Let’s spread some kindness!


Erin Waldrep of KIND and Sana Harris of  Wristie Love have teamed up in an effort to promote sustainability and general acts of kindness through their “Be Kind” campaign. From Februrary 1st- 28th the ‘Be Kind Organic Cotton Market Bag’ will be available in both shops at www.kindboutique.com and www.wristielove.com and 100 % of profits go to support Farm Sanctuary in their mission of animal rescue, education and advocacy.

I love that the pair is also promoting the notion of kindness, which is a virtue that we seem to need more of in the world.  In that spirit, I am making a pledge to myself that I will make a concerted effort to more kind this month, in all sorts of ways. Like sharing food with our local food bank, letting cars over in traffic, smiling at strangers, remembering to visit my grandparents, biting my tongue when I want to snap at someone and more. Maybe after one month of working on being more kind, it will come more naturally to me.

What about you? Do you want to help me spread some kindness? Leave a comment on this post with your pledge and let’s get started!

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