I’m taking today and possibly tomorrow off since I’m sicky-sick. It started with a sore throat on the 31st (way to bring in the new year) and I’m still feeling poorly, so I’m giving myself time to get better rather than pushing myself back to work. I’m sure you understand. Hope the new year has been treating you better!

I will be returning emails and catching up with announcements, like contest winners and other stuff, when I return.

Injured Owl Print by Noosed Kitty 



  1. i LOVE that injured owl print!

    i had a sore throat starting up this morning, too … i’m hoping it’s nothing! famous last words, eh?

    here’s hoping you feel better soon. glad you’re still tweeting 😉

  2. Everyone in my hometown spent new years eve ill or lamely at home so perhaps that is just the trend for 2010! Take it easy and get better!

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