Handmade Holidays: diy winter tree template



Making some more diy holiday decorations for Handmade Holidays, I created these winter trees.  I drew the tree and star, cut it out and used it to trace out some trees on white cardstock. I also hot glued some puffs on for ‘snow’.

I actually made a template you can print out if you want to make your own trees. Print it out on cardstock, cut out your trees, cut along the middle cut lines & slide your trees together. Leave them plain or decorate them anyway you want. I suggest gluing on the star as well, otherwise it will fall off. Have fun!

Download FREE Winter Tree Template



  1. This is just what I was looking for today! We’re all snowed in here and the kids are dying for something to do. This will keep my little artists busy for a good chunk of time! Thanks!

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