Jibby and Juna: polymer clay creations


I love jewelry made from unexpected materials and I have to say that to me polymer clay is an unexpected thing. When I looked at the packages of FIMO and Sculpey in the craft store I never thought to make jewelry out of them, but that’s what lots of talented folks have done. Folks like Genevieve from Jibby and Juna, which I came across over the vacation…a little too late to add some things to my Christmas list…


Mr. Indie Fixx played around with some sculpey once. He never made anything this pretty…just some green worms that he photographed and used to make some stop-motion animation with. He’s a fun guy. 😉


I would probably wear almost everything in the Jibby and Juna shop. What about you?


  1. Genevieve is one of my favorite polymer clay artists!

    Her jibby and juna shop is full of wearable hand crafted art that draws you in with its intriguing textures and dark, muted shades.

    She has the perfect balance of modern and ancient!

  2. That’s funny, when ever I look at a block of polymer clay, all I see is beads and jewelry! 🙂

    Jibby and Juna has such an exciting style and it is great to see that you have profiled their work here.

  3. Jen, I’m so happy to see Jibby and Juna here!! I’ve totally had a crush on this shop since finding it for HiP. Genevieve is such a doll too. Great find! thanks for sharing it with everyone!

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