12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 – One Canoe Two


I chose One Canoe Two as today’s 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping shop because I think their letterpress lovelies would make the best gifts for holiday season. I mean who wouldn’t love some Letterpress Recipe Cards and a Handmade Recipe Box? I know I sure would! Letterpress makes everything just better, doesn’t it?

Other great gift ideas include: the Letterpress Calendar, Custom Letterpress Notecards & lots of Letterpress art prints from which to choose.

What are your favorites? Share below and you could win a $75 One Canoe Two gift certificate.

To win: Leave a comment below with your One Canoe Two favorites for yourself or your gift recipients. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a comment for each entry, i.e. if you find 3 favorites, then leave 3 separate comments. This will increase your chances for winning

I will choose one random commenter to win. This contest ends December 8th at 11:59 pm EST.

The entry period for this contest has ended, please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.  


287 thoughts on “12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 – One Canoe Two

  1. The colors and the patterns of the calendars are amazing. I like the print technique it is very much like something my mom had during the 70’s, but with a twist. I love the retro spirit.

  2. the letterpress recipe cards are amazing. it’s like two of my favorite things in one. if you could make it play jazz too, then i’d just die.

  3. Gorgeous letterpress products! I adore the letterpress calendar and the letterpress recipe cards and box is just the thing I need for my ever growing collection of recipes. Thank you for the giveaway Indie Fixx and One Canoe Two shop!

  4. I love the garden vegetable quilting fabric — it would be so beautiful mounted on stretcher bars and hung up in the kitchen!

  5. I’m a sucker for botanical/nature prints, so the feathers and maple pods prints would definitely look great on my wall!

  6. For my friend Deb I would choose the Back On The Bus, Y’all poster. She has driven the kids in her town to school for so long that she is now thinking about retirement….and for me..(next comment)

  7. the Living Room Chairs Cotton Fabric would make a fun apron 😉 and the calendar poster is my fave!

  8. My favorite item (and I’ve coveted it for a long time)is the recipe cards/box. They’re so adorable.

  9. I love the recipe box and the letterpress calendar, among other things, but it’s very very hard to choose. Thank you for this contest!

  10. Also love the Living Room Chairs Cotton Fabric Fat Quarter. I have many cute purse ideas for that print!

  11. I love the perched on a branch wooden block. My kitchen is this color green and is filled with lovely flowers… I am making a new start in the new year and this would be alovely addition

  12. Barcelona Print I love this print and would give it to my sister in law who had a fantastic time in Barcelona.

  13. I love the 2010 Letterpress Calendar! The 2009 calender is super nice as well, but a little less convenient 😉

  14. I’m a huge fan of the 2010 Calendar Poster Hand-Printed as well. I’m trying to design a craft room (for the future… when we actually have room for me to have a craft space – ha!) and I would LOVE to have something so beautiful and functional as this on my walls.

  15. by far, my favorite item of theirs is the Letterpress Recipe Cards & Box. I’m a huge fan of new recipes but too often they end up shoved in the bottom of the drawer because I don’t have an organized system. This is both absolutely gorgeous and useful! 🙂

  16. The home sweet home print would look great in my barren living room as well! My home is very homey but we are lacking in art in the living room.

  17. I’m in love with the letterpress recipe cards, my mother is always struggling to find hers to give me her favorite recipes. And how cute they are, goodness!

  18. I am a huge fan of the Yellow flowers Block Print. I would put it in my dining room, I know the perfect spot. Lovely!

  19. Such gorgeous prints! I would love to give my friend Angel the Home Sweet Home print for Christmas, she has been drooling over it for a while!

  20. Garden Vegetable Cotton Fabric for Quilting Custom Illustration-wow-I can see so many things made with this-frameable art; pillows, chair cushions, etc!

  21. Can you imagine having the
    2010 Calendar Poster Hand Printed
    framed and hanging in your kitchen or office? It is fantastic!

  22. I also really like the Dress Me Up Woodcut Print. I like the fact it is not a white background, and it would look great in my craft room.

  23. I like the 2010 Letterpress Calendar. I really enjoy letterpress calendar’s and this looks like a nice one.

  24. My favorite thing for my middle sister is the Home Sweet Home block print. She just got her first real place and this would be a great gift for her.

  25. For my husband, I would like the Lets Go Ride Bikes print. he rode his bike to work by choice for a long time, so I think he’d like this.

  26. The Letterpress Recipe Cards–CARDS AND DIVIDERS ONLY would be great for my SIL who is an avid cook and makes cakes for weddings and special occasions.

  27. the Letterpress Recipe Cards and Recipe Box might be my all-time favorite because it’s so useful! and darling!

  28. I just love the calender! It’s super unique and colorful. I’ve needed a new calender for sooo long. Super cute!!
    Love your blog too! It’s my first visit. 🙂

  29. I love the perched on branch block print! It goes with our kitchen curtains and contrasts perfectly with the orange counters– I see it on our wall!

  30. Perched on a Branch Block Print would look great by the picture window looking out on the birdfeeder…

  31. I have to say I love the “lets go ride bikes” block print. I have a schwinn cruiser that I adore and this print would be right at home in my sitting room.

  32. Oh my goodness! I love the “Let’s Go Ride Bikes” print! How cute is that?? It would be a great gift for my sister…who am I kidding? I’d like it for myself!

  33. MI! My home state! No where else can you use your hand to show where you live! Digging the MI letterpress!

  34. Another spectacular chance at beautiful things! Thank you! I think that recipe box is the bees knees! My cards are not just all over the place, but crumpled and stained with food. They would probably still get stained with food, but they would at least be pretty while I was cooking!!

  35. The yellow flowers block print is very cute too and would look great in the retro kitchen.
    These giveaways are such a fun way to find out about new online vendors.

  36. I would definitely love one of those recipe card boxes and a set of recipe cards. They are very cute and would go nicely in my retro kitchen.

  37. And the custom letterpress stationary would be absolutely perfect for my friend who moved to Paris last year.

  38. Oooh, for my SIL the Let’s go ride Bikes print for sure. She and my brother met as professional bike fitters in Colorado and both race bikes out there.
    She would also love therecipe cards (as do I- I love the bike print for me too!)

  39. i was lucky enough to see their work in person at Renegade Holiday Chicago! bright, beautiful work. i loooove the Feathers Block Print, and the fabric they’re offering is so great too…it’d make a great cushion cover in a casual kitchen!

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