12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 – Drika.B


The time has come for the last day of the 12 days of Indie Holiday Shopping. I hope you have had fun learning about some new indie shops as well as entering all the giveaways.  About those giveaways, I’ve chosen about half the winners already and will notify the others over this weekend. Once I hear back from all the winners,  I will share them on Indie Fixx. Make sure to check your email this weekend though, folks.  Now let’s find out about the last 12 Days shop.

You all may remember me featuring drika.b a couple of times before. I’ve long been enamored with their colorful, hip and practical handbags and pouches. The designs are totally unique and I just love the striking fabric choices & combinations. I’m pretty sure that you would have some happy giftees if you gifted some drika.b goodies.  I’m trying to work out how I can get Mr. Indie Fixx to put one under our tree for me!

Learn how you can win a drika.b $71 gift certificate below, which you can use to purchase gifts or selfishly keep for yourself—that would be my choice. 😉

To win: To win, leave a comment below with your drika.b favorites for yourself and your giftees. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a comment for each entry…i.e. if you find 3 favorites, then leave 3 separate comments. This will increase your chances for winning.

I will choose one random commenter to win. This contest ends December 13th at 11:59 pm EST.



  1. I am pretty sure that I LOVE every drika b bag and wallet…however some of my favs are the gray square tiles tote….

  2. ooo. then again, the birds in gold basic tote could be a fantastic addition to my “airport” uniform. what do you think?

  3. wow, the green wallflower pouch is awesome, too! i would get this for one of my co-workers.. it is very “her”

  4. oh no… last day. thanks for these wonderful 12 days of giveaways, i’ve had a great time! my first comment goes to: through the forest in mustard pouch. love the color combos and the gorgeous fabric!

  5. then again, sweet sister of mine could never fit all her stuff in the tote with the way she travels. she’d give that weekender bag a weekday job!

  6. case closed…the gray martini with the ruffles. yup, that’s my choice for what i’d love to give my sister

  7. The gray square tiles basic tote is perfectly what it says it is … “basic” meaning everyday awesome!

  8. i love the green wallflower pouch, i’m so in love with nature..and it makes me feel so connected with it, with the cute leaf zipper!

  9. And my third fave is Teal Stripes Basic Tote because who wanted want to have a matching bag and tote? Super fly!

  10. I absolutely love the Teal Stripes Handheld Satchel. I’ve been searching for a new handbag for weeks now. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  11. and i also love the color and fabric combinations of the through the forest in mustard pouch
    i think i would use a bag like this a lot

  12. i also like the rounded curves of the pouch bag–again it’s unusual but still practical. i love the green wallflower pouch–the colors, the juxtaposition of different fabric textures….

  13. the birds in brown basic tote is another favorite in that shape! i love the fabric, the colors and design and everything about it!

  14. i’m not sure which is my absolute favorite so I’ll post the ones at the top:

    first, i love the shape of the basic tote–so much more than ordinary, while still practical enough for everyday use! i really like the gray square tiles basic tote.

  15. the teal stripes satchel is def. my no. 1 favorite thing in the drika.b shoppe, I am in need of a new handbag and this is really unique and unlike the other shapes in her shoppe.

  16. I was doing a little more window shopping on her Etsy page again today and I think the gray square tiles basic tote is wonderful!

  17. What lovely bags and pouches- and I love the bright colors. Love the Gray Square Tile tote with the upholstery webbing. How unique!

  18. I had to comment also that I like the way Adriana showed her creation in the picture. All the bags & pouches shine so brightly on her outfit (white coat, white shirt and jeans with boot, etc). Well done!

  19. Birds in gold basic tote is definitely lovable! I’m not a yellow/gold colour person, but this bag has won me over!

  20. The Teal Stripes hand-held satchel is to-die for. I could go on and on . . . am I allowed to make an entry for every listing in her shop? LOL!

  21. Oh my goodness – I have so many favorites – first one to hit me though was Birds in Brown Basic Tote – Beautiful!

  22. i live in the midwest so anything with felt makes winter brighter. it seems she’s sold out of the yellow and gray felt pouch…sad day.

  23. but if i’m really honest then i should know that nothing i carry ever fits into a wristlet. i’m more of a teal stripe satchel kinda gal.

  24. I think I could write fourteen comments with a different favorite on each, but i will be spare and say that the “rust square tiles” wins (though, to be honest, I love the “birds in brown” and “birds in gold” just as much….and I could *really* use one of those wristlets!!!) such great stuff!

  25. Birds in brown basic tote. Definitely. So cool. I love the little blue birds scattered in unexpectedly. Great, roomy tote. Thanks to Indie Fixx for 12 days of holiday fun getting acquainted with new shops!

  26. Now, I can’t forget my sweet mother in law who I know would love this for get away weekends-http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=35988283
    the rust square tile weekender

  27. Birds in gold basic tote, is beautiful too, my mom would love it, her and I share yellow as a favorite color!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  28. #3 the “moss martini” wristlet is super functional and cute!

    Thanks for the 12 days and have a very merry holiday season! L.

  29. And can’t forget my mum..the Gray Square tiles basic tote, would look elegant for her! Thanks for the 12 day of Indie shopping. Been fun looking at different stores!

  30. I love this store & her bag range. I always have trouble deciding what I like, but I have narrowed it down to the Gray yellow stripes wristlet or the Moss Martini wristlet.

  31. And I love the color combo of the gray yellow stripes wristlet. This would be a perfect gift to give someone.

  32. i like the “rust square tiles” bag for myself and the “teal stripes basic” for my giftee…which would be mom.

  33. Wow! Really hard to choose a fave. I love all of the bold prints and colors. I guess if I had to choose a favorite, it’d be the Birds in Gold Basic Tote.

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