12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 – Broken Plate Pendant Co.


This is Day #9 of the 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping. Things are winding down with only 3 more giveaways after today, so don’t miss out on your chance to enter & discover some great new places to shop.

But, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself just yet and forget about today’s shop…the Broken Plate Pendant Co. Offering way more than just pendants these days, the Broken Plate Pendant Co has all sorts of jewelry pieces made from recycled plates, vintage china and sentimental ceramic shards. There’s stuff for both guys and girls and custom designs can even be created from your broken ceramics.

I own a few Broken Plate pieces and sure wouldn’t mind owning a few more! What about you? Share below and you could win a $50 Broken Plate Pendant CoΒ  gift certificate for yourself or for a friend.

To win: Leave a comment below with your Broken Plate Pendant Co favorites for yourself or your gift recipients. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a comment for each entry, i.e. if you find 3 favorites, then leave 3 separate comments. This will increase your chances for winning

I will choose one random commenter to win. This contest ends December 9th at 11:59 pm EST.

The entry period for this contest has ended, please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.Β Β 



  1. Simple Circle Recycled Plate Bracelet on Sterling Silver – Green and Red. Simple, beautiful and recycled. Just the way I like my jewelry.

  2. The Orange Teal and Gray Broken Plate Pendant is so great!! I added this shop to my favorites on Etsy. Thank you for introducing me to it!!! Such cool stuff!!!

  3. I think the Blue Atomic Temporama Broken Plate Pendant is so fun and different. I would love to have this…

  4. Oh boy, I also want the Blue Building Broken Plate Pendant… it reminds me of my grandmother’s blue willow china.

  5. Wow! I want something from here.. NOW!! I love her stuff!! My first choice .. so far is the Blue Atomic Temporama Broken Plaate Pendant on Sterling Chain

  6. Mod Atomic Temporama Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain would be a very excellent way to dress up a more casual outfit.

  7. So here I am wasting time (I should be writing my paper) – but I stumbled across your website. I love all of the broken plate pieces. My favorites are the bracelets and the rings. I would wear or gift any of them!

  8. These are great. I love your giveaways. One day I might win… sigh. I love the belt buckles, especially the orange and yellow flower one.

  9. I also love the green leaf, “you complate me” necklaces. They are the coolest best-friend necklaces ever.

  10. I love the broken wing pendant. I absolutely love Little Flower Designs and have quite a few of her pieces in my house. I also love that a portion of the proceeds are donated to the ASPCA.

  11. The olive green modern flower cufflinks are also wonderful. Love the idea of bringing cufflinks back with style.

  12. wow… i ALSO love the new square broken plate ring. although yellow is not my favorite color, the one on her etsy site is so cute! all of the rings i currently own are very simple variations of bands, so this would add a punch of much needed color and style to my collection.

  13. i really like the style of the wide broken plate pendants, but unfortunately didnt see any particular “plate pattern” that i loved… so i’d probably request a custom made one in this style.

  14. ooooh, the Blue Star Pattern Broken Plate Pendant is so adorable. it looks like some china on my shelves! love the colors.

  15. wow, i’ve never heard of this company and was so happy looking around their etsy store! my first choice is: ‘you comPlate me’ matching necklaces. how CUUUTE are those! i would love to get these and give the other half to my bestie, who is going to visit me for xmas from chicago!!! πŸ™‚

  16. I love the Colorful floral Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Chain. So bright and colorful – I can’t believe its a broken plate!

  17. The earrings with the dropped bead are my favorite. The colors are fresh but calming and invite you to look deep into them and beyond the edge. It makes me wonder about the past life of the broken piece. Beautiful work!

  18. I really like the New Fancy Schmancy Recycled Plate & Sterling Silver Earrings-Purple Flowers! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  19. I just love the necklaces!!! This one also caught my eye:
    Green Pineapple Broken Plate Pendant on Sterling Chain

  20. Some amazing pieces — I really like the Red and Blue Flower Broken Plate Pendant on Sterling Chain

  21. I also really like the GREEN YELLOW & WHITE Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Chain!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!!!

  22. that belt buckle is fantastic! i have quite a few in my collection but not one like this!! its SO different – fab thing πŸ™‚ x

  23. i love the Crushed Terracotta Plate in Resin Silver Plated Cuff Links!! girls can totally rock cuff links too!


    “Orange Teal and Gray Broken Plate Pendant on Sterling Chain”


  25. The Green and Orange Stripe Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Chain is gorgeous and looks expertly finished!

  26. I have been looking for a new belt and the Blue Vintage Watermill Broken Plate Belt is perfect. I love the vintage feel.

  27. Colorful floral Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Chain is awesome and would go with so many things…Dear Santa, Can I please have one of EVERYTHING…AWESOME STUFF..I have shop in favorites for when I find a job..hopfully soon πŸ™‚

  28. It is sooo cold here in Colorado and just looking at this cute belt just warms you up all over..Darling.
    Little Blue Birdhouse Broken Plate Belt

    I love IT!!

  29. Simple Circle Broken Plate Pendant – Secret Garden
    How can you not like something called the Secret Garden? So pretty too πŸ™‚

  30. New Fancy Schmancy Recycled Plate and Sterling Silver Earring – Purple flowers …are so beautiful and unique!

  31. Everything’s gorgeous. I especially love the You ComPlate Me friendship necklaces. My mom would love one of those from me.

  32. I really like the Blue Star Pattern Broken Plate Pendant on Serling Chain!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  33. Wow- how did you know I have been clicking around on Broken Plate all morning trying to make a decision. Oh, oh, better hurry up before they are all gone. I love the orange floral belt buxkle you have featured. That is my fave for me. I was looking at a green oval cuff bracelet for my SIL.

  34. I hopped over tho the Broken Plate Site and I can not tell you how much I really like the unique necklaces, bracelets,brooches, hair jewelry, rings and earrings who knew you could do something so nice with a broken plate?! I love the bridesmaid pieces.
    My favorites included the Secret Garden Pendant and the Just Mare jade colors pendant…other favorites to follow in next comments!

  35. one last comment on the red flower burst pendant on the left. It is so dynamic and bursting with the feeling of the potential in nature. It is on fire!wow

  36. I am also love lovin the earthy organic quality of the pendant with the 5 greenish blue circles on the left of the piece. It feels so inspired by nature and nature is what inspires my own work. The colors are so soothing as well.

  37. Crushed red terracotta Plate in Resin Silver Plated Circle Ring this will complaint my favorite new clearance find…a wonderful red jacket…

  38. Mod Atomic Temporama Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain…can definitely see me wearing this necklace…

  39. I love them all! Seriously! But if I had to choose one for right now, it’s be the Simple Circle Broken Plate Pendant- Turquoise Fluer De Lis

  40. Happy Holidays, She has lovely jewelry creations. The Green and White Recycled
    Plate Bracelet is a favorite of mine.
    With many thanks, Cindi

  41. Love the pins also! I would keep this one: Black and Purple French Brocade Recycled Plate Brooch
    and give this one to my sister, who wears brighter colors: Green Fower French Brocade Recycled Plate Brooch
    and maybe also this necklace: Colorful floral Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Chain

  42. I love the deep green and grayed-out purple combo in the Purple Floral Broken Plate Pendant on Sterling Chain

  43. I like the faded washes of color, and the curving patterns– i’d probably keep this one! Broken Just Mare Plate Pendant Partial Proceeds to Charity

  44. You ComPlate Me Matching Broken Plate Friendship Necklaces green leaf

    this one is my favorite to give one and keep one! i’d give to my friend jane. i love the richness of the colors!

  45. Wow, I just saw the Mod Atomic Temporama Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain and fell in love, that is fabulous!

  46. I love the You ComPlate Me Matching Broken Plate Friendship Necklaces green leaf. I would keep one and give one to my best friend who lives so far away now. What a special way to remember our tea parties with our funky China tea sets when we were kids.

  47. So many beauties to choose from, but I my favorite for myself is the Wide Blue Atomic Temporama pendant!!

  48. I love, love, love all of her pieces, but one that stuck out was he teal, grey and yellow pendant. Oh, and I like the You comPlate me sets. Tey are all so beautiful!

  49. My daughter would love the Over the Rainbow Belt (buckle). And her waist would show it off much better than mine!

  50. This is a toughie!!!
    My current fave from The Broken Plate Co. (besides Juliet’s tattoo) is the Turquoise Graphic Wide Broken Plate Necklace on Sterling Chain because it’s so simple and versatile.

  51. I also really adore the matching bridesmaids pendants, and would love to adorn my closest friends when the big day arrives.
    Thanks again, L.

  52. The modern Black and White Apple pendant is very pretty as well. I really like their stuff, can’t you tell.
    Anna S.

  53. The loove the vintage-y colours in the ‘You ComPlate Me Matching Broken Plate Friendship Necklaces green leaf’

  54. That Colorful Floral necklace would make the perfect gift for my SIL. She would just love it and wear it all over except to her job cause she’s a mechanic and it might get broken. OH NO a broken plate necklace?

  55. I love me the Broken Plate Pendant Company’s jewelry. I would love the Blue Atomic Temporama plate pendant.

    Anna S.

  56. Modern Black and White necklace I can think of many places I would love to wear that. It would go perfectly with my very plain black dress or my black pants outfit. Everyone would envy me.

  57. The BLue Delft necklace is divine. I love blue delft and it is awe inspiring in a necklace.

  58. I really love all the earrings but the ones with the pretty pink flowers are one of my favorites.

  59. The Broken Just Mare Plate Pendant is equally as gorgeous. I can’t stop finding things that I can picture myself wearing! This shop is definitely a new favorite. Thanks for highlighting it!

  60. The cufflinks are cool. It is hard to find crafty stuff that guys will wear. I particularly like the ones called Simple Circle Broken Plate Cuff links – Gold 1958

  61. Such unique necklaces! I stumbled upon this etsy shop not too long ago and was blown away. I want that ring with the filigree edge, woow!

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