Handmade Holidays: Simple things – pecan pie & spending time with Grandmom


This holiday season my goal is to simplify a bit and remember to be in the moment more and actually enjoy the season.  The holidays have become so complicated & commercial that Mr. Indie Fixx and I have made a decision to scale back and get back to a more old-timey way of celebrating. We are buying less gifts, making homemade decorations and plan on spending more time with family among other changes.

In this spirit, I called up my 84 year old Grandmom and asked her to come over a bake pies with me today. I don’t normally make pies…crust is not my friend, so I did have an ulterior motive in that I wanted her to teach me  how to make crust. She was totally okay with that.;)

We made her Southern Pecan Pie, which she has been making for more than 70 years.  It’s a very simple recipe, the real key to it is lots of pecans and as GMom puts it, “don’t play with the crust.”

4 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays: Simple things – pecan pie & spending time with Grandmom

  1. The pie looks sooo delicious…I wish I could have a slice. You are so very fortunate to have this pie-baking time with your Grandmother. Oh what I would do to have time back like that!

  2. Great post…I am so with you on simplifying! I got my g’ma to teach me how to make apple butter before she died ten years ago. We can’t let those scratch recipes fade away.

    Also, love all of your diy Christmas ideas!

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