Guest Blog: Knit Green: 20 Projects & Ideas for Sustainability Book Review

By guest contributor Amy Anderson 

I first learned how to knit when I was in middle school. My grandmother—the goddess of all textile arts—taught me, and I’ve been striving for greatness ever since. But I’m stuck in the rut of scarves and more scarves, without the patience to learn anything more complicated.


Solution? Knit Green: 20 Projects & Ideas for Sustainability. Author and artist Joanne Seiff came out with this amazing book last year that features eco-friendly knitting ideas for all skill levels—even mine! Plus she realizes that even though lots of us want to do something to create a sustainable world, we don’t all know what to do. So she adds simple tips and facts that help us take steps towards environmentalism. (Did you know that hemp doesn’t need any pesticides and can even be used for knitting yarn?)

One of my favorite projects is the zafu, which is a cozy round floor cushion using Navajo-Churro rug yarn. The skill level is easy (perfect!) and it’s a gorgeous addition to a den or family room.


I’m also excited to try the knitted curtains, something I never would have thought of making. Joanne’s pattern makes an airy and soft window covering using sportweight wool. It’s a creative way to use up extra wool and make something that you would normally purchase.


The best part of Knit Green is that it isn’t just a project guide. I learned so much about fair trade practices, buying local, sustainable farming, and more from Joanne’s research and stories. In the end, it’s really about being mindful about your purchases, even with your craft supplies. Host a yarn swap with friends, check thrift shops for supplies, and reuse old clothes for projects. Like Joanne says in her conclusion, “every little bit makes a difference.”

About the contributor: Amy Anderson is one of  the Indie Fixx interns and is also a student at Northwestern University. Amy has wanted to be a journalist since she was just 5 years old and she is also into the indie design and crafting scenes as well. In addition to writing the occasional post, she also helps me with a variety of projects.

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  1. OK, so I don’t knit, but what a cool book! The floor cushion even appeals to my contemporary taste…and knitted curtains?! Never would have thought of that either, but it could look so unique and unexpected with the right yarn! Hmmm…do I have time for knitting too?

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