Looking towards the new year with Queen Bee & a contest


I know we just finished the big 12 days of Indie Holiday Shopping giveaways last week, but the folks at Queen Bee wanted to get in on the action to help publicize their latest designs as well as the move to their new location. Btw, the 12 days winners will to be announced as soon as I hear back from all 12 of them.

For you Portland area folks, Queen Bee Creations (&  Chickpea Baby) are making some changes for the new year and is moving to a new location at the end of the month. You can visit them at their current retail location at 1847 E Burnside, Ste 103 seven days a week through December 27th (with the exception of the 25th, of course). Starting on Saturday, January 2nd, they will be open for business at 3961 N Williams (and Shaver), Ste 101.

Shopping online will be available online 24/7 during the whole process though, so don’t worry! Plus, if you leave a comment on this post, you could win a $100 Queen Bee Creations gift certificate. All you have to do is leave some holiday wishes for the Queen Bee folks and share which Queen Bee bag you would like to be sporting in 2010. I will choose one random commenter to win the gift certificate. This giveaway will end December 18th at 11:59 pm EST.


  1. Happy Holidays and thanks for making such amazing pieces of everyday art! I love the Bough – Large Rita bag.

  2. Jade – Small Rita in the Black with blue design is very attractive & would be perfect with a variety of outfits…

  3. I love Queen Bee! I’ve had 2 truckette purses and 1 wallet and I think I’m ready to try something new- maybe a small Edith tote?

  4. What beautiful bags!!!! — I love the truckette bags. Those look like the perfect shape and size.

  5. There are too many to choose from!! I love the large rita-bough, large edith-peony and the chirp maximo wallet!! These are adorable!

    Happy Holidays too 🙂

  6. i would buy everything in the store if i could. the wool totes are amazing, but I would go with the jade large rita.

    happy holidays to all at queen bee!

  7. Happy Holidays!
    I’m in love with the “Jade – Truckette” – the black with blue leaves. Beautiful designs – it was hard to pick one.

  8. Oh my! These bags are beautiful! I love the Sprout large Edith tote in Turquoise – so much in fact that I have sent the link to my husband with a note that THIS is the one thing I want for my birthday this year!

  9. Jade Large Rita – That’s what I would like to sport in 2010. The Jade looks so comforting and earthy and smooth.
    Happy Holidays to Queen Bee!

  10. It’s hard to decide, love them all, but large green peony over that recycled wool it’s simply fantastic!
    Merry Christmas to you and to everyone visiting this post.
    i’m addicted to you, indiefixx

  11. Dear Queen Bees, Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with lots of joy and sales! There is a “queen bee” sushi bar right by my house, too! I la-la-la love your peony edith tote in that gorgeous wool with fushia peonies. just adorable!

  12. Happy Holidays Queen Bee! this is my first time visiting the shop but I’ll definitely be back. I’d get one sprout and one flock pannier. I need one for each side of my bike and I can’t choose between the patterns. So, I need both!

  13. My fav has to be the Small Edith Tote in Sprout. Such a unique shape, one of a kind, it’ll make a great diaper bag.

  14. Happy Holidays to Queen Bee!
    I love your stuff! I’m sure my mom would be so happy with the peony large edith tote. Personally though, my favourite is the green bough large rita… 🙂

  15. I have used the same Queen Bee wallet for almost ten years now (each and every day!) and while it’s held strong, I’m ready for a new one. It was one of the long out of print Tarot card ones; I think I need a birdie one now.

  16. Happy Holidays Queen Bee folks! 🙂 You rock!

    I love the Fuchsia Peony – Large Edith Tote and would be proud to show it off in 2010! Thank you!

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at the Queen Bee’s Creation.

    I love the Jade – Large Rita. It’s so cute and perfect for me.

  18. I love Queen Bee’s stuff! I bought a few pieces from them years ago and they are still going strong. Excellent quality.

    I love that bag with the branches on it! I would love to get another bag to go with my current collection. 🙂

  19. Happy Happy Holidays Queen Bee!! I love the Jade Small Rita in black with blue leaves. The bags are all so beautiful!! thanks.

  20. Happy crafting and happy holidays! Hope the move is a smooth transition. I love my queen bee bag. My mom wants one!

  21. Happy holidays to Queen Bee (and indiefixx)! In love with the Sprout Edith tote and the Jade Trucker. It’ll have to come down to eenie-meenie-miney-moe…

  22. Well, I live on the other side of the country – otherwise, I’d visit their new location! Oh well! I love the peony and sprout wool totes! Gorgeous!

  23. i have long coveted the queen bee bags. happy holidays and many, many more! i’ve got my eye on the jade – large rita bag in the brown colorway myself.

  24. I’ll be in Portland in January, so I hope to check out the Queen Bee shop. I already have a QB bag, but I love the Sprout bike pannier! Amazing. I’d love to win. Happy Holidays QB!

  25. My Queen Bee bag is two years old and I still love it! I would love to have one of those Sprout Truckette bags in blue. So cute!

  26. I would LOVE the new large Peony tote–what a beauty! I love Queen Bee and have had one of their bags for four years, and it still looks fabulous!

  27. Suchatoughchoice…I too love Queen Bee. I’m really enamored of all the Rita bags, large and small, but I think the Poppy pannier edges them out! Happy Holidays to Queen Bee and all the hive.

  28. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone at Queen Bee, I hope the New Year brings you lots of creative adventures!
    I really like the Sprout Edith Tote. I’m not picky on size or color…though I have a soft spot for turquoise <3

  29. I have fallen in love with the Sprig Trucker bag in grey–it’s so spring-y! Happy Holidays and here’s to spring!

  30. Very hard to choose between the green sprout Trucker bag, or the gray Edith totebag with the pink roses. Either would really spruce up my commute.
    Anna S.

  31. Congrats on the new location, Queen Bee! Please continue the beautiful stuff!! (I’d love the brown with blue bough.. oooh!)

  32. Happy Holidays Queen Bee peeps!! I hope the move goes well and the location suits you well!

    I love the sprout and peony bags!! They’re all gorgeous though!

  33. I hope everyone at Queen Bee Creations has a Very Merry Happy Holiday Season & thanks to Indie Fixx for introducing me to this site! Merry Happy Christmas to you as well!!


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