Our Charlie Brown Tree

Since Santa got us a treadmill, which takes up the 1/2 the living room, we really don’t have room for a tree. We decided to get a little potted tree though, because it just didn’t seem like Christmas without one and Indie Fixx Jr. said it was the only thing she wanted for Christmas (yea, right). So, here is our ‘Charlie Brown’ tree.

Share your pics of your home decorated for the holidays in the Indie Fixx Flickr Holiday Decor Group. I’d love to see your decorations, since I’ve been showing you mine!



  1. Great idea! I could do this instead of keeping dead limbs around that shed needles everywhere. keep it alive!

  2. We have a Charlie Brown tree this year that my mom salvaged from the neighbor’s burn pile! Talk about eco-chic.

  3. We have a potted grapefruit tree that we’ve decorated for the past 2 years. It’s in the house anyway and I really appreciate not having to rearrange everything just to put the tree up!

  4. We have a Charlie Brown tree this year. Our large tree was ruined in a closet flood, and we really didn’t have room in our new apartment to get a new large one, so we bought a $10 pre-lit table tree this year.

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