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12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 - Phydeaux Designs - Indie Fixx
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Posted by on Dec 9, 2009 in 12 days of Indie Holiday Shopping, Accessories, Contests | 157 comments

12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 – Phydeaux Designs



It’s getting cold around here, as it is in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere about this time of year, and for me that means I pretty much live in scarves & other warm wear. I wear scarves, hats, & gloves outside and cowls, neckwarmers & fingerless gloves inside. It’s really the only way I can manage to keep warm…especially since we are committed to keeping the thermostat down as much as possible. I also like to accessorize, so there are plenty of opportunities to do that.

If you want to be warm this season or are looking for warm wear for gifts, you must visit Phydeaux Designs. There’s so many gorgeous things to choose from.  I really like the cowls (so much so that I own one myself), which you can purchase in all sorts of colors or if you are knitty, you can knit yourself from the pdf pattern. There are also scarves for guys & girls, fingerless gloves, the prettiest neckwarmers & more.

I’m feeling warmer just writing about all these goodies! How about you, would you like to win some Phydeaux Designs goodies?  Of course, you do! Read how to win a $75 gift certificate below.

To win: Leave a comment below with your Phydeaux Designs favorites for yourself or your gift recipients. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a comment for each entry, i.e. if you find 3 favorites, then leave 3 separate comments. This will increase your chances for winning

I will choose one random commenter to win. This contest ends December 10th at 11:59 pm EST.

The entry period for this contest has ended, please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.  



  1. Love, love, love the olive cowl neckwarmer. Very pretty.

  2. Of course being a DIY kind of person, I’d love a PDF pattern of the cowl neckwarmer.

  3. I’d also love the nutmeg cowl PDF pattern.

  4. The “under the Mistletoe” fingerless mitts are quite pretty. I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of those (and by the time I ever got around to making something similar, it would be spring). So much easier to have the elegant pair knitted so beautifully for you.

  5. my favorite cowls, because they have a modern/vintage feel and i love the colors and the lack of bulk: Antique Fig Cowl / Neckwarmer; Soft Violets Neckwarmer ; Soft Gold Neckwarmer

  6. my favorite thick scarves which i love for their deep blues and natural color combinations, and because they look cuddly-soft:
    Winter Jewels Merino Silk Scarf
    Mediterraneo Scarf
    Oceanus Scarf

  7. my favorite thick scarves which i think would be super-flattering and feminine and just lovely:
    Prairies Scarf
    Apricot Blush Scarf

  8. my last favorite scarves which have beautiful deep colors, are richly textured, look interesting and inviting:
    Kodiak Lace Scarf
    Plum Pudding Scarf
    Soft Brick Scarf

  9. I love the cranberry neckwarmer!!

  10. Cranberry Merino Cowl / Neckwarmer is very pretty

  11. Under the Mistletoe Fingerless Wool Mittens or Mitts — I loooove fingerless gloves!

  12. Soft Brick Scarf is a very understated and pretty scarf.

  13. Banana Leaf Linen Wrist Cuff / Bracelet — wrist cuffs are great for my job. typing all day = bangles get annoying!

  14. The Mediterraneo Scarf is really cool… love the colors and the chunky yarn.

  15. My favorite would have to be the orange spice scarf.

  16. oh I have such a crush on that christmas twinkly lights scarf!

  17. ooh the oceanus scarf is my other favorite. the dyes she used turned out just perfect.

  18. My favorite is the Mistletoe Cowl! So pretty and warm looking.

  19. Ooh, and I really like the Rust Cowl also!

  20. I love the neckwarmers, that is where I lose all of my heat!

  21. Then there are the beautiful winter berries fingerless gloves, beautiful!

  22. the soft hearted scarflet is adorable.

  23. Hi Anna S.! I do have a pattern for Nutmeg in my shop and a pattern for a version of Olive, too!

    Thank all of you for your wonderful comments!

    xo Brenda (Phydeaux)

  24. wowzers – the Spiced Pumpkin Cowl / Neckwarmer is gorgeous!

  25. The cowl/shoulder warmers are so cute!

  26. my absolute favorite is the plum pudding scarf

  27. I also really like the soft brick scarf

  28. the O Tannenbaum Scarf is also very appealing

  29. The soft gold neckwarmer is calling to me. I would probably wear that thing around that house.

  30. I like the Winter Woods Fingerless mittens!

  31. Wow, so much beautiful warmth (it was -14 this morning!!) my favorite is the oceanus scarf.

  32. another favorite is the tangelo lace scarf– I bet you adsorb vitamin C wearing it!

  33. The warm indigo fingerless mittens would be perfect for hanging out laundry on a cold winter day.

  34. i want the beautiful Winter Berries Wool Mittens, please! :)

  35. I really like the colors used in the
    Cherries and Chocolate Scarf!!!

  36. ooh…the Grey Tweeds Cowl / Shoulder Warmer is so sophisticated!

  37. I absolutely adore all your cowls…..but especially the luxury cowl. Ooo la la!

  38. Ok, wasn’t done…I adore the blush lace scarf…and…

  39. Ooh, I just love handknits. The Mixed Berries Scarf is so cute and in my favorite colors.

  40. the mariner cowl! Your work is gorgeous, awesome designs and everything looks like knitted candy. :)

  41. Love the colors of the Spring Prairie Scarf and it looks so comfy.

  42. I really like the Cranberry Merino Cowl. Beautiful color!

  43. I love big chunky scarves like the Oceanus Scarf!

  44. The Rustic Wheat Lace Scarf is so lovely. It looks so elegant!

  45. I love the Grey Tweeds Cowl. I wish I were wrapped up in it right now!

  46. The Under the Mistletoe Fingerless gloves are gorgeous!

  47. The colors and textures of the Maples in Fall scarf are so beautiful!

  48. I would LOVE the cowl pattern so I can make one in every color!

  49. The rich butterscotch cowl is super gorgeous too… a great gift for my best friend!

  50. I love the orange spice scarf!

  51. the plum pudding scarf is another favorite.

  52. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mistletoe Cowl Neckwarmer

  53. In love with the sliced pumpkin cowl neckwarmer!

  54. The cranberry cowl neckwarmer is divine

  55. I like the teal waves scarf.

  56. and the honey dijon cowl is fantastic!

    phew! that was tough to decide on just 3.. they’re all great!

  57. I love the colors in the Spring Prairie Scarf.

  58. The Under the Mistletoe Fingerless Wool Mittens or Mitts are super cute.

  59. I love the use of their designs with luxurious colors…I’ve been wanting to try the pdf of the cowl neckwarmer for a few eeeks!

  60. I think the warm indigo fingerless mittens would be quite handy here in my cold home in Connecticut!

  61. The Winter Lilacs Luxury Cowl would be such a great gift for a special SIL…

  62. The Granite Cowl would keep me oh so warm picking up my son from school!

  63. And one last one (I do LOVE Phydeaux so, can you tell?), the Olive Cowl!

  64. The Winter Berries Wool Mittens or Mitts are so gorgeous!

  65. And I just love the Under the Mistletoe Fingerless Wool Mittens or Mitts!

  66. I love orange, so my first pick would be the spiced pumpkin cowl.

  67. I actually just found this designer the other day, & was highly interested in making their Twist Cowl/ Neckwarmer. I think this design is lovely!

  68. my second pick would be the under the mistletoe mittens.

  69. And then the adorable turquoise felted bowls!

  70. The Amazonia Scarf is also so beautiful!

  71. Gothic Love Scarf …I’m so in to red this year…

  72. Kodiak Lace Scarf this would look great with chocolate winter coat…

  73. Mermaid Dreams Scarf mmm…my favorite color combos…

  74. These Winter Woods Fingerless Mittens or Mitts are awesome. I so love these.

  75. My mom really loves this scarf: Phydeaux Cotton Lace Scarf – PDF PATTERN

  76. The Woods Neckwarmer / Cuff is a perfect match for my winter jacket.

  77. The Oceanus Scarf makes me feel like I would sink into warmth and I love the fringes.

  78. i love the neckwarmers and scarflettes with buttons. and the turquoise felted bowls. so cute!

  79. The Plum Pudding Scarf has such a lovely pattern!

  80. My mom would love the Olive Cowl for Christmas! Ever since I got my first apartment a few months ago, she has been such a big help getting me settled in. This would be a great way to pay her back for her amazing support. Thanks =)

  81. I have a love addiction to fingerless gloves. It might be unhealthy how much I love them. I looked at the Etsy site and decided that any one of the pairs of fingerless gloves would absolutely make my day. Everyone needs to get themselves a Christmas gift…right?

  82. Winter accessories are by far the best part of winter. I love the Christmas Lights Alpaca Scarf and the Cherries and Chocolate Scarf. These are so pretty!!

  83. I love the Under the Mistletoe Fingerless Wool Mittens… they would be so fun when I am riding on the back of my husband’s motorcyle! I love them.

  84. Love love love the Tinsel Scarf! Just will look good with my hair! :) Love it!

  85. Ohhhh! I love the cowls! But for me… a thicker neck they would not do. I love the Kodiak Lace Shawl… would be so snuggly! Beautiful items…and great for gifts!

  86. Great for gifts…my daughter would love the Oceanus Scarf…such beautiful colors!

  87. Blue Skies scarf!! A gorgeous creation made by ms. phydeaux phenom! xo

  88. My favorite is the Gothic Love Scarf-beautiful!

  89. The Amazonia Scarf is divine!

  90. oooh i really love the plum pudding scarf so so so much.

  91. I love the colour of the Under the Mistletoe Fingerless Wool Mittens. Like a pine forest in winter.

  92. and that grey tweeds cowl/shoulder warmer is really really wonderful.

  93. The Grey Tweeds Cowl / Shoulder Warmer would be a perfect gift. Cuddly and warm and a neutral colour that would go with anything.

  94. My favorite is the spiced pumpkin cowl.

  95. I like the under the mistletoe mittens the best of all

  96. The Ivoire Cowl / neckwarmer is super cute! I would give it to my sister in law.

  97. I would love to give my mom the amazonia scarf.

  98. I really would like to find the cranberry merino cowl under my tree this year.

  99. The grey tweeds cowl would look great with my winter coat — and keep me nice and toasty!

  100. Ivoire Cowl / Neckwarmer is lovely.

  101. Warm Indigo Fingerless Mittens or Mitts look tempting. My fingers are always cold during the winter.

  102. Soft Olives Neckwarmer looks wonderfully warm too. And the colour is so soft.

  103. I love the antique fig neck cowl. Looks sooooo cosy to wear!! Would love tohave it.

  104. oh I looove theirs cowls

  105. and the blue skies scarf is delicious

  106. ohohoh, and the wrist warmers too…

  107. I love the Mistletoe Cowl/Neckwarmer!

  108. I also love the Autumn Storm Fingerless Mittens.

  109. I like the Warm Indigo Fingerless Mittens. They look so warm and come in so may colors!

  110. Oh I just love the designs! All of them. I know some one who will just flip over the Ivoire cowl. So pretty!

  111. I love the patterns too! I would love to try all of them, by mainly the Lovely cowl. so pretty! what a great accessory!

  112. I also love the scarf of many colors! what a cute way to tie it too!

  113. I’m such a scarf addict.. love the Mermaid Dreams Scarf.

  114. The ‘Warm Indigo Fingerless Mittens’are so cute. Such a nice pattern and nice blue color

  115. The Kodiak Lace Scarf would be great for me or my husband!

  116. The Rustic Wheat Lace Scarf is beautiful.

  117. I love the cherries and chocolate scarf also!

  118. I also really love the Oceanus Scarf

  119. These are fun:
    Warm Indigo Fingerless Mittens or Mitts
    I would love a pair:)

  120. Tinsel Scarf

  121. Spring Prairie Scarf

  122. Olive Cowl / Neckwarmer

  123. Grape Tweed Fingerless Mittens or Mitts

  124. Amazonia Scarf

  125. Mediterraneo Scarf

  126. Scarf of Many Colors

  127. I am totally into scarves this season and I love all of these beautiful colors! My favorite… the Tropicale Scarf. yummy!

  128. also digging the “Scarf of many colors”… it would be so cheery to wear.

  129. and the “Amazonia Scarf” is a must for my daughter…

  130. I love the Driftwood scarf. Such beautiful colors!

  131. I love the Soft Mist Scarf! Very pretty!

  132. i would marry scarves if i could. i love the cranberry merino cowl neck warmer

  133. Browsing through all the Phydeaux Designs goodies was kind of nice. I like anything that’s violet like the Soft Violet Fingers.

  134. Blush Lace Cotton scarf – would wear it until summer, lol

  135. The Blush Mocha Wool light colors scarf is very nice. I have a red coat, a black coat and a grey coat, would have to try it on for size!

  136. I love the antique fig cowl! It’s stunning!

  137. My favorite for me is the Cranberry Merino Cowl and for my daughter is Winter Woods Fingerless gloves

  138. hand-knit things are my favorite! I love the Olive Cowl Neckwarmer

  139. and i love the warm indigo fingerless mittens 😀

  140. and the cherries and choclate scarf (:

  141. cowls are the answer to the winter blues!

  142. Gorgeous! I love the Antique Fig Cowl/Neckwarmer. So cozy and stylish…

  143. I like the cranberry merino cowl!

  144. The soft violets fingerless mittens look delicious!

  145. I love the soft olives neckwarmer — all these pieces look so soft and fuzzy and warm!

  146. Mmmm, that spiced pumpkin cowl…

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