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12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 - Elisa Shere Jewelry - Indie Fixx
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Posted by on Dec 4, 2009 in 12 days of Indie Holiday Shopping, Contests, Green Stuff, Jewels | 165 comments

12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping 2009 – Elisa Shere Jewelry



Looking for simple & refined jewelry pieces for a special someone this season? Then you must visit today’s 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping featured shop, Elisa Shere Jewelry. In addition to making some really gorgeous designs, Elisa is committed to creating her jewelry pieces using sustainable materials and processes. She uses only recycled, non-mined silver that was processed in an earth friendly refinery as well as vintage elements &  has also eliminated most chemicals from her processing.  I think that is awesome…jewelry that you can really feel good about wearing.

Elisa’s designs are the kind that I would end up wearing every day. Favorites include: the Golden Teardrop Earrings, the Vintage Aqua Flower Necklace & the Organic Pebble Earrings. You can see more below as well.

Share your favorites for your chance to win a $60 gift certificate from Elisa Shere Jewelry!

To win: Leave a comment below with your favorites from Elisa Shere Jewelry. Multiple entries will be accepted, but you must leave a comment for each entry, i.e. if you find 3 favorites, then leave 3 separate comments. This will increase your chances for winning

I will choose one random commenter to win a $60 gift certificate. This contest ends December 7th at 11:59 pm EST.

The entry period for this contest has ended, please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.  



  1. Wow, so much to love! Like the organic pebble disk earrings.

  2. And the little graffiti drops.

  3. Oh, and the dream ring.

  4. love the little stackers stacking rings- preeeeecious!

  5. So much fun stuff! I love that it’s made from recycled silver. The organic pebble disc earrings are one I love. More to follow!!

  6. Graffiti bezel charm may be my favorite.

  7. I also really like the look of the Peach blossom necklace.

  8. I love the Golden teardrop earrings, too!

  9. I really like the little graffiti drops!!!

  10. the long pebble drop earrings are elegant in their simplicity. As are most of the items here!

  11. Finally I love the fleur in orange earrings. I can just picture them on someone with bright red hair.

  12. The Steel Nouveau Charm is a great mix of industrial and beauty.

  13. My favorite is the Brilliant Sangria Flower Necklace

  14. Oh I am first! The Little Stackers are gorgeous.

  15. I love everything on this site! I adore the vintage flower necklace. It would go with everything!

  16. oh boy, so many beautiful jewelry, i love the vintage aqua flower tooo

  17. ..and the pebble drops and the silver dream ring..I have to stop drooling! Have a great holiday season !

  18. wow, i clicked on the link and fell in love with the first thing i saw, the Organic Pebble Disc Hoop Earrings. v. v. nice.

  19. I love that little snow white blossom necklace, oh so cute, I would definitely be wearing it everyday 😀

  20. and I love the little stackers stacking rings, I wear rings on almost all of my fingers and I like them to be substantial

  21. The vintage aqua flower charm with labradorite is super cute too!

  22. I really like the vintage flower necklace, very pretty :)

  23. One brilliant sangria necklace for me please!

  24. the littlest flower necklace has been in my faves for months now, I think it is just so perfect

  25. I also think the graffiti bezel charm is pretty cool, very different and unique

  26. Ooh, the Snow White blossom necklace

  27. and the Vintage Aqua Flower charm

  28. and the dark flower necklace.

    But I like ’em all! haha

  29. I like the silver dream ring a lot

  30. ooh the black vintage bling ring is probably my favorite.

  31. Sangria flower necklace, you would so be mine.
    Anna S.

  32. The Steel Nouveau charm necklace would look nice too.
    Anna S.

  33. The vintage aqua flower charm would be a nice treat too.
    Anna S.

  34. The peach blossom necklace is very pretty too. Why do I want everything on this site?
    Anna S.

  35. I like the Snow White Blossom necklace.

  36. I like the Peach Blossom necklace.

  37. I like the Organic Charm in Black and Green.

  38. I love the elegance of the Organic Pebble Disc Hoop Earrings.

  39. I love all the pendants with riveted flowers. Gorgeous!

  40. I like the Dark Flower Necklace and the Stacker Rings.

  41. oh! the lovely little Sweet Scalloped Charm Necklace. charming!

  42. and the super sweet Littlest Flower Necklace in Silver. so cute! thank you for the chance to win a certificate!

  43. The peach blossom necklace is my favorite. Very sweet.

  44. I love the vintage aquamarine charm with labrodorite.

  45. I also love the orange fleur earrings.

  46. But my absolute favorite is the vintage flower necklace. Merry Christmas to me!

  47. that vintage aqua flower necklace is so beautiful & unique!

  48. OOO! I love her jewelry!

    Rustic flower charm necklace please.

  49. LOVE the organic pebble hoop earrings too.

  50. Wow! The vintage aqua flower charm with labradorite is stunning too. I always labradorite.

  51. I love BIG rings and so the Vintage Bling Ring is a dream. I know it’s more than the $60 prize but I’d be willing to ante up the difference 😉

  52. And the Tiny Gold Disc Earrings!

  53. And the Peach Blossom Necklace!

  54. I love that the Vintage Bling Ring is made to order (size). I love these styles of rings, but they never fit me.

  55. I love the Vintage Aqua Flower Charm with Labradorite! Thanks for the giveaway!


  56. I like the fleur in orange necklace. Fun!

  57. I love the Vintage Aqua Flower Charm with Labradorite

  58. I also really like the Little Grafitti Drops earrings.

  59. Love the little Stackers Rings!!

  60. Oh my, the little Grafitti drops are perfect!

  61. These are so pretty … I love the snow white blossom necklace and the vintage aqua flower charm necklace also … and the vintage flower necklace is gorgeous also. Think I want them all!

  62. Vintage Aqua Flower Charm with Labradorite…would go with a lot in my wardrobe…

  63. Brilliant Flower Necklace – Vintage and Silver…unique & definite personality…

  64. Double Trouble x 2 – Two Sets of Bangles…just the jingly sound bangles make…

  65. I love the Rustic Flower Charm necklace. Beautiful items!

  66. the vintage bling ring and flower necklace are beautiful!

  67. Love the Vintage Flower Necklace!

  68. The Organic Flower Necklace is beautiful!

  69. Seriously, the white pebble ring is an awesome and versatile!!

    Just the way with every dress it would look fab a angaratanzanite ring or a pendant is also a good option.

  70. love the vintage aqua flower necklace!

  71. I love the vintage bling ring and the vintage flower necklace they remind me of things my aunt used to have when I was growing up!

  72. I agree, her jewelry is something I would wear everyday too! My first favorite is the organic double disc necklace…

  73. My second favorite is the organic flower necklace…

  74. And my third favorite is the sweet corsage necklace. adorable!

  75. Oooh, I love the Vintage Aqua Flower Charm with Labradorite necklace – it’s just perfect!

  76. Oh the sweet corsage necklace is gorgeous!

  77. The organic charm in black and green is also stunning.

  78. The dark flower necklace is lovely. I would love to win this one!

  79. I really like the Littlest Flower Necklace in Silver — thanks for the great giveaway

  80. I also really like the Tiny Black and Gold Disc Necklace

  81. I love the snow white blossom necklace!

  82. I really also like the Organic Charm in Black and Green necklace

  83. and the long pebble drops earrings! sweet & delicate :)

  84. This one too is amazing:
    Grafitti Bezel Charm – Recycled Silver

  85. the vintage flower necklace absolutely would be perfect for a bride (like me!)

  86. also love the sweet scalloped charm necklace.

  87. So much to like! Organic Double Disc Necklace

  88. Like the Little Stackers Stacking Rings

  89. Love the Double Trouble Bangles, to go with the rings!

  90. I love the little stackers rings. :)

  91. the long petal drops are just gorgeous.

  92. ooooh! Peach blossom necklace! ooh ooh ooh!!!!

  93. I love the vintage flower necklace, the style and the color are absolutely amazing!

  94. I love the snow white blossom necklace! So pretty!

  95. The tiny gold disc earrings are great. Perfect for everyday.

  96. I want about a dozen of those great little stacker rings!

  97. the fleur in orange earrings are the best. So unique!

  98. And don’t forget the matching fleur in orange necklace — FAB!

  99. The vintage bling ring has to be my all time favorite thought. WOW!!

  100. I really like the Dark Flower Necklace! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  101. I love love love the white faceted ring and necklace! Hope I win!

  102. I like Rustic Flower Charm.

  103. Grafitti Bezel Charm is another one I like.

  104. Great give away! I love the Silver dream ring!!


  105. I also love the Vintage Flower necklace, I know just who I would gift this to!!


  106. I love the aqua flower necklace. I could pick lots of other favorite too, but I better stop.

  107. Changed my mind – I’m picking the Fleur in Orange necklace too!

  108. Ah, well you can’t go wrong with stackers! I love her Little Stackers Stacking Rings. :)

  109. I also love the Vintage Bling Ring. Could wear that with anything!

  110. And why not a coordinating necklace? :)
    The Vintage Flower Necklace rocks my socks!

  111. Thank you for being earth-friendly! I love the work of the Peach Blossom Necklace! =D

  112. Wow, the Pebble Double Disk Charm is so cute! =D

  113. I love the Little Grafitti Drop Earrings! That is a really cool idea!

  114. the Snow White Blossom Necklace looks so delicate!

  115. and I could wear the Little Grafitti Drops everyday! they’re awesome.

  116. aww man! the Littlest Flower Necklace in Silver is adorable too!!

  117. Love, love, love this jewelry!!! Thanks for the giveaway

  118. wow, there are so many items that are reasonably priced, so a $60 giftcard will go a long way. :) I think the little stackers stacking ring is adorable! it’s so reasonably priced, too!

  119. i also think the rustic flower charm is absolutely adorable! love that little black vintage flower.

  120. the double trouble bangle set is great.. versatile and so delicate.

  121. last one… also love the organic flower necklace! the green is a suble touch that really adds dimension to the piece. i can think of about 10 outfits off the top of my head that would work great together with it!

  122. I like the Grafitti Bezel Charm – Recycled Silver

  123. I really like the Oh So Medium Silver Teardrops!! Thanks for the chance to win such a nice prize!!!!

  124. I love, love, love the sweet corsage necklace. That could be a favorite for sure. Thank you!

  125. Love the Vintage Bling Ring…so pretty! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  126. I also love the Tiny Gold Disc necklace. It’s really all so nice…thank you!

  127. I cannot believe how lovely these pieces are. Thanks for the chance for a holiday win! :)

  128. Here’s to increased chances of winning: If I had to pick, I think the rustic flower charm is the bees knees.

  129. I also really dig the stacker rings! Thanks again!

  130. I love the Rustic Flower Charm!

  131. Oh oh, I want to win! I’d love to get the Organic Flower Necklace. So delicate and pretty. Thanks for the chance to win!

  132. The double trouble bangles are gorgeous!

  133. as are the oh so medium silver teardrops!

  134. the little stackers are awesome too

  135. the little pebble drop and oh so medium earring are just the right everyday earrings

  136. I just found a new love, the beautiful Organic Pebble Disc Hoop Earrings! ooooooooh!

  137. You know what else is nice? The Fleur in Orange Earrings! Sweeet!! =D

  138. The Oh So Medium Silver Teardrops would be perfect for everyday or dressing up. Plus, they’d go with any outfit.

  139. The Organic Rustic Earrings are so pretty!

  140. I’m fond of the Oh So Medium Silver Teardrops.

  141. what beautiful things

  142. The Golden Mini Pebble necklace. I love the hammered look of the metal on all the pieced!

  143. I also love the Organic Double Disc Necklace.

  144. And the Organic Pebble Disc Hoop Earrings. So nice! Thanks for offering up the giveaway.

  145. the first one that caught my eye..hmm, the snow white blossom necklace

  146. and that Vintage Aqua Flower Charm with Labradorite..very pretty

  147. no no…the brilliant flower necklace for sure!

  148. I really dig Rustic Flower Charm. Simple, but really pretty.

  149. Oh and Snow White Blossom. Good for dressing down and up! 😉

  150. Double Trouble x 2 – Two Sets of Bangles — I do love bangles! Always have, but it’s hard to find good ones.

  151. I love, love, love the tiny gold drops earrings!

  152. I love, love, love the white ring!

  153. And the circle necklace!

  154. Dark Flower Necklace I love this piece

  155. Vintage Aqua Flower How Beautiful Like a water lily
    Just love all of the pieces

  156. Sweet Corsage NEcklace How elegant

  157. Vintage Flower Necklace
    Looks like I could have inherited that from a grandmother which would be awesome

  158. Brilliant Sangria
    This is such a beautiful color

  159. Tiny Gold Disc Earrings Thanks for the extra entry

  160. Brilliant Flower necklace

  161. The Littlest Flower Necklace is so darling. Wear-with-everything!

  162. The Littlest Flower Necklace in Silver is divine.

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