroma of fresh-out-of-the-oven goods. So that is how I will treat myself, by making treats πŸ™‚

  25. I’m going to watch a ton of Dexter, play Wii with my hubby and generally be a slob all weekend (except for my Grandma’s memorial service on Saturday).

  26. I plan to read a lot this weekend since it is cold and snowy outside. I have the latest Sue Grafton mystery that I am looking forward to reading!

  27. One last treat for me– I’m taking my dog to the Dog Wash near my house so he can have a nice bath with WAY less work for me! He weights 90 pounds so this is a big deal.

  28. I just got back from a trip and my dog missed me terribly, so I am going to treat him to some homemade treats this weekend.

  29. For Valentine’s Day? How about a romantic stay at a warm and cozy room with a steam shower and hot tub.

  30. I will be treating myself to a date with my husband – we’re going skiing. I haven’t been skiing in years and we’re always looking for new things to do together. My husband and I have opposite work/school schedules so it will be nice to enjoy a day on the slopes together!

  31. If I’m very lucky, I may be treating myself to a white parsons desk from west elm…I have been in love with that desk since forever!! I can just imagine reading blogs at my new desk as opposed to my bed since I don’t currently have a desk. πŸ™‚ I love prize #1…all the items are so lovely!

  32. I will also make banana hotcakes with chocolate! I’m gonna need extra energy for my love-day!
    I choose number 2!

  33. It is Sunday! so I will stay with my love until at least 10am, because we don’t need to wake up at 6.30 to take our princess to school!
    I rather number 2! love those earrings!

  34. Wow!-I plan to treat myself by attending my second grade sons Valentine’s Day party which I don’t get to do often. Then away to a cabin in a snowy wonderland, on the bluffs of a park, over looking the Mississippi River with my husband. Hopefully, spotting some eagles to photograph, spending time crafting in the cozy cabin, and enjoying dinner at the lodge. Followed by a great night’s sleep and breakfast in bed. Then milling around the park enjoying nature and not having to speak. Thrifting and vintage shopping awaits mid-morning Saturday. The “plans” stop there-I kinda like the way that sounds. The rest of the weekend is plan free!!!! Unless of course I had word of a win on these fantastic prizes that I would be happy to have even one item out of either Prize 1 or Prize two.
    Oh by the way, I am a newby to Indie Fixx-I signed on only a couple of weeks ago and you and your guest bloggers are a true inspiration and I would love to someday attempt to follow in your footsteps! INDIE FIXX KIX!!

  35. I think I’d love to take a long, steaming, hot, bubbly bath for a couple of hours with low lighting and a soundtrack of Nigerien music in the background… Followed by getting into some comfy sweatpants and taking a long drive at midnight to a couple of towns over, with my iPod on shuffle and turned up loud, plus a cup of hazelnut cappuccino next to me.

    I think that sounds a lot better. πŸ˜€

    My preference is #2!

  36. I think, if I had the time to, I would treat myself to a day with my husband. I would start with breakfast, just the two of us. No running around trying to fill sippy cups, prying food out of the toaster, or trying to keep everyone at the table. Not sure where to go from there…but it’s a start :o)

    I would very much enjoy prize number 2

  37. For Valentine’s Day this year, I’d like to treat myself by making some tempura calamari, okra, zucchini…I’m also making strawberry cakettes dipped in vanilla candy frosting with Mexican chocolate grated on top. Nom nom nom nom…

  38. I’m treating myself (and hubby) to chocolate strawberry cheesecake….yum!
    I love that bag in prize #2!

  39. What a lovely idea! So sweet of you, and I love the amount of responses you have got. Seems like a lot of ladies are going to treat themselves this year.

    I’m planning on treating myself with 4 things, which I am getting tomorrow (my payday).
    1. I’m a baker, and I found a vintage cake dish I really want.
    2. A really cute owl necklace from Etsy – I’d tell you which one, but I’m hoping no one will buy it by tomorrow….
    3. 2 Mounted bookish owls from Stephanie Fizer! She has so much talent!
    4. and an afternoon of Valentine crafting to create candy filled heart boxes for all the whimsical ladies in my life. πŸ™‚

  40. I plan to snuggle up in my favorite chair with the new Stephen King novel, Under The Dome, and a one pound bag of peanut butter M&Ms.

  41. As a mum of three I am looking forward to a nice long relaxing bath with candles and my favourite essential oils. πŸ™‚

  42. I am going to have a valentines slumber party with my girls we will watch movies and make chocolate fondue and eat pizza
    prize 1

  43. I’d love to get the #1 giveaway! I’m having a meet and greet on VDay at my new apartment building. πŸ™‚ We’re serving all kinds of yummy goodness to the tenants.

  44. i’ll let my husband wake up early to change the first diaper of the day!

    prize#1 is just lovely!

  45. Oh what a great give away. I think I may just cuddle up with my husband on the couch and watch a great movie. Also maybe I’ll get a haircut. Oh and maybe some time to sketch!
    I love package #2 but #1 is also lovely!

  46. I might treat myself to carry out Thai food and a sappy movie marathon! Prize #2 would be perfect. Thank you!

  47. We’re having a girls’ night in with movies we would never otherwise watch and plenty of food and talk.

    I’m in love with the tote and the earrings in Prize #2. So sweet.

  48. I plan to carry on a tradition my mom and I used to share with my daughter.We’ll go on a special shopping trip for her to pick out a special gift for herself and she can see me pick one out to treat myself too.I try to show her throughout the year that you need to be good to yourself and appreciate yourself every day with small luxuries.A bouquet of flowers,special chocolate,nice fragrances you enjoy.We would both be able to enjoy #1,I know my daughter might fit into the ruffled panties-NOT I!!,but the Haus of Gloi products would make us both so happy!
    Thank you

  49. My treat would be a quiet day/night at a cabin with a wood burning stove, my honey and snowshoes. I would love prize #2!

  50. I just had a baby 10 days ago and would love to relax and have some quiet time with my hubby, that means sleep:)

    I love Stephanie Fizers work and already have some on my walls. One more would be lovely!

  51. For Valentine’s Day I plan on sleeping as long as possible, and then cuddling with the hubby as long as possible. And then doing nothing for as long as possible. Except eating chocolate!

  52. I love the Queen Bee tote. What a treat it would be to own that pretty creation! This weekend will be a treat to me and my husband. We are going to spend time with friends enjoying a home cooked pizza and plenty of studio time for the both of us!!

  53. I am going to have a long-long-long hot bath with many flowers on it as my dear one is traveling… So its what i’m planning to do.


  54. I don’t think I’ve worn anything with a ruffle bum since I was a toddler in ruffle bum tights. But those panties look like they might just update the fashion to one an adult can rock. That gets me thinking there must be some other childhood delights that one could indulge in today. I think I’ll brainstorm on that theme for holiday fun!

  55. Plan to relax with my husband. I’m off the whole week from school. No school work allowed on 2/14. πŸ™‚

    Love prize #2. So cute!

  56. after weeks of watching what i eat and cutting out all the yummy stuff for the healthy boring stuff im going to treat myself to some yummy yumness this weekend for valentines day!! oh and ill treat my honey to some delicious baked yummyness!!

  57. Unfortunately I will be studying hard until the end of the month but I’m planning a getaway weekend to a nice little village not too far away (nothing is far away in Portugal, really) with my boyfriend. I guess the Plum Ruffle Bum Panties would be a nice additional surprise for him but I still have my fingers crossed for prize number 2.

  58. Well after 9mnth of being pregnant I wish i could treat myself to seeing my cute lil girl but she’s being stubburn. lol So i will treat myself to some eggplant parmesan at Giovanni’s. The prize I like is #1. Those frilly panties are too cute!

  59. I’ve been working hard trying to lose weight and for a treat, I plan on buying a couple new outfits and of course some shoes to go along with them.

    I would love Prize #1!!

  60. Thanks to my boss, we will be dining at a place we can’t afford, drinking wine we can’t afford, and eating food we can’t afford.

  61. I love those earrings from The Broken Plate!
    I am going to enjoy my family on Valentine’s day. I am going to really try to focus on the very best about them and make sure they know how much I love and appreciate them. πŸ™‚

  62. all the prizes look fabulous, but the stuff from house of gloi looks especially yummy πŸ™‚

  63. i work at a Barnes & Noble, & if the book i ordered comes in in time, i’ll treat myself to that, & maybe a slice of the godiva double chocolate cheesecake from the cafe……mmmmmm πŸ™‚

  64. Oh, and I will indulge in some of my absolutely favorite dark chocolate- a Valentine’s Day necessity! (:

  65. This Valentine’s I will be at the lake. So, I’m going to grab my blanket and go lay out on the dock by myself for a while, enjoy the view, and maybe a cup of tea. It will be wonderful!

  66. I’m also planning on relaxing on the Sunday, and piggin out on cookies and cream cheesecake while pondering over my current read.

  67. On Valentines Day, i hope to promote that fact that it’s also Random Acts of Kindness Week, and help someone else out so i feel great too!

  68. With Valentines day falling on a Sunday, our family day of rest and prayer, we are going to indulge in a yummy brunch at a local restaurant then we are on to an art museum to indulge in the arts. An afternoon tea will follow. The best of the day is spending the whole day together with my Valentine.

  69. I too am over 60 and will treat myself to knee surgery. Bakers cyst is not kind to old people with bad knees. Guess this comes from 40+ years as a nurse. walking up and down halls on your feet 10 hours a day does not do your body good.

  70. Firstly, I’m going to sleep in as long as humanly possible in the morning, steep myself some tea, and then fix myself a nice, hot, handmade herbal bath. Later that night, I will be dining at a nice Cuban restaurant downtown. Sleep, relaxation, and good food is certainly the way to go. πŸ™‚

    PS. both prizes are lovely!

  71. I’m treating myself to a day of relaxation. A cup of cocoa and pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. A cozy outfit to wear ALL day (maybe even PJs…). A good book and probably more cocoa or tea with some yummy, fancy caramels. A nice, simple dinner with wine and of course the hubby can join. A good soak in the tub with my favorite ambient music and candles lit everywhere. I’m getting relaxed just thinking about my relaxing day. πŸ™‚

  72. Though if I don’t win, I’ll be taking a trip to VT with my sweetie to see a great concert. That should be a great change of scenery and fairly peaceful. Can’t wait until then!

  73. I think I’d have to treat myself to some good time to brainstorm what to keep in the vial necklace! Many possibilities spring to mind πŸ™‚

  74. If the weather is decent (forecast says yes) I will take a walk in the park and go to the farmer’s market to get some delish veggies and fruit and see all the street performers.

    (I love package #2!)

  75. I’m gonna have a good cuddle with my doggie and treat myself to a homemade desert… brownies or pie? Hmmm… maybe lemon meringue.

    (I love package #2!)

  76. Just some time to watch some movies, soak up some sun (it’s been raining in LA recently…), and perhaps some rollerblading or iceskating would be divine.

  77. I am going to treat myself by staying in one weekend and catching up on seasons 5 and 6 of Lost!

  78. I’ll be treating myself and my loved ones to some yummy, homemade, heart-shaped frosted sugar cookies!

  79. I’ll be treating myself to a nice quiet evening dinner with my hubby. After a nice fun day with my hubby & kids. Mushy cards & dark chocolates and pretty things all around. Hubby usually surprises me with fun gifts or takes me shopping to pick something out. I usually choose shoes. Spending time with the ones I Love the best is the very bestest part tho. πŸ™‚

  80. I’ll be treating myself with a calm movie night in bed with my boyfriend. After this crazy semester, we both need a break!

    PS: those earrings are to die for!

  81. Time is the best way to treat myself. Time to breathe, read, relax & reflect. The Vice Gift Set is deliciously perfect for a ‘breather’ before, during or after Valentines.

  82. I’m treating myself for a knitting marathon on V day. I want to finish a blanket that I have been working on for two years! LOL Also I bought so many yummy yarn, I need to start making something out of them too.

    I always love oktak items. So #2 for me!

  83. a nice warm bath, chocolate pudding and sketching in my notebook without worrying about my homework, thats how i will treat myself

  84. and at the very end, I’ll put the last of my stress relieving lotion on, and go to bed EARLY for the first time in months.

  85. i’m a medical student and I have a giant exam on friday. This weekend, I’m planning on treating myself with the gift of time. I’m going to have an extra cup of tea, curl up with my knitting and my favourite radio programs and pretend like I’m on holidays. *sigh*. I CAN’T WAIT!

  86. maybe I’ll bake a crazy cake, and put every flavor of pudding mix in it that catches my eye. hopefully it will turn a strange color, and not make everyone sick. like the last one….XD

  87. when not eating delicious sweets, I’ll put my music on really loud, lock the door, and have a crazy one person dance party to get all my valentines day blues out.

  88. i’m treating myself to job work and school work, huzzah! prize #2 could make up for me lackluster love life. (at least make it prettier)

  89. Ill probably go into the dining hall and make myself a huge chocolate chip waffle with cinnamon sugar, syrup, and whipped cream :3 mmmmmm

  90. i love love love both prizes! and all things valentine’s. But I treat myself every vday by celebrating my birthday which is on feb 14!

  91. OH MY! These treats are all so sweet! I’d love to win any of these items and indulge! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! L.

  92. Alone: I would treat myself with a sandwich from Veggie Grill (lunch) and unagi-don (dinner) – two of my comfort foods. Then I’d take a long bubble bath, and after I towel off, I stay on the couch reading a new book or two. Books, quiet, comfort food – bliss!

    (I love Prize #2, and would be able to use more of it – as cute as those panties in #1 are, they wouldn’t fit. Alas!)

  93. I’d like to indulge myself in a nice long bath, complete with relaxing music, a good book, and a mug of my favorite tea or cocoa. Maybe treat my hair to a conditioning treatment and or use a facial mask. I’ll use a bath bomb and some new body scrub, and slather on the scented lotion when I get out.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  94. A nice dinner out with my husband and then each of us reading in front of the fireplace! Thanks, Cindi

  95. Im going to bake a cake and watch silly B horror films with my gf. Like we do every year πŸ™‚

  96. and last but not least (i can’t help submitting so many, because i’d really love to win your wonderful bundles)… i plan on finding more time to work on my Etsy shop.

    and this is how i treat myself. πŸ™‚

  97. i plan on surprising my boyfriend with a little one on one time (with a cupcake in tow) in the midst of celebrating chinese new year/valentine’s day with my family.

  98. I plan on treating myself to a nice bottle of wine and some dark chocolate! And new frilly pink underwear, of course.

  99. i plan to treat myself by giving myself a couple hours a day just to relax – read a book anything just completely silence. Which you know is a treat when you have a family.

  100. Well I’m treating myself by treating someone else! It’s my beautiful son’s 18th Birthday and I am giving him a party with all our friends and family what better way to express love than spending time with the ones you love!

  101. I realized that at almost 60 and after raising 5 children, I did not have to feel guilty about doing something just for me. I love my children, husband and grandchildren, but every Valentine’s Day I make sure everyone has something special, even if it is something small like a card and candy. This year, I ordered myself some roses (they were on sale for under 40.00 with a little box of candy). I bought myself some bubble bath I love and a new romance novel instead of checking one out at the library) I am going to spend time on Valentine’s Day, soaking in a hot bubble bath, listen to my favorite jazz cd, light some lavender candles and eat chocolate and read. Most of all, I am going to not feel guilty!

  102. I will be having a lovely, long bubble bath, followed by cookies and a romantic movie. I’m excited!

  103. I’m going to eat a bagel & cream cheese for breakfast (maybe 2), cheesecake for lunch, and cheese pizza for dinner. I’m going to catch up on reality shows (perhaps the The Bachelor), and take a long hot shower.

  104. Valentine’s day falls on the same day as Chinese New Years, which is a family tradition of ours. I usually visit my family during this day, but unfortunately can’t this year. I plan on calling my parents and indulging in some home made dumplings, yum! Again Prize 2 is my fav (although I lovelovelove the Field Trip printin #1)

  105. I’m planning on baking some red velvet cupcakes, delish! It’s a tough choice, but I adore the Edith bag and the Broken Plate Pendant Company earrings.

  106. opps, forgot to mention my splurge for sense of smell… a new perfume! and my sense of touch, a back rub!

  107. I (heart) the Queen Bee Bag! I will be treating myself to a Fuchsia mani & lipstick to match!

  108. touch…the last sense. I can already feel how soft the Edith tote is, how smooth the Broken Plate Earrings are, and how perfect the mini pouch fits into my palm.

  109. I also plan to treat myself to a moisturizing sugar scrub with a great scent– maybe coconut! It will help my dry winter skin and lift my mood, too.

  110. I plan to treat myself with a day to sleep late! This is my ultimate luxury… zzzzzzz…..

  111. I am on a quest to appreciate all of my senses and the Vice gift set from prize #1 would smell divine…and my olfactory senses would be in heaven.

  112. My sense of sight would be enhanced by the posters from Field Trip in prize #1. I also could not make it through the day without reading…a hot steamy romance would be perfect, don’t you think?

  113. i’m also hoping to plan a date night w/ the hubs…w/ 3kids and one on the way we are definitely overdue.

  114. Treat myself by treating my friends and family with all the goodies in your give away. Sweet treats and Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

  115. Prize #2 is calling me strongly, and I plan to hunt for some CDs I haven’t listened to awhile, revisit those old friends while relaxing…just to reconnect with my sense of hearing.

  116. All you giveaways are fantastic, but I especially love the Edith tote in prize #2. I am going to sleep late, make a great omelet for my husband and myself to enjoy my sense of taste… and savor chocolate throughout the day.

  117. I think a haircut would be a treat – maybe even a manicure, too! I love both sets so either would make me more than excited to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. I want to treat myself by allowing some time to do crafts–mostly spinning! It’s been so long!!!

  119. Prize #1 is so Sweet!!!
    My girlfriends and I are all going to see the new Valentine’s Day movie this weekend to treat ourselves! I love a good movie night with the girls.

  120. What a wonderful giveaway! There are a few things I do to treat myself. Every couple of weeks I go to a little store in the next town where they make a killer cheeseburger. Since I try not to eat hardly any beef this is a huge occasion. Right now I’m settling for a hot chocolate and great book from the library. I hope you are treating yourself to something wonderful too!

  121. I am going to treat myself by going to the fabric store and buying some really pretty fabric

  122. I should also take a drive where I can see mountains on the road! My routine drive to work doesn’t have that… Feels fabulous seeing the grand landscape stretch in front of me…

  123. I don’t have a prize preference, but I plan to treat myself by letting my boyfriend cook for me for once!

  124. Oh my. What I really want to treat myself with now is indeed a weekend actually cuddling with my new books. Spend the weekend reading instead of keeping interrupting myself with the internet.

  125. a day of treating myself? hmm it would start with a no plan day… wake up whenever id like, take a nice long relaxing shower, maybe a nice lunch or some shopping then a nice dinner with the mister.
    i love prize #1
    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  126. Adorable! So, my boyfriend had to leave to Germany for work last week. But before he got onto the airplane, he bought me a huge bag of those delicious candy hearts! He’ll be home tomorrow night, only to find that his absence has caused an entire bag to go missing πŸ˜‰ I often spoiled my dinners this week.

  127. I plan on making truffles for MYSELF. And maybe, if I’m lucky, getting a babysitter and going to a movie with my husband. Maybe.

  128. Since it’ll be a weekend at the end of my quarter at school, I’ll be busy busy busy! Seems like the work keeps piling up.. but I’m stashed up on some tasty heart candies that will get me through the day.

    Prize #2. πŸ™‚

  129. I love, love, love Prize #1!!! I mean, REALLY LOVE IT! I would brag about it incessantly on my blog/site. We are completely snowed in here in Northern Virginia. 4 feet of snow last weekend, plus 2 more feet expected today/tomorrow. Kids have been out of school since last Friday and this mom needs a TREAT! I had my hubby scoot out on the crazy roads to get me 3 kinds of yummy cheeses, a GOOD bottle of wine, and chocolate so that I can treat myself (while he entertains the kids for at least half a day) to: 1. long yoga session, 2. meditation, 3. candle-light reading while munching on my yummy cheeses, chocolate and red wine. YUM! No kids allowed! Just me and my thoughts and my goodies. THANK YOU!

  130. I’m thinking about a mini road trip to a museum or two, and something sweet and sinfully delicious!

  131. I would treat myself by having a whole day to listen to the radio, knit, and read! What a luxury.

  132. I’m treating myself this Valentine’s day by quitting smoking…I started the Chantix yesterday, so 2/14 is the big quit day…eek! I’m excited for a future where I can breathe going up a flight of stairs!

    I would love to win prize #2. Thanks for the chance!

  133. I plan on sleeping in (best gift in the world I think!), making a huge breakfast with my husband, and going on a surprise adventure! Thanks for offering these prizes!
    #2 please!

  134. As a mom of four young kids, taking time just for me is a luxury I don’t often get. This weekend I plan to bake cupcakes with them, and let them eat as many as they want. Happy chewing mouths are happy quiet mouths. πŸ™‚ Win win!

  135. This weekend I am going to treat myself to a reunion of single friends from college. We will be getting together, watching chick flicks, reading trashy magazines and catching up on old gossip! I can’t wait to see all the girls, their renewed friendship will be a treat!

  136. I am literally driving 2 hours to my mother’s house to spend a relaxing weekend while she plays with my kids. Haha! I plan to go to dinner with an old friend with NO KIDS in tow. I love my kids, but it’s nice to just be me once in awhile. πŸ™‚ I’ll be home in time for V-day evening with hubby.

  137. I’m going to treat myself by making a yummy dinner & having my kids & grandkids over for dinner & Valentine cupcakes. Not very relaxing ~ but a perfect way to celebrate love!

  138. I am pampering myself for Valentines Day because i ordered some Tea from Special Teas and i get to drink tea with roses;)

  139. After dealing with lots and lots of snow this week, a hot bath with relaxing lavender oil will be AMAZING!

  140. One last thing, I’m going to treat myself to a new quilt…also made by me! Can you tell I’m on a “sewing for me” kick?! πŸ™‚

  141. I’m also going to treat myself to some new clothes, made by me. I’m hoping to actually make some things that I love, for a change!

  142. I forgot to say, they are both lovely, but I would choose number 2! I think I might just have to treat myself to a new (homemade) purse!

  143. This is lovely !! Valentine’s Day is also our anniversary and we are going away for day. Plan to spend the day at the casino and then a nice dinner before heading home πŸ™‚
    Prefer #2

  144. I need music everyday and i think it helps with the spring cleaning that is coming up.

    Prize #1Everything is so unique and lovely at Plum and Sage. All of the Geodes and Slices are amazing and beautiful!!

  145. I will be treating myself to a day with the family at a Chinese New Years celebration! And maybe a drink (during the day!) Woo hoo!

  146. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday I plan on sleeping in and then spending the day snuggling with my two four-legged fur babies and my new fiance. Later, I’ll take a long hot soak in the tub using some of my wonderul Lush bath goodies.
    (both gifts are great!)

  147. I would treat myself to an afternoon with my favorite horse at the lesson barn I ride at. I would bring hot water and soak some alfalfa cubes for him and bring hot chocolate for me.

  148. Anything would be a treat for myself! My son was born on Valentine’s day, so I get “lost” in the mix of his day. Not that I mind, but it would be a total surprise to treat ME!

  149. I’ll treat myself by “keeping calm and carrying on,” as the meme says. Just like the Londoners during the Blitz.
    Both prizes are great, though I am still leaning toward #2, since it has the Broken Plate earrings.

    Anna S. (annasoc1(at)verizon(dot)net

  150. Ooh too cute and just perfect to get me in the Valentine’s mood!

    I’m treating myself to new earrings.

  151. I am going to make some bath salts with Sea Salt,Almond oil and a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Perfect for tired winter skin too:)

    Prize #! I enjoyed checking out Haus of Gloi ..everything sounds amazing!!

  152. I love the shell necklace! gorgeous! I think I’ll treat myself to a nice dinner for valentines day.

  153. I am going to treat myself by curling up with some seed catalogs and making a list for spring!!
    Prize #1 I haven’t seen ruffle butt panties in so long;)

  154. Did you know that while listening to the radio in your car can be extremely relaxing? You can also get books on tape, or even no music and listening to the wind blow in through your window can be relaxing.

    Loved both prizes!

  155. I plan on treating myself with a decadent salt bath and then afterwards slathering myself with Moona powder.

  156. I treat myself everyday to well made food by my two hands. Taking the time to prepare healthy, typically organic, and local food means that I’m giving myself a gift of health and pleasure and helping out my community. Valentine’s day will be no exception!
    (Prefer gift #2)

  157. I’m planning on having some girlfriends over for much chatting, a good dinner, and too much wine. Much laughter will probably also be present!

    (I prefer #2)

  158. I will be going to a Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dance with my hubby. We will be supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation while dining and dancing the night away. Prize #2 looks very cute! Thanks for offering the lovely giveaways!

  159. I’d love to have a stressfree day. That would be pampering enough, of course a surprise in the mail always makes the day great.
    missmelissaf at yahoo dot com

  160. For Valentine’s Day this year I’m going to lavish and delight in the many pleasures of my olfactory madness by creating a goodie for my neighbor. She has the best cat ever! Oooh some Vice would be nice! xolovexo

  161. I am treating my self by baking some apple turnovers, and buying a dress I’ve been drooling over. πŸ˜› I’m going to wear it on a date with my fiance! πŸ˜€

  162. My husband to be suggested we go for a romantic walk on a bush trail on valentine’s day. He is the sweetest.

  163. I am heading on a romantic getaway with my husband and plan to relax and enjoy our time together. (#1)

  164. I’d love to treat myself by just having a day all to myself alone in the house. I’d get some craft projects done and just spend time knitting quietly and relaxing.

    Prize #2 is lovely!

  165. Treating myself would indeed be a treat! As wife, mother, and grandmother I’m not so used to treating myself. I think I’d just go to HRH Dumpins Restaurant and have a decadent slice of Strawberry cake.

  166. I plan on going SHOPPING with my daughter! She is in college and there doesn’t seem to be as much time for shopping these days! Then we are coming home to watch our favorite DVD: An episode from : GILMORE GIRLS. We can’t believe how much this mother/daughter team is like us! πŸ™‚ We love Prize #2.
    Thank you for the fun Give-Away! Have a great Valentine’s Day.

  167. i think we’ll have dinner at home, something special, it is going to be my last san valentine as a single women πŸ™‚

  168. I’ll be treating myself with lots of hot coco, my favorite tea my friend sent me from England and I’ll be having an Ellen Page movie marathon! I think I’ll manage to sneak in a little read too. (:

    I love prize #2! β™₯

  169. Both gifts are wonderful, but I would have to choose #1. I treat myself with delicious local veggies, fruits and meat from our co-op and farmer’s markets. It’s more expensive, but well worth it.

  170. I will be treating myself to a relaxing lunch with my very special fiance, and then a fun evening outing to our favorite art museum! Either prize would also be a treat to me. πŸ™‚

  171. I’m going to spend more money than usual on groceries and make an amazing meal for me and my loved ones.

  172. I will also make time to read a book i feel like reading, not just those books i read for school. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  173. I would love Prize #1,but winning anything is unexpected and exciting!On the actual Valentine’s Day I plan to buy myself a special toastec coconut cupcake from the local cupcake shop,get a really colorful bouquet of flowers,go to a chocolate/wine tasting,eat little meals out all day long,give my ragdoll cat some organic catnip,get a coffee gift card from my wonderful son and take a long bath with a wonderful bath bomb.I would like to end the day putting on a little touch of Haus of Gloi Vice perfume oil.That would be the perfect Valentine Day!Thanks so much for doing this.

  174. I am planning on treating myself by heading to the local chocolate festival and purchasing some chocolate goodness, followed by a nice long bubble bath, and an early night of sleep… I definitely need some rest and relaxation, and that is what I am planning on doing!

  175. Oddly enough…I was planning to “treat” myself by buying a Queen Bee Creations bag! I am holding out for the spring line, however. I would *love* to receive prize #2 so that I could have a cool new purse to go along with my forthcoming messenger bag.

  176. I have two small children and I am a grad student. “Treating myself” usually means being able to shower before I leave the house, or avoiding being pooped on all day. I plan to actually make “me” time and hire someone to tidy up my house for me. I’d even do a quick scan for poop before said housecleaner came over…I might need a treat, but there’s no need to be cruel!

    I heart prize #2.

  177. I would also like to treat myself to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns and a cheesy romantic comedy. (still loving package #1!)

  178. I plan to treat myself with some lights dimmed, music blaring, crazy dancing in my underwear (alone and with closed blinds, of course!). I love absolutely everything in package #1!

  179. Prize #2! πŸ˜€

    Next weekend I plan on going on a bike ride through the city by myself. Having a nice little picnic and some light reading, maybe a little bit of shopping in there, but mostly just relaxing and taking a break from everything.

  180. I would treat myself to a trip to New York city with my faily.We’ve only seen New York for a few minutes at night b/c we had to attend a wedding & leave the next day. πŸ™

  181. I’ve already started pampering myself. I ordered beautiful new underwear. I can’t wait until it comes in.

  182. I am also going to treat myself to spending some time with my wonderful fiance. He’s been a bit busy lately and we haven’t really had too much time to hang out an just be us.

  183. I will also be treating myself by seeing a movie with my husband. Probably “Dear John” Had to pull the V-day card to get him to see it with me

  184. I love love love this giveaway! I will be treating myself with a fabulous bath using some of my favorite Lush products. Probably the bubble bar =D

  185. These packages are both lovely but if forced to choose I’d take #2.

    My first treat to myself: brunch at my favorite restaurant.

  186. Hubby’s going to watch our kids (3 under 3yrs πŸ™‚ and I’m going to take the whole day for myself! Brunch at the organic/local grown restraunt in town, knitting in the coffee shop, buying a new book, and taking myself out to the movies πŸ™‚

    I’d prefer Prize #2 πŸ™‚

  187. I really like prize number 2. That Queen Bee bag is sure to make me feel like a queen while I buzz around shopping!

  188. Both prizes are lovely, but I think #2 would be my preference. I plan on treating myself to a new book and a hot bubble bath regularly to escape the toddler insanity around here! =)

  189. Prize #2 is fabulous!!!

    I would treat myself to a day a the spa…no kiddies, no hubby, just me and pampering. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  190. I heart this giveaway!

    I am treating myself to a much needed mini vaction trip down to the bay area to visit my sister and neice on V day. <3

  191. Im using my tax return to purchase an ipod touch – the most expensive thing ive bought for myself in years. Im going to use it to listen to new music while I take my daily walks πŸ™‚

  192. A great way to treat myself is to take the day off from doing any housework & just relaxing with my girls & play games such as apples to apples & yahtzee & also read some books out loud to each other.There’s nothing that can replace family time together…it truly makes me happy seeing my kids have fun. πŸ™‚ Prize #1 is my all time fave!

  193. Well,I’ve been so busy unpacking & trying to organize since we’ve downsized to a much smaller house,so my gift to myself would be to just relax,sit back,get out my new pink sketchbook & journal & just take the time to write down my feelings,plans & goals & also do some doodling.I’ve love to win prize #1 if I’m chosen because those prizes would surely cheer me up.

  194. I would like to have a day of stress free enjoyment. I’d love to be able to treat myself to a shower with my Parkin scrub and then curl up with my hubby and watch a movie and drink hot tea. I’d like a day that I would not have to worry about employment woes or money or bills….Just a day to relax….

  195. Those are both super-awesome prizes!

    If Queen Bee gets enough Facebook fans to hit the 40% discount, I may treat myself to a new handbag. Even if they don’t, sometime in the next week or so I plan to go to the bookstore, order a full-fat sugary flavored latte, and browse the magazines. Without my husband and daughter.

  196. I don’t have a sig other but still treat myself! I will eat a good breakfast, have a luxury bath, get some chocolates, and do something like a movie or a facial.

    All the prizes are lovely but to choose it would be Package #1 because I’m a sucker for bath products!

  197. Sunday I’m going to treat my man to a wonderful homemade dinner! Maybe stuffed gouda and bacon pork chops with a side of cauliflower mashed. But my treat is he’s going to do the dishes! πŸ™‚

  198. I’m going to have a girls day out on Saturday! Lunch (maybe sushi) and shopping! Can it get any better!?!?! I prefer prize #1.

  199. I also plan on getting a pedicure, while my mom watches the baby. Aaahh, blissful mama time alone!!! #2 is my faaaave!

  200. I plan on ordering curry, and watching smallville all by myself, and sending the boys to go play out side! raining or not! lol #1 is lovely

  201. I’m treating myself by spending the day doing nothing on anyone’s schedule but my own, and having breakfast for dinner.

  202. I’m going to treat myself to engagement pictures. Yep, they’re scheduled for Valentine’s Day!

  203. i’m also treating myself by getting a hair cut. i’ve been doing it myself for a long time, and it’s now reached a point that i’m lost. i need to feel updated.

  204. i plan to treat myself by getting myself some chocolate covered strawberries and spending some quality time with the people i love

  205. I adore prize 1!
    Well, now I am snowed in. SO, I plan to treat myself to lots of hot tea, staying in my jammies all day, catching up on Lost, and reading trashy gossip magazines. Bring on the blizzard!!

  206. I am a flute player, and on Valentine’s weekend, I have two auditions for graduate school. So as soon as 11am rolls around and I’m done….I’m going to RELAX. DO NOTHING.

  207. I’m going to get my husband to take me out for a night on the town without asking me 700 times what I want to do!

  208. i work in a restaurant on valentine’s day, and i plan on treating everyone a little special. it always makes the giver (me) feel even better.

  209. I am going to treat myself to some tulips. I always stare longingly at tulip bouquets when in the store. Why sit around and wait for someone else to buy me some?

  210. Then I am going to come home, get in some nice warm pajamas and light my wax warmer with my favorite scent. Snuggle up in my warm bed and read my new book!

    both prizes look amazing, I especially love the Haus of Gloi items!

  211. I plan on treating myself with a nice bubble bath, all of my sweetest smelling soap and lotions, and heading out to a nice dinner with my best friend!

  212. One year, I was surprised with a 3 day stay at a Couples Resort with gourmet meals on Valentine’s Day. I would love to get that again. My fingers are crossed.

  213. My fave V day treat is Double Chocolate Charamel Cheesecake. Now that is one fine dessert.

  214. 2009 was a rough year at work. To start 2010 off right, I am treating myself and my husband to a romantic trip to New Orleans. Can’t wait! I am loving Package #1.

  215. I am also going to take a weekend trip to see my parents so they can spend Valentine’s with the grandson. Then maybe I could get in a bubble bath at their house!
    (prize 2)

  216. love prize #2!
    I’m going to make cookies with my toddler. Hubs is on a submarine, so he already got his crafted photo fram we made him.

  217. So much of what I have and do is shared with my kids – and I love it that way! However, I miss having a chocolate bar all to myself, or watching a movie that may not be appropriate for a five and one year old. I think tonight, after the kids go to bed, I am going to watch Love Actually with my husband and eat a Green & Blacks milk chocolate all by myself!
    (I love the earrings in 2, but both prizes look really lovely!)

  218. I am going to treat myself (and family) to blueberry pancakes for breakfast. And fresh oj.

  219. I am going to treat myself to some fresh flowers from the local farmers’ market on v-day morning.

  220. I am going to treat myself to a new skein of yarn and finally knit something for me. After all the holiday gift knitting it’s time to create some wool goodness for myself.

  221. I am going to treat myself with some SALT! That’s right! Once a week, I will use table salt to brush my teeth and cleaning my face, but just once a week.
    I will also use kosher sale for my hot bath, listing to some music, and some yummy water!

  222. I’m going to be with a group of friends for a festive dinner. Eat some good food, listen to a fun band, maybe dance a little bit…it’s all good.

  223. I am making the most out of a trip so I will watch the sun rise in NM and see it set in PA. Then, upon my arrival home I will proceed to have a boutique cupcake.

  224. I think I shall be hanging out with my boyfriend and possibly go out for a fun lunch or dinner πŸ™‚

  225. treat myself? wow, that’s kinda new to me. as a SAHM with 3 kids, i sometimes have a hard time going to the potty alone, ha! however, i do LOVE to take long, hot baths (while hubby tends to the kids!) and with haus of gloi’s vice in prize #1 – it would make my bath oh so much better! πŸ™‚

  226. My favorite little treat for myself is a reeeeealy long bath and a super fancy bit of chocolate.

  227. I will be treading myself to a “night in” taking a break from planning a wedding that is in 3 weeks and unpacking boxes from my new apartment.

  228. I’m going to treat myself by curling up on the couch and knitting.

    Love prize pack #2! πŸ™‚

  229. My husband is in the Air Force and my baby boy and I will be traveling to FL to meet him for V-Day weekend. So excited! I love both Prize options but will have to choose #1 because I love VICE and Haus of Gloi products!

  230. Broken plate earrings. I’m also going to buy a new outfit and actually look forward to Valentines day rather than thinking of it with dread.

  231. omg… I would love prize #1!

    I plan on lolling in bed all day with my sweetie playing battleship! how romantic, eh? Perhaps a little star trek:tng? I know… the romance flows over! A perfect day… *sigh*

  232. I’m going to treat myself by buying some melting chocolate and dipping strawberries. Then I’ll eat all of them myself!

  233. I bought myself some lovely yarn and I’m going to knit myself a sweater. Prize #2 would go very nicely with it.

  234. I loooooooove the Edith Tote from Queen bee!!! I like to treat myself and my girlfriends to a lovely Valentine inspired evening of crafts in my studio. We love to do this now and then and this time we’re doing it to raise money for Haiti Relief.

  235. I’m going to treat myself to a manicure/pedicure! With two little ones-this is a luxury I never get to indulge in! And maybe a peppermint mocha on the way home!
    I just adore #2! I love all things red!

  236. I am going to treat myself to a new book, a long hot bath, and some new lotion to lather me up when I get done!

  237. Next week, I’m going to buy tons of unneeded bath and beauty products. I have somewhat of a stockpile but I’m totally addicted and it’s time to replenish that hunger. My choice of drug is the wonderful handmade soap you can find on Etsy.

  238. I also plan on treating myself next Wednesday to a nice dinner with my boyfriend. I believe we’re going to Red Lobster or some other restaurant.

  239. I plan on treating myself to a trip to the Imax theater, to see Avatar in 3-D…again. I already saw it but loved it so to spoil myself, I’m going to see it again!

  240. I plan to treat myself with a great book, a fun movie and chocolate!
    Thanks for the chance. I love the package #2.

  241. A way to treat myself…sleeping in,followed by late morning breakfast, lounging in jammies and reading my favorite book for the 100th time. Being peaceful. Hopefully my kitty will curl up on my toes!
    (i love queen bee!)

  242. Preference is #1.

    A long soak in a hot bath with some nice bath salts, dust, oil, bubbles whatever makes my skin feel good and is relaxing. Some candles and soothing music. Followed by a movie and cuddle time with hubby.

  243. Since it’s snowing outside, that mention of a bubble bath sounds really nice, too. I think I’ll add that to my list of self-treating!

  244. My treat to myself is going to be a fabulous haircut.

    That Prize Pack #1 is full of all sorts of wondrous goodies, so now I’m going to indulge a little by looking at all their sites!

  245. I’m loving the lace covered panties!!

    I plan on treating myself by sleeping in and probably just hanging out on the couch watching movies with my favorite man.

    Hopefully he won’t hire a barbershop quartet to come and sing to me at work this year!

  246. i would take a long bubble bath, candles and some chill music like lamb or halou…then meet some girlfriends at a local wine bar for good conversation and flights of wine. yum! p.s. I LOVE prize one!

  247. I recently lost 20 lbs and just got a haircut today so I need to buy a new outfit to complete my new look for V-day. I’m sure that Queen Bee Creation in #2 will go with any outfit I end up with!

  248. Honestly,treating myself on Valentine’s Day means surprising my friends both near and far with handmade Valentine’s and Valentine ornaments.I have already started making them and that brings me so much joy.Valentines Day for me is several weeks of enjoyment.I’ll definitely use the 1 tablespoon of Haus of Gloi Vice scrub I have left for myself and smile!Oh,yes-some special flowers on the big day too. definitely.

  249. I plan to treat myself to that vial necklace if I win…but seriously…

    Girls night in, chick flicks, good eats–we’ll feel the love together (and get discount candy the day after Valentine’s Day!)

  250. I’m a single mom, but I always take Valentines Day off from work to spend it with my son. Midterms will be ending just in time-so I promised him I would take him to the beach to fly his new kite. We love flying on the beach!

  251. Great idea for a contest! And I absolutely love Plum & Sage’s vial necklaces, so I’d love to win #1. πŸ™‚ I think I will treat myself by spending a whole day NOT mentally beating myself up for things I haven’t done. I know that may sound silly, but it would be such a vacation for me.

  252. I will treat myself to a new haircut πŸ™‚
    and some homemade sugar cookies!

    And I absolutely adore all of the items in Prize Pack #1!

  253. hee hee I think I’ll treat myself to some alone time, a rare commodity these days. Then perhaps some fancy nighttime wear (but that not really treating myself…;))!

  254. I want to treat my wife to a day at the spa. The whole works. Every day with her is an absolute joy. For her to have a day to herself where she’s not worrying about me picking up my socks or making dinner, I imagine it would be just what she needs. She’s the one that gives of herself just to make others happy. It’ll be really nice to give her a day where everybody is focused on her.

  255. I’m treating myself to a big ole’ box of Godiva chocolates…and I’m not sharing…mmmmm, chocolate!

  256. Another prize I’d love is the “Love you this much” print.

    Treating myself: Curling up this weekend with the “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”, while a pot of mulligtawny soup simmers. I love snowstorms.

  257. Favorite prize: the Broken Plate earrings.

    Treating myself: New clothes aren’t in the budget, but I can treat myself to something new by finally finishing the grey “Swan Lake” sweater that I’ve been working on for –gulp– three years. I am so close.

  258. I am going to treat myself to a quiet evening with my four-legged Valentine.

    Queen Bee always has beautiful designs.

  259. I’m planning on treating myself by visiting my Mom and Dad and baking them their favorite cookies…Pumpkin. Then we’ll top off the day on a trip to the Casino:-) Would love to win Prize #1.

  260. Also, since we are house hunting I am going buy some great accessories for our new house, to really make it feel like home. Also I love prize #2, Queenbee makes the best bags!

  261. Prize #1 is fabulous! Treating myself #2 – old movies while snuggled on the couch with my little dog.

  262. I plan to treat myself with some really good chocolate and a lovely bubble bath! The Vice Gift set is wonderful!

  263. I want to treat myself to a day of going through old photographs and feeling the love!

  264. I would love to treat myself by playing hooky from work and sitting on the sofa reading a book in a perfectly quiet house πŸ™‚ And prize #2 is fantabulous!

  265. With a young family, jobs, responsibilites, it’s hard to find alone time. It happens on rare occasions and doesn’t seem to last long enough πŸ™‚ Yes, I would treat myself to a little time with myself.

  266. I would really love a short time to read a nice book at a cafe, drinking my favourite latte! If my kids can grant me some time alone….^_^

  267. The YMCA I go to everyday is having a special exercise night on Valentine’s Day.
    I’m taking my daughter & my mom. We’re going to have a blast while doing “zumba” & “hip hop workout”.
    I can’t wait to see my 7 year old dancing her booty off!

  268. I like Package #1. I’m going to treat myself to a little shopping trip – without the kid!

  269. Way #1: Take a break from vet school and enjoy an ENTIRE day without studying. Instead, I’ll go to the beach and read a book that has nothing to do with parasites, drugs, or diseases.

  270. I am playing hooky from my chores and projects to go to not one, but two gallery openings Friday night.

  271. I just saw a naturopath last week and I am trying an anti-inflammatory diet to hopefully treat myself to a pain-free life. It isn’t a easy diet but I am feeling better already and I love that I am taking care of my future.

  272. I am planning to soak in the tub full of bubble bath with a huge cup of tea and scented candles lit. These are fantastic giveaways my fingers are crossed.Thanks Helen

  273. the way i treat myself is by spending a lazy sunday with my boo, my dog and lots of vh1 all day…literally—all day.

    oh…and we always eat bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches too.

    would love that first prize so i can lounge around in those panties… πŸ™‚

  274. I’m treating myself this week by taking my daughter to the ballet production of Sleeping Beauty!

  275. I plan on treating myself with an evening by myself drinking tea and reading in the bath.

  276. I like treating myself with a nice hot cup of tea (the stronger the better!) and something sweet. It’s especially good when the something sweet is a cupcake. Those ruffle panties look pretty good too though!

  277. Valentine’s Day is also the day of Chinese New Year, so I’ll be treating myself by being able to see all my relatives and friends.

  278. I’m single, so I’m probably going to treat myself to a cupcake of some sort and also yarn bombing outside my house (with crocheted hearts on the tree) as a treat for others to see!

  279. I plan on treating myself to a lovely evening of guilty pleasure movies – gems such as Scream, Better Off Dead, possibly The Princess Bride – some yummy popcorn, and some solid snuggling with my long out-of-town husband. And possibly takeout.

  280. Also, a trip back to my hometown. It’s been 7 yrs and I think I’ll finally splurge so I can see all my friends. Not exactly restful, more like exhilirating.

  281. Hope to sleep in this V-Day; it’d be a rare treat but if I can pull it off it’ll be amazing <3

  282. That tote is adorable. I love the grey contrasting with the bright flowers. A mix of professional and fun. It would work with anything. I covet it. πŸ™‚

  283. I plan on treating myself by buying a nice bottle of wine. I’ve been living off of Two Buck Chuck for MONTHS now and have forgotten what a nice Riesling tastes like.

  284. My treat to myself will be a walk in the woods with my family and then a new battery for my ’65 Mustang. πŸ™‚

  285. I’m treating myself to a cup of hot tea and a hot tub, while listening to an audio book read by one of my favourite Dutch authors.

  286. Queen Bee Edith tote! My 8 year old QB bag has seen better days. Sadly, it will be taking a last victory lap on my much deserved extra long weekend getaway.

  287. I actually already treated myself- my husband and I went to Hawaii just because we could. And it was wonderful. I’d go for prize 2, especially since there are cute earrings there that I could treat myself to. I never buy myself jewelry so that would be a treat. Thanks for the giveaway.

  288. first, i’ll be awakened by the sound of two sweet (but hollering) babies who want their breakfast NOW!

    i’ll make scrambled eggs for my wonderful husband (since it IS a saturday and a nice leisurely breakfast would be a nice dream.) though i will eat mine while standing over the sink, bouncing between the pre-schooler who wants more ketchup and the babies highchair.

    i’ll dream of the time i HAD time before babies, but snuggle them close (as i recall one was conceived on valentines day hee hee hee)

    i truly would cherish an edith tote from queen bee! so i could sneak off for a day of retail therapy.

  289. A pot of some spring-flowers, a long hot bath with a fizzy bath thing, some yummy sushi for lunch.

  290. We actually have a babysitter for Valentine’s Day (first time in almost 4 years!) and we’re going to get dinner somewhere relatively nice and then walk around holding hands and looking at the stars.

  291. I’m skipping feb 14th and celebrating Velentines day on the 18th! Will be heading to Miami for the first time and plan on treating myself heavily there!!!

  292. I’ll be treating my fiance, who was recently laid off, to breakfast in bed. I’ll make him his favorite Mexican dish for dinner πŸ™‚

  293. I’ll have to think on this more. I think I’ll take my two little girls (both 3) out for some ice cream. We don’t do enough of that kind of thing during the day.
    That is a great tote.

  294. I am treating myself to time with my husband. We have different work schedules so we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like. It’s always nice when we can carve out time for each other.

    I prefer #2.

  295. If I was treating myself, it would involve a crossword puzzle, a bar, and a beer or two on a weekday afternoon. There really is nothing better! And I’d love to tote my tip money around in prize #2.

  296. I would like to treat myself to a date with my kids! If I won prize #1 it would be a date at home. Prize #2 would be a nice dinner out. Either would be amazing!!!

  297. I am determined to use a spa gift certificate that I recieved last April.Baby # 2 arrived a month early and changed my plans.

  298. I would like treat myself to a relaxing day with a long walk on the beach and some sushi. No hectic work schedule or problems to solve. Just some sun and peace of mind.

    This is a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for doing this. πŸ™‚

  299. β€˜I Love You This Much’ Print from Stephanie Fizer!
    Total treat to myself…I have been wanting one of her prints forever and it will be my 40th b-day on the 10th.

  300. I will be treating myself to time with friends. I’m busy all the time and do not get to see friends as much as I like to, so I am hosting dessert at my house. Fun!
    (I like prize #1 – all of it πŸ™‚

  301. I’m treating myself to a rare girls day out complete with mimosas and manicures. I’ve been working hard towards a healthier me this year through diet and exercise, and that definitely includes spoiling myself a little bit!

  302. If I won treat collection number 2 I would dress myself up for a night out with my girlfriends and give my neice the print for her room (it’s precious!)

  303. My bf just asked me if we could take an inexpensive vacation together actually πŸ™‚ It was the sweetest thing and he asked at just the right time (you know, that time that you’re just so overwhelmed and stressed out that nothing seems to be going right?) so it sounds like that will be our plan. Just the two of us, getting some quiet, chill time away from everyone and everything else up in the mountains of southern colorado. Luckily we have a family cabin up there that we can stay at for free πŸ˜‰

  304. I plan on celebrating V-day by planning little activities in my city and nearby throughout the year to remind myself that I deserve breaks & treats throughout the year – even something as simple as a bike ride by the ocean.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  305. I would love to treat myself to a new butt that would look as good as the one in those bum panties! But since that’s not possible, I’d love to treat myself to a new hair cut and color – and I’d love to go to the salon looking fabulous with the Queen Bee tote!

  306. Teat myself? been a while since I tried that. I would take the day just for myself & maybe go for a trail ride

  307. For Valentine’s Day, I plan to treat myself by having my parents visit our new house and help me paint the hallways.

    #1 is my fave.

  308. #2 Looks so sweet! I love it!

    Okay, so this is tough because I have a one year old and I’m 6 months pregnant….finding time for myself is a little difficult these days but definitely NECESSARY! I’m planning a getaway with my hubby before the new baby comes. 3 nights! Yeah, that’s right baby! 3 nights and 4 days of sleeping as long as want, crafting as as much as I want and being responsible for NO ONE! Woo hoo! Can you tell I’m excited?

  309. I am going to take the day off work and sleep in ! Then i am having a spa day then out to dinner with hubs.

  310. The prizes are both so cute, but my preference would be #1. I plan on doing whatever I want for an entire weekend. Foing to art openings, just lazing around, eating whatever I want – with no comments about it from anyone aroudn me!!

  311. As always, a decadent dessert is always a treat. I want to bring back my childhood and bake a heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s – just cause.

  312. Spending the time to make a luxurious dinner one night with no rushing, so other commitments, would be a treat for me – not something I do often.

  313. One thing I have been wanting to do for a while is go skating outside – I think that would be so romantic!

  314. I would treat myself by having a night out with my husband and afterwards taking a nice relaxing bath with him πŸ™‚

  315. Sometime this month, I would like to set aside of day without plans, without schoolwork, without housework, without work work. In all likelihood, this day will involve a lot of 1) reading in bed; 2) indulging in Haus of Gloi bath and body products, to which I am addicted; 3) going on a nice walk around my neighborhood; and 4) consuming copious amounts of tasty foodstuffs…

    I would just LOVE to win prize #1. All of the items look fantastic, not to mention that Vice is my absolute favorite Haus of Gloi scent. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  316. A treat to myself would be a pampering mani/pedi followed by a romantic evening with my sweetie. I’m jonesin’ for #2!

  317. i think the day will be long enough to take some photos of the winter landscape here and to read a chapter of my favorite book…

  318. I’m going to treat myself to some much-needed girl time with my girlfriends and partaking in some Happy Hour toasts and treats! *Sigh* I’m relaxed just thinking about how much fun it’ll be!

  319. I have already taken some money and went on a shopping spree at Hobby Lobby this week. I will take another one of those days please!! Hey, a girl can dream!

  320. I’m planning to take it easy and make cards and tasty cookies for all the people in my life I care about. You don’t have to have a significant other to feel loved!

    Prize #2. πŸ™‚

  321. I plan on treating my friends and myself to some homemade truffles for Valentines Day.

    If I win prize #1 I’ll treat myself to a hot bath with my new scents.

    If I win prize #2 I’ll treat myself to a night out with my new purse.

  322. I was already plotting a way to treat myself with some Haus of Gloi, so yea…free Haus of Gloi EVEN BETTER!!!

  323. My husband and I are going to San Francisco this weekend and I’m treating myself to some shopping, dinner at an Italian restaurant in North Beach and wine tasting at Cafe Zoetrope. I would love prize package #2- I’ve been coveting the Edith Totoe for a long time!

  324. In a couple of days, I will be going to Australia to study abroad for the semester. I will be leaving my boyfriend behind so to treat myself on Valentine’s day, I will have a chat with him on Skype and then spend the day lounging on the beach and then being my own dinner date.

  325. On Valentine’s Day I fully intend on relaxing, eating some premium chocolate while reading a book. Then enjoying a lovely home cooked meal by candlelight with my sweet sweet man.

    I wouldn’t mind be surprised with that amazing Edith tote, as well!! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


  326. I’m treating myself by flying to Portland, OR (my hometown) for a week to see my new nephew. πŸ™‚

  327. My treat would be to do nothing for an entire day! Maybe knit and watch TV, but no laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. Ah…..
    BTW, I love prize #2!

  328. I’m planning on treating myself to sleeping in! With two babes-that’s a luxury!
    Prize number 2-love Stephanies print!!

  329. I’m taking the money i made babysitting this week and spending it on myself instead of on bills or what my husband wants. I’m ordering 2 small bottles of handmade perfume and a couple of books i’ve been wanting. I don’t get time to myself (i’ve got a very needy toddler), so having things come in the mail brightens my day immensely.

  330. This Valentines Day I intend to treat myself to some quality time with my husband. Since he’s been in the military we haven’t gotten to spend a Valentines (or Anniversery) together for that matter so this will be our first! We are going away to a hotel for the night with a whirlpool suite to spend some quality time away from the video games, computer, and everything, just him and I. I really can’t think of a better way to treat myself this Valentines day πŸ™‚ We will have champagne and breakfast in bed, I can’t wait!


  331. I am in the process of getting healthy and living a better lifestyle, so with each 10 lbs lost i’m rewarding myself with something small. A date night with chinese food and a movie, a new good book, and a new travel coffee mug are in my future!

  332. I’m treating myself to a Criminal Minds marathon this V-Day! It’s so hard to choose between the prizes, but I’ll go with #2 because I love love love purses.

  333. Funny that I should be reading this now. I work part-time from home and once I sit down to my desk in the morning, I never get up – not to eat, drink, barely go to the bathroom, until it is time to pick up the kids from daycare. But today, I called my mom this morning and asked her to go to lunch with me today. Very unusual for me to do this when I am on “work time.” But I know that it is important for me to eat and spend alone time with my mom. I am excited for our lunch today. And I LOVE the Plum and Sage necklace. Thanks!

  334. Tonight, I’m going to clean the tub and take myself a nice long bath with all the magazines that I haven’t read for the past few months.

  335. I will be going to the library for a book spree. I have been so busy lately (I am a self employed photographer) that my love of reading has suffered. Im going to take out at least 5 books and just relax with a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle under my covers with a nice book.

  336. Ironically, I do most of what you mentioned already!

    Nothing beats a bubblebath at night with a good book in hand. Especially when the bath is accompanied by a reeaaaaally nicely scented bath bomb. πŸ™‚

  337. It’s been a rough year for a couple of my girlfriends and me, so the three of us planned a trip to New York City over Valentine’s Day weekend! We plan to treat ourselves to a few days of delicious food, a carriage ride in central park, shopping, and, of course, one another’s company!

    #2 looks amazing! thanks! πŸ™‚

  338. I plan to treat myself to a new wardrobe this year. I finally have a great day job and a lot of security and can actually update my wardrobe to “grown up” clothes. Man, that Edith Tote would be a perfect addition!

    (Preference = #2)

  339. my plans for treating myself include a “teen mom” marathon and some tootsie rolls, after a long weekend of grading student papers! my prize preference is #1

  340. i love love love. #2…i would put the purse over my shoulder, the earrings on and treat myself to a fabulous night out!

    love your bloggy by the way

  341. I plan on sleeping in at least one day on Valentine’s Day weekend and eating something sinfully delicious without sharing πŸ™‚

    It’s going to be AWESOME.

  342. Ohh what a fabulous giveaway!
    I think I need to treat myself to:
    date night with my hubby
    a new hair cut
    time to make Valentine cookies and eat them!

    Love package #2! But all the gifts are lovely!

  343. a day to treat myself consists of making no plan at all…so much of my world is planned by the minute; a day to plan nothing is my treat to myself….

  344. Queen Bee Tote. Love their designs and although I’m not allergic to bee stings I may need an epi pen to calm the swelling to smile if I win this gem. Buzz Buzz Buzz

  345. Flapper Girl ruffle pantie. Not sure if I’d be treating myself or my husband, but I’d love the chance to find out.

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